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  1. Ser Aardvark

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Ah Roz, the girl people love to hate. I have to say I'm not in love with the character but I don't hate her with the venom other people on here do. Still not satisfied with the alteration done with Shae, unlike the others who have been changed slightly (Lysa, Syrio, Lord Frey, Sam) they did not change her for the better or keep the spirit of her character intact. She's the whore I can't stand in the series to be honest with you. Other complaint? King in the North scene came too early. That scene should have been later imo as it wraps up Robb's and Cat's storyline for the season and it's a pretty dramatic scene in the book. Oh and where was Riverrun?! Maybe too complicated to throw in YET ANOTHER place I understand but...what about the Riverland Lords? They pledge allegiance to King Robb too I believe. Oh and I agree the egg hatching scene should have been at night with us seeing the eggs crack open and the dragons emerge in flame. But that's more of a nitpicking thing (and the aforementioned lack of Bald Dany but I knew they wouldn't let that pretty actress go bald even for an episode of Season 2) Other than that, everything else was great. Particular love for Joff and Sansa. Sansa really looks like shit after the execution and the actor playing Joff plays the Shitbird to a T. Seeing the Hound be gentle would have had more impact if we had got more of him this season but c'est la vie. Runner up was Jon and the Night's Watch. The direction of The Old Bear's last speech with the juxtaposition of Jon waiting for the gates opening and hearing Mormont asking (paraphrasing) "You have to decide: Are you a bastard boy playing at war or are you a Man of the Night's Watch?" to this music was LotR-level badassery. Arry and Yoren was done superbly as well, though was it just me or did Hot Pie look like he was wearing mascara?! AND BITER!!! WOOT!
  2. Screen this bitch.

    P.S. I forgot I had made a comment here back in Febtober. Hah.

  3. Heh, I'd like to see you screen this.

  4. Ser Aardvark

    Official Testing Thread

    Just out of curiosity, is sigs with pics street legal?