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  1. He has invested a lot of time in building foreshadowing in 5 books already that will ultimately lead to his endgame which isn't the the show version by his own admission. He seems set on his ending. It's just the journey getting there that's taking him down uncertain paths. He described his gardening style to a car journey where he takes the oddest scenic routes and countless detours but ultimately ending up at his chosen destination.
  2. Maisie's next film project was recently announced: Set in second world war era Malta directed by Rebecca Cremona and it is called "The Gut". Rebecca was at the press night for Maisie's play that Kit and Richard attended last month. The film is build as an "Historical Drama" with the following synopsis: Nina, a runaway girl struggles to survive in the infamous backstreets of Malta's capital, as Allied forces amass to defend the island fortress against Hitler and Mussolini's troops. Bobby, a cabaret drag performer takes her under his wing, but they clash when both fall in love with the same daredevil pilot. Although details on the upcoming film are scarce, it seems like Williams is not the only high profile artist who will be starring in the production which will film on-location in Italy and Malta.
  3. Yup. Also the Huffington Post is spreading this theory that is growing in popularity: Arya is actually the Waif and that since she drank from the pool and lost her eye sight the proceeding events are a figment of her mind. Which would go further to showing Arya's traumatised state of mind PTSD and so on. There is more to this theory that needs ferreting. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/game-of-thrones-theory-arya_us_57541ae4e4b0ed593f14ab46
  4. That was the Waif's first big mistake. She is getting too confident, not retreiving the body or bringing Jaqen Arya's face. Sloppy. I feel like this is ALL a test for the Waif. She is farther along in her apprenticeship and I think Jaqen was ready to see if she is No One. Signs point to the fact that she is NOT behaving like someone who has no identity. She is taking personal pleasure in torturing Arya. She was told not to let her suffer and failed that request. Look at the way "Arya" is walking, talking, and generally caring herself. It doesn't feel like her. Where did she get two bags of silver coin? Her clothes are different and look expensive. She wants to travel first class? The real Arya wouldn't give a damn how she is travelling, especially with the FM threat hanging over her. Getting OUT is her main priority. Unless that wasn't Arya buying a seat on the ship or casually strolling the streets when the last time we saw her she was hiding in some underground alcove in the dark. Lastly. Where is Needle?
  5. They are. They will be in 3 episodes this seasons. I think they will for the basis for Arya's escape. The trailer for next week looks so good. The Hound and Arya both getting their justice. There is so much symmetry between certain characters. It has to be intentional.
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