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  1. The absolute REACH. LOL Arya saw Beric die and get ressurected and you think the news of Jon being ressurected would be unbelievable to Arya? Is this a joke? She's training with a magical order in Braavos after all. You clearly have zero understanding of Arya and Jon's relationship if you think Sansa or her dead mother's opinions on Jon actually matter. They don't to Arya. You need to reevaluate everything in your post. Maybe even think about actually reading the books too.
  2. This tired topic again? Really? Unless he was... you know.... joking. And most readers knew that especially those in the audience who laughing along with George or actually read his books a saw the joke for what it was.
  3. Was it only in AGOT & ACOK? Seems this connection GRRM has created has dragged out through all 5 books. GRRM continues to build this connection with narrative anchors that reflect on both characters throughout 5 books. Despite being apart, Arya is still present and alive in Jon's memories and remembering her at the most random times for example. The 1993 Outline that leaked was produced from his original plans from 1991. The fact that Jon & Arya's bond has survived in the published books (despite being separated as characters) it must mean that relationship/bond has a bigger role to play in the overall narrative.
  4. The reach here is just incredible. You make a bold claim and the list all of TWO things that also apply to Arya. What point were you trying to make? Arya loves flowers, spends hours picking and discovering new ones. Ned talks about bringing flowers to Lyanna and a few chapters later we see Arya bringing Ned flowers affectionately. The fact that both Lyanna/Arya look and talk similar is non-factor to you? Or that both girls are wilful, love swords, and both value people for who they are and step up when they see an injustice. i.e Arya/Mycah or Arya/Gendry or Arya/Jaqen & co at the holdfast, Arya/Weasal or Arya/Condemned Northmen in cages or Arya/Samwell and Lyanna/Howland.
  5. "We know that the Starks will die and live as direwolves." you say that like it's for certain when it is not. Or that that GRRM said it would happen when he never has. "Any more "second lives" will be too much for a good plot." Because more than half the Starks isn't too much at all.
  6. Could you share what has convinced you of the possibility?
  7. Anything is possible. But from my reading and many others, and yours I would hope, the possibility of her changing course is far more likely.
  8. That's a very fair assessment. I feel like your position is far more nuanced and fair compared to some people who simply use this "cold blooded killer" & "psychopath" label to diminish her as someone completely gone. That's not Arya's story or where it's headed but it seems like some people want to label her as something akin to Ramsay because they hate the Starks. Regarding your first post, the comparison of Arya to Jon/Robb is the act of killing and not the reasons for it. We can agree or disagree for their reasons and justifications (i.e. survival, revenge, oathbreaking, sanctioned by the FM, treason) but when it comes down to it... all 3 can kill and be cold blooded about it. Arya has shown remorse and guilt (Thinking Robb wouldn't ransom her/Catelyn wouldn't want her back or love her anymore/nightmares while in the HoBW) and by GRRM showing that fact it should ease our worries for her future and the obvious lessons she still needs to learn. - In that regard she should be supported as a character, not lambasted as just a cold-blooded killer (or psychopath as some would like to use) like that's the all there is of her character which is a bias outlook by the exact same Stark haters this topic was made about.
  9. So your idea is that if readers dislike a character they get to live to the end? Even indifference gets you a good chance of survival. But divisive characters are more likely to die? Make that make sense. You do not live as a direwolf. A second life is but a fading existence, temporary. The human is overcome by the direwolf mind until there is no more Jon or Arya or whoever. They are mere passengers until the wolf mind takes over. What kind of shit end is that? That's not a life that would please your so called fans of the characters. It would only appease the the comically absurd Targ haters. lol Who I'm sure will be once again thoroughly disappointed when asoiaf ends and the Starks aren't complete losers.
  10. Yes we can all smell the Targ loyalists a mile away. Great post btw!
  11. This list is laughable. Imagine typing Ramsay and Arya next to eachother as truly evil people. The jokes. lol
  12. But was it though? Trusting Melisandre to deliver accuracy in her visions in the flames is a little tricky. The devil is in the details, a very obvious surface level reading would give you Alys as the Girl in Grey when in fact she seems more like the red-herring GRRM dangled in the reader's face.
  13. Assuming Jon is so completely dumb and clueless to basic societal concepts like incest is a major stretch. The fact that he points out Longspear is not her brother indicates a basic understanding. Secondly, Jon could view Ygritte’s lessons relative to just Wildling culture. His basic understanding of the issue seems to be very technical and lacks the emotional relevance of a sibling bond which Ygritte/Longspear share. Again, his answer was very revealing of his own views, which smell distinctly Targ-ish.
  14. You highlighted toxicity and narcissism which have nothing to do with Jon or Arya. Then this similar looks thing comes up as a factor that deters people from thinking the pair are "close growing up" or "related". I mean, if it sounds odd... maybe ask yourself why? You call it twisted and still suggest a Jonsa solution. This is not adding up. This is asoiaf where what you're objecting to is very common practice with many many canon examples. This cannot be your best argument especially as a Jonsa.
  15. This cracks me up. Yes because Cersei & Jamie looking like eachother was the only toxic & narcissistic thing about them. That was the line GRRM created and cannot possibly cross or he'll be a hypocrite. Really? So by just not looking similar that will magically convince everyone they were A). NOT close growing up B). NOT related. Really. And speaking of foils Arya/Jon would contrast very much with people like Cersei/Jaime. How are you not seeing that? @kissdbyfire nice to bring up that quote. Rereading Jon's immediate reply where he points put a technicality to not-obvious-incest is a major side-eye. “That’s vile. Would you bed your sister?” “Longspear’s not your brother.” Hmm, his Targaryen is showing.
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