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  1. Vashon

    Why does Dany keep saying Jorah loves her?

    "Foraging" is a legitimate military tactic, considered part and parcel of warfare whenever it is explicitly necessary. And since the Riverlords were burning their own crops and Robb/Edmure either wouldn't or couldn't coordinate forces on a large scale to put an end to the pillaging and enforce the law, everybody with a blade is engaging in acts of banditry. All we hear other than battles is lords returning to their own castles, when we should also hear of Northmen and riverlords who don't have burnt out husks sending extra men where the fighting is, and welcoming small folk refugees for the labor if nothing else.
  2. Vashon

    Nature and origin of the Children of the Forest

    Tuf flew right up his own arsehole near the end of his life and made himself the perfect little vegan elfin people with wacky powers for fun and excitement. EDIT: On a more serious note, the Naathi are one of my favorite takes on nature loving hippie elves. 90% of all of fiction does little but expound on their inevitable death and how crap they are militarily, but the Plague Butterflies illustrate quite effectively how dangerous and obscenely unconquerable they could be if they didn't fuck around and just sicked disease ridden insects on you. And the Naathi just chill on their island.
  3. Vashon

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Given that its literally a fever dream, should have been obvious 20 odd years ago. What probably happened is that some Dornishmen ambushed him and his party while his was in the Dornish Stormland borderlands, thats where everybody but him, Howland Reed, and I'd swear a 3rd guy ended up surrendering and then they were taken to the Kingsguard. They have a peaceful chat, Arthur surrenders his sword, Ned travels to Starfall, then gets on a boat, gets to King's Landing, chit chats with Robert, gets on a boat, gets to Winterfell before Catelyn, finds Lyanna, she dies, he puts her remains in a crypt.
  4. Huh. I havent read the books in a while, he didn't ask to be named king by Ned? That was show only? Huh. Book Ned was even dumber than thought.
  5. Vashon

    So what was Criston Cole's deal?

    Anyone else thinks its fucked up he was allowed to switch his Sworn Shieldyness?
  6. Vashon

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    Victarion wants to steal her, the dragons are a nice bonus.
  7. Vashon

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    The simplest choice would have been to allow Kevan to live and stabilize Westeros outside of the North, and then do a long summation type story where months and years get skipped at a time, exclusively in Essos. With Kevan and Varys having a simple discussion about how Tywins plans guaranteed that the North would persist in a civil war throughout the winter and defang the North for 50 years. and cut out fAegon entirely. But nah, grrm went with maximum bloat. .....well that isnt fair compared to, iirc, the Sword of Truth, but still he added in fAegon, and is obsessed with concluding everything all at once. So yeah.
  8. Vashon

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Wrong. The eldest child of the eldest child, that was the lawful determining factor, Jaehaerys is little more than another usurper. Maegor usurped the throne because his brother and his nephews clearly did not have the strength and resolve to put down the Faith's rebellion like it needed to be, and only after the dirty work was completed did the cowardly piece of shit on Quicksilver try and take his throne. The biggest mistake Maegor made was not burning Oldtown to cinders alongside his mother. Second biggest was excessive brutality to Viserys. Thats it.
  9. Vashon

    R+L=J v.166

    A better question is why anyone thinks itd matter at all if rl=j. He looks absolutely nothing like Rhaegar, everybody in the realm who knows he exists just think hes Neds boy, there is no dna testing, and even if there were, it wouldnt matter, as after Maegor, the precedent of multiple marriages was ended. Not a single soul would raise a spear to put him on the throne or respect anyone who would. It would literally be the most meaningless thing in the world if hes Rhaegar and Lyanna's child. It can't affect anything. Its somewhere between Old Man Yells At Clouds and Bum On The Street Claiming The End Is Nigh. Meanwhile, NA=J has some possibly enormous ramifications, especially if they were married under a Weirwood Heart Tree and there were witnesses. It also provides additional explanation as to why the Blackfish was so absolutely disgusted with Hoster. Ned wouldn't have one bastard, but five. And it would have been even longer since there was no trueborn Stark in Winterfell. And more importantly, it could be vouched for, and would be believed if vouched for. And there would be strong political reasons to do so, one of which would be to avoid little Rickon being forced into that situation. And Jon Stark would have ample reason and drive to rally the North and reinforce the Wall and hope to salvage something. Its firmly in the Alex Jones tier, especially since it relies and shifting the miscarriage to either Lyanna(what the promise for?) Or Rhaela and playing baby swap with a boy, a girl and a corpse, but even AJ smacks something solid once in a while. Mostly frog related. And the best thing? It works from a narrative perspective as well. Especially if part of the public, vocal big reveal of N+A=J is the thoughts of Howland Reed confirming RLJ in his mind. Or otherwise. Tldr; Jon will never sit the throne, nobody will acknowledge him for anything beyond a Stark.
  10. Vashon

