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  1. Quoth the raven,

    Favorite characters

    I prefer people with interesting story lines. Brienne is a good person but I'm not entertained by her POVs. Brienne the beauty ain't makin' my list. They don't have to be POV to be entertaining. Daenerys Barristan Samwell Cersei Jorah Catelyn Viserys Rhaenyra Visenya Doran
  2. Quoth the raven,

    Favorite characters

    He will make sure her future enemies suffer a downfall. He has sinned but I can forgive him if he can help defeat the slave masters and support Dany build her empire. I too like Jorah and will put him in my top 10. Dany has an awesome entourage.
  3. Quoth the raven,

    House Stark Incest

    The Starks and the North are in an isolated backcountry part of Westeros. You can expect a lot of close relatives marrying, or at the very least screwing, each other. Craster is likely a Stark as well.
  4. Quoth the raven,

    What happened to the Targaryen slaves?

    The Targaryens could have continued and profited from slavery if they had chosen to do so. They did not.
  5. Quoth the raven,

    On Janos Slynt

    Jon was wrong to kill Janos Slynt. Jon's application of justice was flawed, biased, and inconsistent. Justice was not served. Jon allowed the worst criminal in the north off the hook, Mance Rayder. That was incompetent judgement when you consider what he did to Slynt over something minor. Mance Rayder is a deserter and an oathbreaker who deserved to get his head removed. Two men of the Night's Watch and Jon treated them differently. Jon was incapable of carrying justice because he was thinking of the Starks.
  6. The name carries weight but it is not necessarily enough to make people go to battle for them. People have to be confident the candidate can win before they give their endorsement. Endorsing the loser can mean severe penalties.
  7. They were the enemy of Robert Baratheon. Call it a deadly feud over the right to own the seven kingdoms. The state itself has no enemies. King Viserys III would be slaughtered on sight if he were foolish enough to return home without an army to back him. Likewise, King Robert I would be killed if he were foolish enough to visit Vaes Dothrak after Dany became the Khaleesi. Viserys will be killed any number of ways. That would depend on who got to him first. Beheading and then his head will be brought to Robert. Robert's execution will be interesting. Tied to the back of Viserys' horse and made to march until he gives out. The Dothraki will make him wear armor to make the affair more cute and treat their children to the rattle of his armor. They might even put stones inside his helmet to increase the sound effects. Individuals in Westeros will have their private opinions on who is the real monarch. But this is about might. Those who disagreed with Robert call him Usurper to his back.
  8. Quoth the raven,

    Westerlands Loot

    Most of the treasures will be at the Lannister stronghold. What loot the wolves got are but a tiny fraction.
  9. Quoth the raven,

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Their plot follows the same arc trajectory. They chose to break their oaths and the people they led took them down. The personality differences is not that big of a deal. It was the choices they made and made the same. They followed their hearts instead of doing what they swore to do.
  10. Quoth the raven,

    An Evil Name

    He led the wildlings through. Some would argue that it will be the death of civilization. Jon has already done enough harm to the NW. He doesn't need to do anything else to be the enemy of the realm.
  11. Quoth the raven,

    An Evil Name

    Old Nan has been accurate. If she says the NK was a Stark, means he was a Stark. He was too in love with the Nightqueen to get on and build the Dreadfort. The north would not tolerate him to rule over the castle.
  12. Quoth the raven,

    Gregor vs. Ghost

    Like a duel. A slight slip, slow reaction can tip the fight. Greatjon is puny compared to the mountain. And that was bad manners from Robb the host. I will argue that was inappropriate to do to a guest. Robb violated guest rights when he sent his dog to attack his guest.
  13. Quoth the raven,

    Why didn't Rhaenys do a harrenhal on Sunspear?

    Good question. Rhaenys was the weakest of the three Targaryen children. She was the politician in the family. Forced arranged marriages are her tools of the trade. She was not the warrior maiden. And to fly low enough to expose her dragon to the primitive weapons of the time was a poor tactical choice. She could have bombarded the Dornish with dragonball flames from above if she had been the tactician that her siblings were. She was a poor choice to lead the Dornish campaign. To conquer a brutal people, one must be equally brutal. I know that's not fashionable to say but it is better than going about the job in a half-ass manner, which she did. Like the saying goes "Go Big or Go Home" is applicable in this situation. Rhaenys should have bombarded Sunspear with flames and then send in her troops to clean up the resistance in a way that will work. A smart torturing of a chosen few survivors will reveal where the men are hiding. It should be possible to win against guerilla warfare if she was willing to take it as far as it needed to go.
  14. Quoth the raven,

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    George chose to see vampires through the narrow lens of the humanists. I have to differ because I choose to look at the wider angle. Vampires who kill out of necessity because nature made them that way cannot be guilty of sin. There is no sin without choice. Humans kill livestock and some would doubt its necessity. The vampires are, in truth, less sinful in comparison because they must consume blood. The world population can tolerate the existance of vampires as long as the selection of their food material is random. It is acceptable to allow some of our population to become vampire meal. It keeps things in balance. Mother nature needs something to prey on man to keep the numbers from becoming too large.