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  1. mattnj81

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    My hope/prediction (I've read a lot of this in other posts so most of it is not my ideas, just stuff I agree with): The Manderlys somehow alert Stannis that they are going to turn on the Freys, and together they destroy the Frey army marching on Stannis' position. The Manderlys return to Winterfell "victorious" and state that Stannis' army was smashed and present the Boltons with Lightbringer. The pink letter is legit, but the information is incorrect. The Manderlys inside Winterfell open the doors to Stannis, who sacks the city. Ramsay and Roose are either killed or executed, although I could see them possibly escaping only to be killed later by Northerners they thought were friends but were secretly loyal to the Starks. Meanwhile, back at the Wall Mel sees the contents of the pink letter and, believing them to true, sacrifices Shireen to bring back Stannis. But Jon Snow is resurrected instead, so Mel then believes he is AA Reborn instead of Stannis. Stannis sends for Mel, Shireen and the wife to come to Winterfell, or perhaps he returns to Castle Black. Upon learning of Shireen's burning, he kills Mel (I'm thinking he strangles her with his bare hands) but is killed in turn by Selyse in the heat of the moment. The "Queen's Men" rally to Jon Snow becuase they learn of his resurrection, while the North unites behind the newly returned Rickon Stark (who would just be a figurehead for Wyman Manderly provided he survives the battle at Winterfell).
  2. mattnj81

    Euron's reaction

    I agree it was clumsily written, but that's par for the course this season unfortunately.
  3. mattnj81

    Euron's reaction

    I agree that it was clumsily written, but pretty much the whole season has been. In their defense, I don't think the "no one walks away from me" line was spoken until after the plan is revealed so it did make sense in context.
  4. mattnj81

    Euron's reaction

    I think the dog and pony show of Euron saying "Fuck this, I'm out" was the most important point of the deception. Cercei wanted them to think he'd abandoned them and gone home, otherwise they might be asking questions about where his fleet is.
  5. mattnj81

    Ellaria, Yara, and Tyene

    I'm guessing Ellaria and Tyene are goners. I will admit that I was a little disappointed when I realized we won't get to see Tyene's tata's again, but it's probably for the best. The Sand Snakes obviously didn't work out (though I think that's the fault of the writing and not the actresses). Of the three, I think only Yara survives. Maybe some sort of deal is brokered to secure her freedom? Hopefully they have something good in store for her character.
  6. mattnj81

    What would Ned say about episode six?

    "Start writing the episodes better, or I'll ring your head like bell"
  7. mattnj81

    Those Chains

    True, and the show is barely coherent at this point anyway.
  8. mattnj81

    Those Chains

    Obviously not a likely scenario, but just making the case that there are lots of possibilities so we shouldn't get hung up where the chains came from.
  9. mattnj81

    Those Chains

    Human beings are also harmed by flames, and have no problem forging things. Not saying it's at all likely, just that there are lots of possibilities.
  10. mattnj81

    Those Chains

    *Edit* ha, that didn't work at all. Was supposed to be an image of that crazy guy with the map.
  11. mattnj81

    Those Chains

    I'm surprised people had such a problem with the chains, it was one of the least nonsensical parts of the episode. He could have sent wights to retrieve those chains before he even showed up at the lake (it seems he knew the dragons were en route, or at least that's what I think as it makes the episode slightly less stupid). Or the scene with them pulling the dragon up might have taken place weeks later. The chains could be from Hardhome, or some long-abandoned giant camp, or taken from the northern side of the wall at some point, or forged by wights under NK's control. The NK is immortal for all intents and purposes, who knows/cares when or where he got those chains. Hell, maybe he sent a million supersonic ravens to Dorne and back in a single 15 minute trip carrying the chains.
  12. mattnj81

    Danaerys's Attack Made Perfect Geogrohaical Sense

    Agreed. There have been some truly head-scratching decisions this year. Past mistakes could be chocked up to something simply not working out (i.e. Sand Snakes), but this season seems like there are numerous times when a conscious decision is made that is obviously wacky. It is what it is I guess, we just have to accept what we get and wait for TWOW.
  13. I think you're correct about that, they'll probably add in the writer for the specific episode at some point.
  14. mattnj81

    Danaerys's Attack Made Perfect Geogrohaical Sense

    I'm actually ok with the dragons showing up to save the day, because the the point was for NK to get his hands on one. It's just the way they went about it with the supersonic traveling that was just looney tunes. Eastwatch to Dragonstone is what, like 1500 miles one way? They couldn't have figured out a more logistically possible way to put those dragons north of the wall. Sheesh. Anyway, I've said my peace on the Dothraki. Agree to disagree and hope the season finale is less ridiculous.
  15. mattnj81

    Danaerys's Attack Made Perfect Geogrohaical Sense

    Or that the invading fleet captured every ship they encountered to avoid word being sent back. I'm sure invading fleets throughout history have attempted stealth landings, some successful and some not. Listen - after the light speed travel achieved by Gendry, a raven and the dragons this past week, the Dothraki attack is far from the silliest thing to happen this season. As I said, I get the improbability but I don't think it was an impossibility. If i didn't work for you, then you are of course entitled to that opinion and I'm not saying you're wrong. I just happen to disagree.