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  1. The Freys already lost Stevron, Petyr, Merrett, Little Walder, Aegon, and Jared to the Starks and their bannermen. Enough of revenge. What crime was done as a result of the RW has been repaid.
  2. It may appear that way to those without the knowledge of astronomy but the Red Comet is the sign of what is to come. Climate shift. I do not necessarily expect cause and effect. Mere coincidence that their arrival at the planet is near enough to the same time.
  3. A good percentage of Essos will be her followers. Just the ones who were slaves will number in the millions. There is enough space in Essos for them to live on. Dany's small council of advisers will travel with her to Westeros. Jorah and Tyrion will be sent to the wall for their crimes. Barristan, Daario, Greyworm, and I believe the Tattered Prince will be the generals of her military. Daario, TP, and Greyworm will obviously return to the east after the throne has been secured. Barristan will be Hand of the Queen.
  4. I was inspired by one of @Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 's post below. I was thinking along the same lines concerning Jon Snow and the North. Jon died during his last moments. I am sure the White Walkers will make his body able to move again. Whether intentionally or by accident does not matter. The Wildlings will be surprised to see a man with enough holes to be used as a fishing net walking around. Most will freak and run like hell away from the castle. Some will see Jon as a god. Those will be his disciples or followers. They will stalk and kill poor Bowen and the other black brothers. Jon will become the NK at the wall. Jon will not be well-received by the North though. The commander who sent Mance Rayder and the spearwives out to find his sister is not going to win support. The way he pushed the Karstark girl (and her lands!!) to the arms of the Thenn will enrage the lords in the North. But none of this will deter Jon from looking for Arya. Who will accompany Jon on this mission? Where do they start looking? The last he heard, Arya and Theon are on their way to the wall. I suppose the Kingsroad is a good place to start.
  5. Parallels exists between Targaryen and Stark. It is not surprising in any way that members of the Stark family also carry on incestuous relations. It is even possible for Jon to be the child of Brandon and Lyanna. The families have magic which is passed down the family through their genes.
  6. House Martell is ineffective. Arrianne is just another airhead like Sansa. Dany will have better allies. The two Dornish studs left behind in Meereen will throw their support behind Dany. The Martells and Fake Aegon will be left without powerful allies. Dorne will be in a mess just like the rest of Westeros before Her Majesty arrives. The Martells are not going to pose much of an obstacle.
  7. Jon's mental gymnastics to come up with reasons to justify what he wanted to do was plain to see. A leader who does something cruel and stupid to avoid laughter is a weak leader indeed. Stannis is not a good measure of leadership. This is the man who burned his own soldiers. A deed which will bite his rump later. Jon didn't win allies with that execution. Slynt's supporters and even most of the neutrals didn't like it. They knew their history. They knew it was personal.
  8. The battle between head and heart is the real conflict in this story. But do not mistake this for George saying there is no right decision. There is. It is known to the character but he/she chose another path. The right choice is in conflict with what the character loves and desires. Just look at what Jon Snow did to the Night's Watch. He knew what he should do. Forget Arya and let her deal with her own problems. We readers know this. But Jon's love for Arya made him choose a destructive path which, I think, will lead to the failure of the Night's Watch to protect the people. The wall is foolproof. The Others cannot pass as long as the men of the Night's Watch stayed true. The Others have a prophecy too and it says a flawed man, a man with the most fatal kind of flaw for a lord commander, will someday command the wall and open the way for them. The Others are just the existential threat which man can avoid if they make the right decisions. The story is not about the Others. Jon's story is an example of what can happen when people follow their desire instead of doing their duty. The head knows what to do. Survival is enhanced when the head is doing the thinking and deciding the action. But the desires of the heart throws reason aside and that leads to trouble. I don't make any claims that following the head will lead to sunshines and rainbows. But doing so will lead to the least harm and the most benefit for the given situation. That is why a sadistic prick like Tywin can manage quite effectively even though he is morally compromised. He rules with his head even when Jaime was in Robb's jail cell.
  9. Because he could. He had all the opportunity to do so. A family branch of the Starks, Craster, does the same thing.
  10. See, that is false justification. Jon was just foaming at the mouth to kill Slynt. He was making up, inventing really, reasons for why it was justified. Jon had no way of knowing how Slynt would behave after that day. He had already humiliated and broken Slynt. Killing the man was not needed. It happened because Jon is a vengeful man who was still more loyal to the Starks than he was to the Night's Watch.
  11. "Stick em with the pointy end" is a subconscious message to Arya to avenge him. I guess it never occurred to Jon that it was he who was committing the crime and not Bowen Marsh.
  12. Mance Rayder II and Craster Ii should have both been sent to the south for safety. Jon's plan was to have Mellissandre burn Craster II and make her think the boy was Rayder II. Jon knowingly sacrificed Gilly's baby. Rayder II is on the Cinnamon Wind with the Archmaester.
  13. Lyanna Stark + Brandon Stark = Jon Snow Ned Stark + Catelyn Tully = Arya Stark Brandon, Ned, and Lyanna were siblings. The horseface just manifested itself on Arya from Ned, obviously. Cat Tully's genes were not enough to water down the horseface gene on Arya. It is more symbolism because Jon and Arya are the most alike.
  14. It was wrong to kill Slynt. A Lord Commander is required to carry out discipline in a fair and equitable manner on the men of the watch. The thing which offended me most about Jon's decisions is the way in which he handled Slynt and Mance. By every laws of Westeros and the Nightswatch, Mance Rayder was the one who deserved to die. Jon let him go because of his liking for Mance and because he needed Mance to fetch his sister. it's corruption on the part of Jon Snow. Jon was motivated by revenge. A Lord Commander should be above petty revenge. Jon is obviously not. Samwell was stupid for getting Jon elected. All the signs were there that Jon was emotionally unstable. Damn, the young man already broke is vows and deserted his post earlier.
  15. Arya's mind will get darker as her illness gets worse. Arya will carry out the rage and anger of the Starks. She will cut a path of death all the way to the riverlands until her final confrontation with the Freys. She could die there and let Nym carry her soul when the wolf returns to the north or she can survive the Freys and die in the north later.
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