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  1. "Foraging" is a legitimate military tactic, considered part and parcel of warfare whenever it is explicitly necessary. And since the Riverlords were burning their own crops and Robb/Edmure either wouldn't or couldn't coordinate forces on a large scale to put an end to the pillaging and enforce the law, everybody with a blade is engaging in acts of banditry. All we hear other than battles is lords returning to their own castles, when we should also hear of Northmen and riverlords who don't have burnt out husks sending extra men where the fighting is, and welcoming small folk refugees for the labor if nothing else.
  2. Anyone else thinks its fucked up he was allowed to switch his Sworn Shieldyness?
  3. Wrong. The eldest child of the eldest child, that was the lawful determining factor, Jaehaerys is little more than another usurper. Maegor usurped the throne because his brother and his nephews clearly did not have the strength and resolve to put down the Faith's rebellion like it needed to be, and only after the dirty work was completed did the cowardly piece of shit on Quicksilver try and take his throne. The biggest mistake Maegor made was not burning Oldtown to cinders alongside his mother. Second biggest was excessive brutality to Viserys. Thats it.
  4. A better question is why anyone thinks itd matter at all if rl=j. He looks absolutely nothing like Rhaegar, everybody in the realm who knows he exists just think hes Neds boy, there is no dna testing, and even if there were, it wouldnt matter, as after Maegor, the precedent of multiple marriages was ended. Not a single soul would raise a spear to put him on the throne or respect anyone who would. It would literally be the most meaningless thing in the world if hes Rhaegar and Lyanna's child. It can't affect anything. Its somewhere between Old Man Yells At Clouds and Bum On The Street Claiming The End Is Nigh. Meanwhile, NA=J has some possibly enormous ramifications, especially if they were married under a Weirwood Heart Tree and there were witnesses. It also provides additional explanation as to why the Blackfish was so absolutely disgusted with Hoster. Ned wouldn't have one bastard, but five. And it would have been even longer since there was no trueborn Stark in Winterfell. And more importantly, it could be vouched for, and would be believed if vouched for. And there would be strong political reasons to do so, one of which would be to avoid little Rickon being forced into that situation. And Jon Stark would have ample reason and drive to rally the North and reinforce the Wall and hope to salvage something. Its firmly in the Alex Jones tier, especially since it relies and shifting the miscarriage to either Lyanna(what the promise for?) Or Rhaela and playing baby swap with a boy, a girl and a corpse, but even AJ smacks something solid once in a while. Mostly frog related. And the best thing? It works from a narrative perspective as well. Especially if part of the public, vocal big reveal of N+A=J is the thoughts of Howland Reed confirming RLJ in his mind. Or otherwise. Tldr; Jon will never sit the throne, nobody will acknowledge him for anything beyond a Stark.
  5. Maegor half assed it and only had himself to really rely on I aint even gonna address the rest, it doesn't deserve and the forums shit software makes splicing and dicing quotes a titanic pain in the ass
  6. And would not have had half the support they had garnished. The way the Dance got written makes it astoundingly clear that literally everything had to go the way of the Greens(Old Town) for them to win the war, and win they did, seeing the Targaryen and Velaryon power base destroyed and the dragons removed from play, reducing them to being leal lords of the Crownlands and not much else, with the Iron Throne being little more than a convenient lie. As far as genetics go, they look like neither parents, nor grandparents, all of whom were fair haired and fair eyed and had acquiline features, with such obvious bastardry that Viserys had to use force to keep the talk out of the Red Keep, because nothing else would or could, and GRRM pulling a Rowling to try and muddy the waters changes nothing. All Rhaenyra had to do was gather all her dragons and fly directly to King's Landing, roast the Red Keep, then set the dragons free. She had a proposterous advantage, only for conspiracy, bad luck and pettiness to piss it away, something GRRM likes to write. And it was stolen from her by a massive conspiracy and eventually her own petty incompetence. Yeah its some really stupid crap, and had Viserys had a fucking brain would have resulted in Criston Cole being sent to the wall for the obvious danger he was to Rhaenyra. And Aegon II wouldn't have even claimed the throne had it not been for Criston Cole making an unveiled threat of violence right there.
  7. The biggest incompetent was Rhaenyra and in the lead up to it. Laena and Laenor Velaryon between them controlled Vhagar, the most powerful dragon alive at the time, and Seasmoke a very young dragon. Laena "died"(was likely murdered by Maesters) due to complications of childbirth, but Laenor? Rhaenyra had the "Cersei Syndrome" which Arianne also seems to have to a lesser degree. Having a reasonable amount of intelligence, but being an utterly spoiled and entitled little shit, even by the standards of their station, and thinking primarily with their pussy and using bluster and bullshit to justify it. All while having a father that ignores and otherwise allows the bullcrap. All Rhaenyra had to do was not fuck her bodyguard or even allow her bodyguards to fall in love with her, and then force herself on Laenor and conceive some kids. Yeah, it might be considered rape, but its also literally payment for Laenor to be king. Had Rhaenyra had legitimate children and had them with Laenor, and had she severed both hers and his connections with any former lovers, then the Dance after Viserys' death would have proceeded much, MUCH differently. A massive amount of the support for the Greens vanishes in a poof of smoke, and the other justification for forcing Aegon to try and take the throne dissappears, what with the children not being obvious bastards. I kind of wonder if Rhaenyra had been forced to name to first child a bastard and watch as all her lovers were castrated, and then be forced into a proper marriage, if the Dance could have been avoided. In which case, the conspiracy to put Aegon II on the throne dies as soon as they reach their dragons and can lolnope their surrounding conspirating douchenuggets. The only way it could have been better would be for Laena and Laenor to both be alive and well when Viserys dies. Other than that, I name Old Town, both Septons and Maesters, and their patrons the Hightowers, as the primary villains of the dance.
