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  1. Dany is the heroine who will have the "sword" to unite the land. Drogon is the real Blackfyre and Dany is the real Azor Ahai. Aegon and the sword, Blackfyre, are one step below Dany and Drogon.
  2. The exiled Targaryens in Pentos. Prince Viserys was willing to sacrifice his sister's happiness for a kingdom. Then I got to thinking, all the highborn families sacrifice their young to further their ambitions.
  3. There are caverns and caves in the north. The few who survive will adapt to the darkness in the same way cave characins did. These real world fishes are blind and are very pale in color compared to other characins(Tetra). Cannibalism will become necessary due to the lack of photosynthesis. Bran and Manderly have already started.
  4. Jon was wrong to spare Mance and send the wildlings to find Arya. Just because you don't find him wrong does not mean other fans do not. I find Jon was wrong to even insert himself between Ramsay and Arya.
  5. Rhaegar was a weirdo. Aerys was justified to worry about his loyalty and suitability for rule. Viserys would get impatient but he might have become a different man if he had not gone through so much hardships. Daenerys would play it cool until her dragons hatch. It's her fate to have dragons. Then it would not matter how Aerys felt.
  6. The story was just written that way. Daenerys and Bran partook of these hallucinogenic drugs and travelled through time. Her family history centered on glass swords and fire. While the Stark history revolved around that cursed weirtree. Daenerys carried out the hatching of the dragon eggs as foretold in prophecies. There must be a parallel on the ice side because this story is about symmetry. I expect to learn that Bran will hatch his own magical beings, the white walkers. Daenerys had a child with a barbarian. The child and the father paid for the dragons. Lyanna slept and had a child by Mance the barbarian. That child, Jon Snow, will die. His death will bring forth seven magical beings. Rhaego and Jon are parallel sacrificial material. Jon's death will pay for the reincarnation of the Starks. All will die and come back. There are seven of them coming back as White Walkers. A confrontation between Fire and Ice will happen. Like in the dream, it will be 3 against seven. The outcome has to end in victory for the Light, the three or else darkness will reign in the west forever.
  7. A translucent white glass candle. Dany's ancestors had similar objects.
  8. It was an egregious breach of guest rights. Mance Rayder and the wildlings didn't openly assault the Boltons. Neither did they sneak in unnoticed and taken Jeyne. They entered pretending to have no hostile intentions. The host allowed them in and sheltered them. They enjoyed the shelter, food, and hospitality of the host. Then they murdered the servants of the host. It was an egregious violation of guest rights. Mance Rayder was ordered by his commanding officer to do the mission. Jon was that commander. Both men are guilty of breaking the custom of guest rights.
  9. War between the wildlings and the NW over Jon's death is counterproductive to defending the wall. It would be best to pack up. Migration to the east is the peaceful solution. Jon Wight returning not going to save the world. He is one of the bad actors who are pushing the world towards the end. Not purposely but his attempts to help his family are causing problems.
  10. The Sand Snakes are not as bad as Arya. I say the Starks are worse.
  11. Bran is the dark prince. He will hold Westeros in his grip during the reign of darkness. But the dark will give way to light and Bran too will meet his end. Presumably by dragonfire.
  12. Jon is not going to lead the dragons. Dany will be the one to lead the dragons. She is the equivalent of Aegon the Conqueror. The other two riders, if there are any at all, will be her consorts.
  13. Dany is Azor Ahai. I am more curious about Bu Gai. A physical description would be helpful. I would like for these two to meet.
  14. The Pink Letter was an answer to Jon Snow's declaration of war. Jon declared war when he sent Mance Rayder to help Arya. Jon acted inappropriately for a lord commander.
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