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  1. Dany is Azor Ahai. I am more curious about Bu Gai. A physical description would be helpful. I would like for these two to meet.
  2. The Pink Letter was an answer to Jon Snow's declaration of war. Jon declared war when he sent Mance Rayder to help Arya. Jon acted inappropriately for a lord commander.
  3. The rubble needed to clear. Westeros has to go through a purge of Aerys, Rhaegar, Robert, Eddard, Jon Snow, Robb, Renly, Balon, and Roose to make way for the its future ruler, Daenerys Targaryen. The story had to take the path it did to prepare her to rule.
  4. He was mad at Aerys for robbing him at a chance for glory at the great tourney in Harrenhal. Jaime is not above petty family loyalty. He was going to take his father's side no matter who was right. Jaime might have prevented the deaths of thousands during the Sack of KL, including his father's and the Lannister troops, but what he did to Bran to start the WOTFK made up for it in the death toll. He saved thousands but killed thousands to hide his affair with Cersei. I say the balance scale for Jaime is tipped all the way to the evil end. Jon was the one who was ready to get thousands killed before Bowen stopped him. It's a different situation for two very different men, Jaime and Bowen. Jaime = bad. Bowen = good.
  5. The WotFK is still not resolved. Parts of it, such as the battle of ice, are ongoing.
  6. What kind of future can we expect for Lord Robert Arryn?
  7. Evil acts frequently have negative consequences for the guilty. But you know, selfish acts and bad decisions do too.
  8. The war would have lasted longer. A long war would prolong the suffering. Man's ingenuity for inflicting destruction would compensate for the lack of air power. The WotFK is so damaging because of duration. Long wars will cause famine and disease. More people may end up dying.
  9. I don't think there is a thematic meaning. There is something sinister underground who retards progress. Notice what happens when any human civilization got relatively advanced. It suffers a doom. There is a powerful force holding back progress. I am blaming Greenseers. They drive humans to war. They and their servitors take advantage of human nature to push man towards his doom. The survival of Greenseers depend on superstitious people who willingly murder their enemies to sacrifice to them.
  10. I feel like greed got the better of them. They dug their mines too deep and weakened the fault. Valyria was situated on a fault. They knew and still continued digging. But the Targaryens are different from the other Valyrian nobles. I love Dany. You don't like Dany. It should not come as a surprise if we come to a lot of disagreements in the future. But it isn't fair to include the Targaryens in the blame game over the doom. They left their homeland. What happened to cause the Doom was not their fault.
  11. Any serious wound has the potential to turn into a nasty infection. So yes, yes he is in danger. The cut can be shallow or deep. It matters not. Drogo was a super fit man in his prime and his wound still got infected. But I am guessing he survives. This is my opinion but I think George inserts himself in the story through his characters. He'll either show love to Manderly and let him live or he dies heroically.
  12. Those who think Jaime is a moral guy should read this subject from last year. Jaime is as dark as a normal man can be. Euron and Ramsay are not normal.
  13. Higher body temperature is like running a constant fever. It helps fight off invading microorganisms. It looks like high immunity. Duncan noticed something weird about Aegon. The boy doesn't sweat. Which means his body runs at a higher temperature. Fewer illness throughout a lifetime can lead to a longer life.
  14. I have questioned his motives because of his problem with consistency. He falls right along with Illyrio. The fat man whose plans change with the wind. LF is the same. We have to wait until we know their true motives. Walder changes his mind too but it doesn't look inconsistent because we know his motives changed as he reacts to Robb.
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