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  1. So your idea is that if readers dislike a character they get to live to the end? Even indifference gets you a good chance of survival. But divisive characters are more likely to die? Make that make sense. You do not live as a direwolf. A second life is but a fading existence, temporary. The human is overcome by the direwolf mind until there is no more Jon or Arya or whoever. They are mere passengers until the wolf mind takes over. What kind of shit end is that? That's not a life that would please your so called fans of the characters. It would only appease the the comically absurd Targ haters. lol Who I'm sure will be once again thoroughly disappointed when asoiaf ends and the Starks aren't complete losers.
  2. Yes we can all smell the Targ loyalists a mile away. Great post btw!
  3. This list is laughable. Imagine typing Ramsay and Arya next to eachother as truly evil people. The jokes. lol
  4. But was it though? Trusting Melisandre to deliver accuracy in her visions in the flames is a little tricky. The devil is in the details, a very obvious surface level reading would give you Alys as the Girl in Grey when in fact she seems more like the red-herring GRRM dangled in the reader's face.
  5. Assuming Jon is so completely dumb and clueless to basic societal concepts like incest is a major stretch. The fact that he points out Longspear is not her brother indicates a basic understanding. Secondly, Jon could view Ygritte’s lessons relative to just Wildling culture. His basic understanding of the issue seems to be very technical and lacks the emotional relevance of a sibling bond which Ygritte/Longspear share. Again, his answer was very revealing of his own views, which smell distinctly Targ-ish.
  6. You highlighted toxicity and narcissism which have nothing to do with Jon or Arya. Then this similar looks thing comes up as a factor that deters people from thinking the pair are "close growing up" or "related". I mean, if it sounds odd... maybe ask yourself why? You call it twisted and still suggest a Jonsa solution. This is not adding up. This is asoiaf where what you're objecting to is very common practice with many many canon examples. This cannot be your best argument especially as a Jonsa.
  7. This cracks me up. Yes because Cersei & Jamie looking like eachother was the only toxic & narcissistic thing about them. That was the line GRRM created and cannot possibly cross or he'll be a hypocrite. Really? So by just not looking similar that will magically convince everyone they were A). NOT close growing up B). NOT related. Really. And speaking of foils Arya/Jon would contrast very much with people like Cersei/Jaime. How are you not seeing that? @kissdbyfire nice to bring up that quote. Rereading Jon's immediate reply where he points put a technicality to not-obvious-incest is a major side-eye. “That’s vile. Would you bed your sister?” “Longspear’s not your brother.” Hmm, his Targaryen is showing.
  8. Dithered and dithered when a simple No would have sufficed. The outline leaking was always a sore spot for George. I just find it interesting that George has these 3 bastards who rise in rank in society (Lord/Commander/Knight) and are all connected to Arya with multiple references to marriages: Alys Karstark who was mistaken/compared to Arya marries at Castle Black, Willow Heddle at the Crossroads Inn/Orphanage looks & acts like Arya, Brienne wonders if she is Arya and Hyle says Willow will likely marry Gendry. Jeyne Poole fArya actually marries Ramsay Bolton. A pattern. Is this all a coincidence? The foreshadowing during the battle of the Blackwater is also impactful. I hope someone can do a more in depth analysis. Arya tries twice so far to write to Jon but situations change and she is unable to follow through. This was the last time: George's rule of three, I'd say Arya will make a 3rd attempt soon. Is it fAegon or Jon?
  9. Sensing potential for a lot of Arya chapters in Winds. A combination of cleaning up chapters plus writing multiple same-POV chapters seems to be George's M.O. We already know he wrote a set of Arya chapters in 2012 that he submitted to Jonathan Roberts so he can create a highly accurate Braavos map. In Feb 2013 George confirmed he had written 400 (200 were polished and the rest still needed work) manuscript pages and sent 168 pages to his editor Anne, one of which she confirmed was Tyrion I. Spring of 2013, George was asked which POV he was writing at convention in Chile, he said Arya. Which again could involve an editing process or multiple new chapters.
  10. His editor Anne hinted at 8 books as early as 2014. George is still writing Winds to this day, mentioning the pressure from his publishers to add another book. There is still so much story to cover and I don't think George will do it in 3,000 manuscript pages like he predicted. According to him, he's really bad a predictions.
  11. I just get the impression that when George spends enough time writing about Braavos (which could have greater importance on happenings in Westeros) enough material to fill a whole book... seems like she has a lot to experience before inciting her return to Westeros. Massey, Tycho Nestoris and fArya are likely to arrive in Braavos. Arya continues with her training (possibly as a handmaid to a courtesan, see more of the upcoming conflict after the current sick Sealord dies and the knives come out, the Iron bank / Faceless Men machinations, the Unmasking of Uthero and the chances of Arya meeting Tyrion or Dany are quite high too.) All before the chapters that incite her return to Westeros and the cross over with Lady Stoneheart/RIverlands and possibly Northern plotlines. Exactly which gives GRRM the freedom to select different POVs that play out various storylines in each location. Dany or Jon won't always be the POV in their locations now that so many main POVs are converging.
  12. Why didn't you highlight the whole bit? Your interpretation is popular but a very literal reading. In the full statement, we see Jon is warning her to stop hiding and go back to her room or else she'll be needling through winter...etc. At the end of this chapter, George has Arya returning to her room to find her Sept and mother waiting for her. Arya will stop hiding (who she is, leave the FM) and return to her room (go home to Winterfell).
  13. But it's pretty obvious Arya is going to leave the FM and return to Westeros and face all the stuff happening in the Riverlands that she left behind including what GRRM describes as an important plot point with Lady Stoneheart and then heading North most likely. GRRM also said he wrote enough Braavos chapters to fill a whole book and he quite possibly completed drafts of all her Braavos chapters as early as 2012 and when asked a year later at a fan Convention which POV he was currently writing? He said Arya. The one chapter he released Mercy was written before 2005. There is a chance Tyrion might be stopping off in Braavos before meeting up with Dany near the end and then heading back to Westeros. Another point to mention, George was asked (well after all 5 books were released) if the Faceless Men were hired to kill Dany's dragons and he replied "Not yet." So the crossovers seem to be happening in the next book with Arya and other main characters. As far as ADOS, perhaps you should consider the locations of the character pairings you highlighted. George already said his POVs will start meeting up and converging. So there are other POV characters George could use in those locations especially King's Landing.
  14. Why do you doubt that? George said Mercy was the opening Arya chapter and it got a great response from readers. Why would he take it out? From his LJ blog: Other than Godswoods, which I doubt a pack of hundreds of wolves would be roaming around in, where else could she be in the Riverlands where she is running though a dark pine forest with a weirwood close by to watch her?
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