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  1. Quoth the raven,

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    Well-armed they may be but the weapon is the soldier.
  2. Quoth the raven,

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    The man whose main profession is plowing the land is not going to have the same discipline as the man who is a professional soldier. Just about every man among the Dothraki are warriors. They are after all a warrior society. The average Dothraki will destroy the average soldier of Westeros. Bring this up a notch and The Unsullied average guy would destroy the average Dothraki on foot. Battle team work and discipline favor The Unsullied.
  3. Quoth the raven,

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

  4. Quoth the raven,

    why jaime didnt tell people about the wildfire

    Damn good question. It's not forgetfulness. I don't know. Plot hole. There is more to what happened. We have Jaime's thoughts and thoughts can be clouded to protect the ego. We also have Dany's vision in HotU where it shows Aerys ordering the wildfire lit. Those are not complete and doesn't fully explain what happened between Aerys and Jaime.
  5. Quoth the raven,

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    Darkstar is a future potential adversary to Jaime.
  6. Quoth the raven,

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Highborn vs. Lowborn is not all that important. A revolution could put a lowborn in power. It doesn't mean they will do well but it doesn't mean a highborn will do better. Good leadership is important for the lowborn because that person won't have tradition on their side. For a good leader, I look at Lech Walesa for some characteristics. Education is a relative notion. An intellectual who does nothing but philosophises and doesn't get out on the battlefield is not one I will follow. All kinds of ideas to make the world a better place exist but unless the philosopher has the courage and the guts to make it happen, it is worthless. Experience is a good instructor. Good cabinet is also good. The idea here is "one person alone cannot rule but needs the help of a diverse talented advisers." A single person doesn't have all of the required skills, knowledge, and abilities. The young leader/ruler who comes the closest to having all of these needed skills is Daenerys Targaryen. Stannis has them too but he is too rigid. There is a reason why the people don't want Stannis ruling over them. EDIT: Stannis has the harshness and commands respect. But he doesn't earn affection. Davos is just a simple minded guy who was given a ticket away from execution. It's normal to expect one such to have loyalty for Stannis.
  7. Quoth the raven,

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    Arya is only on this lower level because she doesn't have the means to carry out a lot of destruction. I imagine she would level Pyke, The Twins, The Dreadfort, and Castle Black if she had the means. I worry what harm she would do when she finds out Jon Snow was executed for treason at Castle Black.
  8. Quoth the raven,

    Strangest Possible Ending

    I disagree with your opinion. But you are entitled to them as you see fit. I think those two are not fit for leadership. Jon was leading a small organization and he failed miserably. He's not good at it.
  9. Quoth the raven,

    Dothraki belief in how long ago Man was created

    Unusual is the people who truly know their origin. The Dothraki didn't start out as Dothraki. They came from east through the mountain passes and occupied the power vacuum after the fall of the Great Valyrian Empire. So they are a people from the far east.
  10. Quoth the raven,

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Sansa in a position of power would be horrifying. She is the last person you want governing. Jon would be pretty bad too.
  11. Quoth the raven,

    ASoIaF character poll

    Age: 37 Sex: Male Favorite Character: Daenerys Targaryen Least Favorite Character: Jon Snow
  12. Quoth the raven,

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    And you're only realizing this now! Arya and Stoneheart. Have you forgotten them? They are two of the most vindictive people around.
  13. Quoth the raven,

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    Expect this pattern. No direct confirmation but we will have to draw our own conclusions based on the situation. Me, I prefer direct confirmation.
  14. Quoth the raven,

    Favorite new character introduced in Fire and Blood?

    Blood and Cheese. I'm very partial to Princess Rhaenyra and Daemon.
  15. Quoth the raven,

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    Because they wanted to leave that part of the past behind. The Targaryens could have done a lot of things to glorify and enrich themselves but they didn't. They were not interested in building a new Valyrian empire. They wanted to leave the practice of slavery behind as well as the practice of sorcery. Sorcery and greed led to the destruction of Valyria. The Targaryens were not hungry for power. I guess they were content to remain in Westeros.