  8. or, hopefully, for once, a bloat thread in the story gets smushed quite quickly
  9. They could have combined the Alys Karstark plot to the Ramsay plot and had a compelling story of Karstarks getting pissy, and Ramsay's misdeeds coming home to roost. But they wanted to script Sophie Turner getting raped and jack off to it and Sophie wanted to be a big girl
  10. Or Arya dies in the open, her plotshields failing her without the camera following here
  11. It might be possible for the dragons to cheat a little, ascending to massive heights and then gliding downwards at a high speed, only flapping to stay afloat. Dragonstone is also by the sea, and feeding on whales and schools of fishes would do wonders for alleviating daily costs of upkeep. As for dragons? Well, they seem to be connected not just to the right bloodlines of dragonriders, but also seem to be connected to young dragonriders dying while in the prime of their youth, or even younger. So perhaps there is something akin to warging going on when young Dragonlords die and die near or are brought within proximity to dragon eggs, along with proximity to another dragonlord long term to bring the dragon with its newfound soul back to life. I mean, the population of dragons didn't explode until there happened to be a large amount of Targaryens dying young, sacrificing all that they would become, like REALLY young, along with eggs being exposed to children and bonding with them. So perhaps its multifold 1. Dragon lays eggs, dragon fertilizes them 2. A young dragonlord or lady with the right genetic expression acquires and spends time with said eggs 3. That dragonlord dies young, very young, unconsciously wargs their youthful soul into one of those eggs 4. That egg is then bonded with a second dragonlord, and perhaps requires the presence of the mother of the dragonlord, the one that brought the human into the world, or close to it 5. The egg hatches, but still unclaimed Magic can kerjigger this, one way or another, but there seems to be more involved than dragons humping and volcanoes
  12. No. The very fact that they have all the resources they do and chose to make several giant rivers of "YAAAAS SLAY QUEEN" fecal runoff makes it all the more unforgivable. They could have stopped at season 7, did a timeskip and then a sequel series. They could have done something other than "WHORES AND WHORE SPAWN COUP A KANG DUMB" with Dorne. They could have, and should have, crapped all over "Battle of the Bastards and Cleganebowl". Its been crap since season 5, it just took normie scum this long to understand that. EDIT: There was nothing preventing the Vale from breaking off as well, or Dorne. Dorne had been apart in fact since Aerys died, the Vale since Jon Arryn died. The North was a ruined and STILL couldn't be held by foreign conquerors, not during winter. The entire idea, in the show, of the seven kingdoms, or six, remaining a united political unit is a farce
  13. I just realized something. Old Town is still intact, and there is nothing preventing the Faith of the Seven from reviving its militant orders. And they still have the Maesters spying on everyone and poisoning away all potential problems and putting propaganda directly into the minds of young nobles. Looks like the Faith wins, by outlasting everyone, and Old Town will come to dominate Westeros again, and this time there won't even be strong regional monarchs/paramounts to oppose them. The only large scale military that will exist will be the Faith's, and they will probably re-introduce Lord's Right to First Night to puff up the number of bastards and surplus males. I guess the lesson here is, if you war against a religion and endeavor to de-fang it that isn't good enough, because that religion will just outlast you.
  14. So? Fuck em. Fuck Westeros too, why should a bunch of beggars make her care anymore than the beggars she already has? The Reach has manpower to spare, enough to fight off the Ironborn, continue operations in the Crownlands until its stabilized, and enough to go slap fAegon stupid. They have lost effectively nothing so far.
  15. 1. Who gives a shit, let him dick around in Westeros and get his shit slapped by the overwhelming weight of the Reach. Which has manpower to spare. 2. Euron? Currently pillaging the Reach. Why should Dany care? 3. Again, so the fuck what? The Others don't have to attack or do anything south of the Wall. They can, and would have in the show had D a D not been masturbated on the floor and calling that a script, wait for Winter to hit and last for ten years or longer. Why would the Others be in a rush? They can let another Long Winter or Long Night do most of their work for them. Why should Dany care? Why would she care when she has an entire continent to play with and an entire continent to liberate from slavery? Westeros is the obsession of the Westerosi men who have followed her, meanwhile, she is building her own kingdom and her own empire with her own followers, she has no need to reclaim an indebted thrown of squabbling kingdoms. She was born in the Narrow Sea, spent all her childhood in the Free Cities, became a woman on the Dothraki Sea, and became a sovereign in Old Ghis. She is closer to her homeland than any Targaryen has been in nearly 400 years. She is a self-made woman and has no need to go answering the pleas and beggings of people she has never known and who never cared for her. Everyone who ever gave her anything or helped her is in Essos. Why would she want to save Westeros when she has millions of slaves to free and hundreds of thousands of slave masters to slaughter? There is zero compelling reason for Dany to ever go to Westeros or even care about conquering it. Essos is her land and her people, in truth. It is wealthier, warmer, and larger, and teeming with people who would outright worship her.
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