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  1. Very well. Let us run with your idea that blue roses are very rare. Let's go further and say it is so rare that one of the few places where it grows is the green house in Winterfell. We also know that a rose cannot stay fresh during the long journey from Winterfell to Harrenhal. So somebody brought a living plant from the north to the south. Given its rarity, the Starks would guard the living plant. One of two things happened: There was a secret Targaryen spy in the Stark household. My favorite idea---Mance Rayder stole a living plant and smuggled it south. There was a connection between Mance Rayder and Rhaegar Targaryen. Maybe they both wanted the kingdom to fracture. I can see why Mance Rayder would want this. But Rhaegar? Maybe he was a fool who wanted to end feudalism and replace it with wildling anarchy. If he was not a fool, he worked out a deal to help Mance Rayder take the north. Rhaegar was willing to give up on the northern iceland of savages to get rid of a future pain in the ass called Rickard and Brandon Stark.
  2. Tai Pan

    Exile from Valyria, why?

    The Freehold would have taken the people of Westeros and forced them to work in the mines. The Targaryens are the good guys and they chose not to bring that kind of slave system to the west.
  3. Tai Pan

    An evil girl's dark heart

    The faceless man took an interest in Arya because he sees a hateful little girl with the right type of personality for a hired killer. Somebody with a corrupt idea of morality and justice. Not of the squeamish type. Jaquen saw a sociopath.
  4. Barristan was not in on the joke. If the KOTLT can play a joke on the spectators so can Rhaegar. Might even be the same hired man. Which is the reason why the KOTLT quit before facing Rhaegar. It's the same guy.
  5. Tai Pan

    Exile from Valyria, why?

    This. They had the benefit of warning.
  6. Rhaegar was good enough to do well. It's tough to call. Maybe it was fixed. But putting a professional tourney knight in his place increases the chances of victory.
  7. Viserys, Jorah, Barbrey, and Varys were almost certainly there. The probability is good for Mance. Gout would prevent Doran from traveling. Illyrio and Domeric are possible attendees.
  8. Tai Pan

    Tender side of Tywin, Roose, And Walder.

    They were all fairly good husbands. They provided luxurious homes and lavish lifestyles to their wives. Tywin never fully recovered from the death of his wife. At least not in the eyes of the public. He was discreet with his whoring. At least he was respectful of her memory. Roose probably didn't do the first night screw with his peasants while his wife was alive. Walder, in my opinion, probably ran around his wives. But he was a good provider and protector.
  9. Tai Pan

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Where is Tysha? I'm just guessing, King's Landing. 2. Who is Mystery Knight of Harrenhall (Laughing tree)? Howland Reed 3. Who is the Harpy? the Green Grace 4. Who is Jon's mother? Lyanna Stark 5. Real identity of Aegon VI? Blackfyre boy 6. Who killed Little Walder Frey? Mance and the wildlings 7. Who wrote Pink Letter? Ramsay Bolton 8. Who is Coldhands? Benjen Stark 9. Who is Hooded man of Winterfell? Howland Reed 10. Who is Azor Ahai? Daenerys
  10. Robert would not be faithful. Lyanna would be unfaithful as well. Lyanna is a person who would do as she pleased and the sanctity of marriage is not going to keep her from fooling around if she found another man. The marriage is not going to be better than Robert and Cersei. Some of the fans seem to think Lyanna was a person of good character but she was not if she is anything like Brandon and Arya.
  11. Tai Pan

    Tanselle's insult

    Aerion over reacted. He sure did. But let us remember the times. The pesky Blackfyres were a looming threat to the family. The dragon could not afford to show any weakness nor tolerate even the slightest hint of disrespect in public. Aerion is an ass. We know that. His nature is such as to take offense where none was intended. But on the other hand, we should consider the Blackfyre threat and the Targaryen's need to always appear strong.
  12. Tai Pan

    Why was Varys so queer?

    He was trying to appear harmless.
  13. Tai Pan

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I think what Roose Bolton meant in that exchange was how he managed to keep a lid on his illegal activities of the past. Like taking the lord's right to the first night. Taking liberties with his small folk like that was outlawed by the ruling kings and Rickard Stark would have no choice but to punish him. Otherwise they all risked the wrath of the king.
  14. Tai Pan

    Historical Beauties

    Shiera Seastar. I'm going by the books and what people of the time may think. Personally, a cross-color-eyed person is not going to be attractive to me. Daena is somewhat on the athletic, tall, and somewhat mannish. But she was said to be a knockout. Queen Rhaella, because Daenerys inherited her good looks. Ashara Dayne Queen Allysanne Queen Rhaenyra had put on a lot of weight by the time of the Dance of the Dragons. Birthing children took its toll. Nymeria