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  1. Mappy's version is better than HBO.
  2. Five books spent on setting up total disorder in Westeros on the eve of the Others coming. Oh yeah. The Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Tullys really fucked up the kingdom. The last lord commander at the wall betrayed the Watch for his sister. The ruling power in King's Landing is heavily indebted to a foreign bank. The church has taken over part of the capital. The Others will have little resistance.
  3. Quoth the raven,

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    I agree with the underlined.
  4. Quoth the raven,

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    I don't think Azor Ahai is three people. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. The others are supporting characters perhaps.
  5. Quoth the raven,

    Is House Martell underestimated?

    Underestimated? I don't think so. A mostly desert kingdom that doesn't have petroleum is handicapped.
  6. Quoth the raven,

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    True enough.
  7. Quoth the raven,

    Why Drogon?

    Drogon chose her.
  8. Quoth the raven,

    The two big endgame prices

    I think you meant to use the word "reward" instead of price and I'll go with it. There will be no reward at the end. At least not in terms of payoff. But there will be success. I also believe Daenerys will be able to win the Dothraki to her cause and that will be the beginning of the end for slavery. It will bring to fruition the DK's vision of the Khal of khals. The one who will make the entire world one khalasar. Empire building out of the necessity to maintain one law to cover that much land. Westeros will freeze and the time for the Starks to rise in the north will come again. The Starks and those who stay with them will die during the winter but they will get a second chance to live as a wolf pack. A second life is a chance few get.
  9. Quoth the raven,

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

  10. Quoth the raven,

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    Absolutely. His arc is done. I don't think there's anything to ponder here. But it is still a damn entertaining chapter. It served the purpose of conveying the brutality of slavery.
  11. I was not talking about Jon's infiltration of the Wildlings. What I consider his oathbreakings are letting Mance off the hook for his crimes, for his own personal benefit. He needed Mance to commit an illegal act on his behalf. Ordering one of your brothers to get your sister for the purposes of hiding her from her husband is unacceptable conduct for a lord commander of the night watch. Jon violated his oaths when he did that. Ramsay would obviously know this because he captured Mance Rayder. He forced Mance to talk. Ramsay is good at torture. Even a tough guy like Mance will break. Mance sings and Jon's treason is revealed.
  12. As you wrote. IF Rhaegar manages to summon a Great Council. And then talk them into removing Aerys from the throne. I don't think Rhaegar would be able to call a Great Council that will support any plans on his part to remove the king from the throne. Rhaegar had no material grievance because the kingdom was prosperous. Cruelty is the order of the day and Aerys doing his thing is not enough to remove him from power. Ramsay's games are known and yet nobody in the north has seen fit to remove him. Nobody but idealists and fools would want a revolution while the land is prosperous. Tywin killed men, women, and children. Nobody lifted a finger to remove him from power. Hoster Tully burned down a village of innocent people and nobody so much as called him on it. What Hoster Tully did to that village was many times worse than the red wedding.
  13. The demands made by the author of the letter are perfectly reasonable, given the situation. Jon was wrong from the beginning when he sent Mance Rayder and the spearwives to get his sister. We all know his intentions. To take Arya as far away from Ramsay as possible. For a man of the Night's Watch to do this is treason. So the author of the letter already knows Jon is not honorable. The author will have also figured out by now that Jon broke his vows at least twice. Once for letting a known criminal like Mance get away with his crimes. Secondly, for sending that same man to interfere with the politics of the kingdom. The Boltons own Winterfell because the king gave it to them as part of the package that comes with being the Warden of the North. It's their reward for their part in removing the former owners who rebelled. The marriage was set up for political reasons, not for legal reasons. The Boltons are the legal owners of Winterfell. The marriage was supposed to smooth things socially and politically. Stannis lost the battle and therefore lost his rebellion for the throne. It is much more than reasonable to ask the lord commander of the Night's Watch to turn over his supporters so they can be given the choice to bend their knees to Tommen. The wall does not have the right to harbor rebels. These people cannot continue to deny Tommen's rule. Guest rights is not and should not be a factor here. Mance, acting under Jon's command, is already guilty of violating guest rights in Winterfell. So is Jon going to play double standards again and hide under the umbrella of guest rights when it suits what he wants and ignore it when it doesn't. The demands of the letter are perfectly reasonable.
  14. Quoth the raven,

    Summer eating wights

    Old Nan is telling the story from the human side. Which would naturally paint the humans as the more moral of the two sides. You just never know.
  15. Quoth the raven,

    Summer eating wights

    It's nasty from a person's view but wild wolves will eat road kill and decaying flesh when they can't hunt. Bran was tasting the wight's flesh through his mind link with Summer. But starvation could force them in their second lives as direwolves to scavenge.