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    How would you rate episode 210?

    It was okay episode. I dont think it was a good episode to end the season on. No really great cliff hangers to keep people talking about it till next season. Im not overly happy with the Jons scenes. It was just really underwelmling. Aryas was also just kinda meh. Dannys wasnt that bad. About what I expected. Absolutly loved the Brienne scene. She has a little bit of a vengence streak that I like. And Stannis and Melisandre. That was a great rewrite, and a great scene. And poor Theon, another great Alfie moment. He really deserves to be nominated. Now the White Walkers, okay like the way they looked. But giving them a Nazgul scream...really, really thats the best they could do is literally rip the audio right out of the Lord of the Rings and reuse it. So fucking disappointed with that... Honestly when I watch that again once it comes out on video, I'll just hit the stop button right before that part. God really, Nazgul...nothing that even remotely sound like "winter", pfft. Just kinda a shoulder shrugging episode.
  2. antisocial

    How would you rate episode 209?

    It was a 10 episode for sure. Im very glad they saved their CGI budget for the Blackwater explosion. I hit the 30 sec rewind just to watch that again, and thats something I never do. For me it breaks the rythm, but it was just so damn awesome. I loved the drawn out flight of Bronns fire arrow. That little scene in itself built so much anticipation and dread. And absolutly loved the Cersei - Sansa scenes, OMG! She was so much like a cat tormenting a mouse and was so enjoying breaking that fairy-tail world Sansa was living in. That was the evil bitch from the books that I love to hate. For me Lena and Sophies performance edged out the battle scenes as my favorite parts of the episode, and I do love me some dismemeberment bloody battles, but I really do think they were that good in their scenes. I was wondering if they were even going to give Tyrion a battle wound. And I have to say when I seen it my eyes bugged out and I was like "FUUUUCK!", it looked so damn real. And yes I hit the 30 sec rewind yet again. Peter is really great on screen, I would say more than anyone else he really makes me believe he is Tyrion. (Not saying the others dont, he just is that character when hes acting him) And the end when Charles Dance as Tywin comes bursting in, with Ser Loras looking grim as hell, saying it was over and they have won, it was a "Fuck yeah!!!" reaction, and then a "Wait a minute, I fucking hate the Lannisters!" LOL For me this episode was a roller coster ride of emotions. A for me it shows that was very well written and directed. Now Im off to watch it again.
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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Hmm, his Stan Lee moment. How about a singing and dancing minstrel before the feast. :) If he still has that bushy beard, I'd say he could pull off a merchant selling exotic sundries.
  4. antisocial

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    [quote name='Fireball07' post='1610673' date='Dec 5 2008, 14.44']This is the greatest thing that has happened to me since I bought those books. Unfortunately, I'm not American...so I'll have to wait until the series comes over here like other HBO stuff. Still, I think it is fantastic that D & D come on here to this board to see the views of the fans. I think that shows that they are dedicated to make it as well as they can. Good luck! :cheers:[/quote] I would guess that since this is an HBO/BBC collaboration that there would be joint release. Would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the pilot if only American viewers got to see it. The more people that see it the better the chance it gets picked up. [quote name=' David and Dan']Hello everyone: We just wanted to respond to a few things you guys had brought up. Accents: We'll probably be shooting in the UK, so [u][b]most of the cast will probably be UK natives[/b][/u].[/quote] Tricia Helfer the perfect Cercei, dashed, lost. The tears I cried when I read that. So many For so long And so hot Oh how they burned running down my face I have been [i]crowned[/i]. Naa, in all seriousness the UK has some of the best and most skilled actors around. Rome is a good example of that. I think overall its a great business decision to cast and shoot the pilot there. But I did cry, (just a little on the inside).