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  1. Tai Pan

    The Temple of Azor Ahai?

    The great pyramid of Meereen in the future. Azor Ahai is Essosi, as are the Targaryens.
  2. Is there a pattern which side wins? I wouldn't call it a pattern but let's say the party who sees outside the battlefield wins. The big winners have been leaders who can see beyond the battle and use resources outside the battle to ensure victory ahead of time. The masters at this are Tywin Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Tywin was not going to beat Robb in face to face battle but he looked outside the battlefield to crush the Starks. He found two equally able men to find common cause with him against the Starks. Dany has done the same clever out of the box thinking time and time again. Astapor, with Oznak zo Phal, and Mero.
  3. Jon's head was in the wrong place. His mind was in the south fighting for the Starks when he should have been defending the wall.
  4. Tai Pan

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    Oberyn won't be able to hold Dorne against the Dothraki. He can hide out in the mountains and live off, what, lizard stew. If the Dornish can't fight the Lannisters head on they sure as hell can't take on the Dothraki. The Dothraki will not have the same problems as the Targaryen expeditions of the past. The Targaryens were dependent on their bannermen, who in turn depended on their smallfolk. They can't stay and occupy Dorne indefinitely. Fields have to be plowed. They had families to come home to. The Dothraki can occupy Dorne and wait it out for as long as needed.
  5. Tai Pan

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    If there is a people tougher than the Dornish it is the Dothraki.
  6. Tai Pan

    Dany and child murder

    The meaning of what our young heroine said is this: Kill the Slave Owners, their paid Soldiers, but only if they are twelve and above. This is perfectly reasonable to me. It's more justice than Rickard Karstark, Ned Stark, Janos Slynt, and the butcher's boy got. Look here, nobody ever said every enslaved person was a good person. But understand this, slavery is still wrong. Those ex-slaves who perpetrated this are no worse than the Lannister soldiers who sacked King's Landing during Robert's Rebellion and the Stark bannermen who wreaked havoc in the south during the War of the Five Kings. The Wildlings would have done much worse than this to people who enslaved, humiliated, and made them suffer. Tywin Lannister did worse than this to a woman whose only crime was loving his ugly son. What happened to this young man can be blamed on his culture. They made a practice of slavery. What did he think would happen if the slaves ever got the upper hand? And the parents. How many slaves suffered and died because of the parents. The tokar is the garment of the slave-owning master class. To wear one is to be a member of that class. Any posing fool who is not a slave owner who chooses to wear one aspire to be a member of that class, support the owning of slaves, and rightly can be considered one of them. The idiot chose to join this elite group of slavers. He gets what they get. Irrelevant question, because in a slaving system, a five-year-old master can order his slaves to commit murder. Stop thinking of these youngsters as modern kids. Modern kids do not have the power to order a death nor do they sit in a coliseum and cheer on the spectacle of slaves killing each other. A 12 year old wearing a tokar is a slave owner, not a child. That "child" has the authority from birth to order his slaves to commit murder, suicide, or fight in the arenas for his pleasure. These are not innocent people. It's not murder, it's liberation. Again, irrelevant questions. MMD was never going to become free. She's surrounded by 100 K Dothraki. She herself had given up on life. So what she did was done only out of spite and vengeance. She took out her anger on the only person among the Dothraki who showed her any kindness.
  7. Not necessarily. Those primitive folk are what the northmen were in the past. So they were leaving unwanted babies out to die. It can be seen as an offering and yet they were not protected. Something about Craster's genetics made his male offsprings important.
  8. Tai Pan

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    Jaime Lannister
  9. Tai Pan

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    The best name in the story is Daenerys Targaryen. If we're not talking about actual names but nicknames, Eldric Shadowchaser.
  10. Tai Pan

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    Not yet. She will though. She and Jaime will turn to wights.
  11. Tyrion killed his father. That crime is not going to be forgiven. But such things are not going to be high priority when the whole continent is going through an Ice Age. It will depend on how soon he gets back west. If he gets back early enough so that the wall is still standing, yeah, Queen Daenerys might send him to the wall for his crime. Jorah as well. Arya should die with a sword in her hands. She dies while trying to kill the people on her list.
  12. Tai Pan

    The Tower of Joy

    Indeed Jon was born a lot earlier than the perpetuated lie. Perhaps early enough for him to be sired by Brandon on Ashara. The two fell in love at Harrenhal and they met again and had sex. The Kingsguard in the form of Barristan and jaime transferred their loyalty to Robert but Hightower and his two did not. They were always loyal to Aerys. The death of a king is considered a failure of the kG and therefore those men had nothing to live for. They went down fighting and took down five of the usurper's dogs.
  13. Barristan was not in on the joke. If the KOTLT can play a joke on the spectators so can Rhaegar. Might even be the same hired man. Which is the reason why the KOTLT quit before facing Rhaegar. It's the same guy.
  14. Rhaegar was good enough to do well. It's tough to call. Maybe it was fixed. But putting a professional tourney knight in his place increases the chances of victory.
  15. Viserys, Jorah, Barbrey, and Varys were almost certainly there. The probability is good for Mance. Gout would prevent Doran from traveling. Illyrio and Domeric are possible attendees.