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Did you just bring up the abomination that is the show into this?!
  11. Vashon

    Yet another Demography Thread

    This is the only part I'd agree with you on, and only because it would be cheaper for storage and transportation wise to have large, and cheap, storage in the immediate vicinity of consumption, with a quirky feature of Westeros being massive storage units even in villas of no more than a few hundred people. Everything else? No, a long winter of 20 months or longer is very good at killing indiscriminately, but a multi year long summer, say 5 years, does nothing to repair the damage. People take 15 years to make and be big enough for real labor, regardless of the propensity for absurdly young marriages more likely to kill a young wife than produce an heir in ASOIAF and its fanfics, but a winter could and would snuff out all that excess growth in an instant. And a Baby Boom/Baby Bust cycle isn't as relevant in a pre-modern context, even with what appears to be cheap and plentiful abortifacents. Which did sort of exist anyways The birth rate would remain high and stay high, with most every hetero sexually active woman attempting to carry at least pregnancies to term in her life, even in the most economically constricted lands, outside of sexual slavery forcing abortions or severe damage to the relevant organs, and those that can popping out as many kids as won't outright kill them Only in the North, Beyond the Wall, and the Iron Islands would there ever be shockingly unstable population numbers over a century, outside of plague. I'd even say that Planetos is already doing crop rotation and several of the other agricultural revolutions that are relevant without steam power. Because while everyone forgets this, mild winters, even harsh ones, serve a purpose, letting the ground lie fallow, kiling whole swathes of insects, replenishing ground water with snow melt, burying and breaking down fallen leaves into soil, it all acts as a giant, free fertilizer and free insecticide. The North and Far North would have ups and downs related to devastating wars, and overhunting/overfishing, less pronounced on the more southern shores but still present, and then upswings when the plentiful game on land and in the sea allows for increased trade and consumption. The Iron Isles directly correlated with internal political stability and external military success, basically how much resource extraction they can obtain from the Greenlands. A lot of people might bring up the old Guns and Butter speech, but its not so straightfoward when you plan to use the guns to get the butter. And I don't think the Ironborn could feed their families ever so well purely on trade as they did on conquest. Only in very, very long summers, summers so long it starts being counterproductive, would there maybe be population trend of more surviving children and teens, but all or most would die off when the storage for feeding them doesn't exist Which means the Reach might be as devastated as the Riverlands if the winter lasts long enough
  12. Vashon

    Yet another Demography Thread

    Neat, now account for the effects of the effd up weather patterns. That should about halv it
  13. Vashon

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Do you seriously not understand the difference between battlefield tactics and deceptive murder? Olga of Kiev did similar feats to Tywin and accomplished much more with it, but she is not lauded as a battlefield commander. What? No seriously what? He was accomplished in the Ninepenny Kings but no more, bringing back order in the Westerlands wasn't a show of genius, it was a show of resolve. The real smarts behind crushing the Reyne/Tarbeck rebellion was in acting quickly and bringing forces that could be quickly raised instead of calling for all the banners. It was genius to avoid a long war but on the battlefield, Tywin was and is average. He didn't win the War of the Five Kings, everyone around him just fucked up and he took advantage of that. Everybody else being a fuck up does not make Tywin a genius. Renly could just as easily supported Stannis from the beginning, or Robb could have wedded and bedded a Frey girl right when he crossed the Twins and annexxed that land to the North and not accepted a kingship and not even tried to ally with Renly in any way and forced his mother to go homenot fucked up every off-battlefield decision he ever made. Just Robb alone would have meant the Northmen and Rivermen pillaging the Westerlands and working their way across the Riverlands, liberating and growing their number of men. Robb by himself without all of his off-battlefield stupidities was a serious problem that threatened to do to the Westerlands what Tywin had been doing to the Riverlands. Even with the Tyrell alliance, the eventual outcome is the Reach being split between occupying the Stormlands, retaking and attempting to occupy the Westerlands and fighting in the Crownlands and reinvading the Riverlands. All while Tywin is cutoff from reinforcements, the Riverlands is stabilizing and fully mobilizing its manpower in both war and harvest labor. Tywin came into a winning position by sheer dumb luck.
  14. Vashon

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Maegor half assed it and only had himself to really rely on I aint even gonna address the rest, it doesn't deserve and the forums shit software makes splicing and dicing quotes a titanic pain in the ass
  15. Vashon

    How to improve the north economically?

    Well the Winters and seasons are all fucked up, so the North has limited options. Russia didn't have its population explosion until its southern farmlands, of Ukraine and Kazahkstan, were both in their possesion and secured against raiders and invasion. They also benefited from the general warming in the 1800s. The North wouldn't have the benefits of that, and while their southern most reaches have rivers that run right into the interior, that only helps so much when winter comes. When that happens, there wouldn't be any river borne commerce, and most harbors would be fucked too, so the North is stuck at a similar population density as Russia in the 1700s.