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  1. Mel has no knowledge of the baby switch. Suppose she decides to give the little boy to the red god. In my opinion, Craster is related to the Starks. He also had a good relationship with the Others. They accepted his sacrifice to ice. I would think the Others would not like one of their kin being given to the red god. How do you think the Others would respond?
  2. Jon was going to hide Arya Bolton away from her husband. He was going to hide her overseas. Jon was putting his long chin where it did not belong.
  3. And I would agree but for the small chance Gendry can learn to make valyrian metal. She's the girl most closely linked to romance with Gendry. He may need to stab her in the chest to create his wonder weapon.
  4. The Wildlings are more interested in Mance Rayder. They will ride ASAP to Winterfell. BM should get his chance to sort things at the wall. Not likely to happen like that. Yes he will come back to life. Yes he will make another try at fighting the Boltons. Sending survivors to the wall won't be in his plans though. He will be serving the Others by then because it is they who will bring him back to life. The problems he caused will be multiplied many times in the next book. He's not finished making problems for Westeros.
  5. Jon based his decision on this bit of information. Which is an example of prophecy leading people astray. Jon betrayed the NW to save this girl who he believed was Arya Stark.
  6. He doesn't buy into the Citadel's dogmatic way of looking at the world. So they want to build a world based on "science." It's about control. What they consider "science" gives them control. It's a narrow lens from which to see their world because magic is a science on a planet where it exists. They knew it exists and yet they want to hide it from the curriculum and their culture. Those who disagree are not tolerated. But we have to ask why Marwyn was tolerated. Marwyn is the head of the Pro-Targaryen underground party and Alleras is one of his trusted disciples. Marwyn's arrival in Meereen will be greeted with understandable suspicion but I would not expect conflict. Daenerys is eager for knowledge and will give him a chance to prove his intentions. I am equally interested in Gilly's arrival in Meereen. I hope she does get accidentally shipped to Meereen, along with the wildling babe and Aemon's remains.
  7. The Martells are not going to side with Stannis. Stannis is a man cut from the same cloth as Tywin. Baldy would have done the same to Rhaegar's children and much worse. He would have murdered King Viserys III and the infant Princess Daenerys if he had managed to capture them on Dragonstone. Stannis is a Robert supporter and would oppose a Targaryen restoration. He is an enemy to the Martells.
  8. Jon could end up as the main antagonists of the story.
  9. I am indeed a Targaryen fan and yes, I would support Aerys executing Brandon. Brandon had to have confessed something that led Aerys to suspect Ned and Robert.
  10. Pretty comprehensive observation of Jon and Robb. They were regular young men who got put into positions of leadership and proved poor fit for the role. Robb could have been a suitable northern lord but he was not king material. Jon would have fine being a man-at-arms under Robb, but he is unsuited for leadership.
  11. Treason leads to funeral leads to execution. Mirri commits treason for blood, resulting in Drogo's funeral, and ended with her execution. Tyrion commits treason for the Lannisters (gold), resulting in the death of an ally (Jorah or Barristan), and ends with Tyrion getting roasted. Jon commits treason to keep the Starks in power, resulting in the death of a loved one (Daario or Missandei), and ends with Jon getting roasted.
  12. That, the fear. Travel was also difficult at the time. It's not as if help can be sent through Fedex and DHL. Any news they would get are going to be months old. Viserys kept moving around. Finding them would have been a challenge for anybody who isn't Varys.
  13. Sansa was also very selfish. She took Joffrey's side instead of telling the truth. So the guilt for Micah's death was partially hers.
  14. Jon Arryn should have obeyed his king but he chose to save the lives of two boys. It was a very irresponsible decision because a lot of innocent highborn and common born died. The math is bad. Hundreds of thousands died, the land and the resources damaged just to save the lives of two boys. Why did King Aerys request the deaths of Ned and Robert? It is certainty that Brandon was tortured and questioned. He revealed something that implicated Ned and Robert. Brandon deserved to be killed by Aerys. Rickard, Ned, and Robert are conditionally deserving. They are deserving of whatever Aerys wanted to do with them if they were planning to remove the Targaryens from the throne.
  15. The great pyramid of Meereen in the future. Azor Ahai is Essosi, as are the Targaryens.
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