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  1. Ser Matt Dayne

    The Golden Company

    Any chance that if Jon's true parentage comes to light next season that the GC will flock to him now that they've officially been brought into the fold? I don't expect them to go down the Blackfyre route but I wouldn't be surprised if they go through a generalised one of the army simply having blood ties and oath to any Targaryen "bastard". Could be a potentially great moment next season where Cersei's scheming is all for nowt. TBH Euron and Cersei should be the last great human threat so I'd be disappointed if the GC were introduced just to give Cersei reinforcement within the ranks.
  2. Ser Matt Dayne

    Jon should bend his knees.

    He has to speak to them really, though I suspect he won't and will send a raven declaring he has bent the knee, causing a further rift between him and Sansa much to Littlefinger's joyful twitching. The interesting thing is that while I believe Dany is showing quite a poor attitude, she has essentially posed the same dilemma that Jon posed to Mance before he was burnt. Jon questioned Mance, suggesting it was more pride that prevented him from bending the knee that anything else. Now Jon has been questioned in the same manner. I wonder if he thought twice in that moment about what he had asked Mance to do, only a King can understand a King and all that...yet what makes a King? Accepting the will of his people even possibly to their own detriment (Mance) or by challenging their beliefs and to try and help them see that there is always another way.
  3. Ser Matt Dayne

    Daenerys, Drogon, and the Dothraki are AWESOME!

    Both Drogon and the Dothraki did their job. The former minimised any protracted stand off that would cause any further considerable damage to the queen's army while the latter very much lived up to their reputation as fierce and expert warriors on horseback (says it all when even precious Bronn was left flailing on the ground after being outsmarted by a Dothraki rider). All in all it was a very good day to be team Dany so I could forgive a bit of boasting in victory. In poor taste what that guy said no doubt....but the Dothraki aren't known for their sensitivity and compassion in battle.
  4. Ser Matt Dayne

    bran is such a creep...

    I don't know where they got that from as it's still early doors for Bran in the books. If anything the show has advanced Bran's ability beyond where it's currently at in the books. Not that I have a problem with how they're playing it in the show. It would make sense that Bran is traumatised and broken over what he has seen.....and not necessarily by choice given his admission that he hasn't got a grip on his powers yet.
  5. Ser Matt Dayne

    bran is such a creep...

    Arya seems to be slowly regaining her identity while Bran is going the opposite way. By her own words she is Arya Stark and while both have been traumatised, Arya hasn't let her identity slip away like Bran possibly has. If there's conflict between her and Sansa I imagine that will be the crux of it; that Sansa's actions may not be in the best interests of who and what they hold dear. Not because Arya has become a "freak".
  6. I've a feeling Mel may awake something in Volantis or at least gain information that will turn the tide in the great war. As let's be honest, after this episode, the armies of Westeros aren't going to have what it takes to defeat the Night King without a handy bit of magical intervention.
  7. Ser Matt Dayne

    Greyscale, Jorah and Sam

    It did feel rushed but they did a good enough job to suggest it certainly wasn't easy, not for Jorah anyway. I did enjoy the handshake however, I genuinely got gossebumps for Jorah feeling human contact again especially given he was only told 24 hours earlier to top himself.
  8. Ser Matt Dayne

    bran is such a creep...

    Yeah this is it for me too. I do think Bran cares and genuinely wanted to let his sister know that he was sorry that she endured such trauma, but at the same time he's become detached. That's possibly down to his own trauma of what has happened to him. As he said himself he still doesn't have a grasp of his power. He probably involuntarily saw Sansa's suffering like he saw his parents' and Robb's. That is going to change someone deeply nevermind what is essentially still a child. That's how I interpreted it anyway.
  9. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Had they introduced her in season 4 and accurately portrayed her appearances in the books thus far (of course with a bit of embellisment), I wouldn't have seen having one scene per season up until 7 as unthinkable. I'd liken it to the Night's King appearances thus far in the show: they've been minimal, but all major and huge in repercussion for the entire story. The fans would have liked to have seen more of course but still accept it for what it is: a great mystery that is slowly unravelling. I think the fan base would have accepted a similar approach with LSH.
  10. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I'd argue that Bran's recital of the Rat Cook in S03E10 was foreshadowing of supernatural vengeance for the red wedding. Bran wasn't aware of the RW then but the audience would have read the intention clear enough. They of course couldn't have linked that to the resurrection of Catelyn Stark (who could?) but it certainly would have built in some kind of expectation. I find it hard to believe that was them foreshadowing Arya the faceless assassin cooking herself some Frey 3 years in advance. At the very least I think that was them keeping their options open at the time. Like they didn't want to use LSH but perhaps at the time didn't know GRRM's plans. Once they did hear his plans for LSH they either decided they didn't need her presence or could shift things in a manner where they could drop her. I'm indifferent to it all at this stage as I only began to read the books before Christmas (on AFFC now) and can see the show and books as two completely separate things now. But I could have done without the stuff last season such as the use of Lemon cloak for no reason whatsoever. They could have done a "Locke" on that like they have repeatedly before but nope, they just wanted to troll the fan base (see also the Hound pissing in the river too in the aftermath of Beric's return). I can absolutely see someone's indifference to the character but to suggest people are just seeing slights where there are none is something I respectfully won't accept.
  11. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I don't get why they take such joy in it but there you go!
  12. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I saw that the other day. It's quite clearly a wind up of the fanbase.
  13. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I can't see Arya hurting Brienne or going on her own LS-like path of destruction when her family is back in Winterfell. Unless the show is setting her up to be the last tragic hero of the story that must redeem herself in the end, I don't believe the likes of Brienne and Pod will be in serious trouble.
  14. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I don't think any possible answers will be anything new. It will be more of the same, such as that they couldn't have Fairley back to play for the most part a mute and and that they had to trim irrelevancies that would be distracting. The funny thing, in regards to Fairley at least, is that I thought that an actress would relish the opportunity to act through expression alone, without being able to rely on dialogue. It's a massive challenge so I never accepted the excuse of not being able to bring back an actress to play a zombie. A gross simplification by the way of the character.
  15. Ser Matt Dayne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Right with you Meera, if nothing else it was so enjoyable to discuss the possibility.