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  1. I am preparing myself to get upset with parts of the winds of winter. The Others will wightify Jon and he will come back angry as hell. And that phrase, "promises to keep" is bad news for Bowen Marsh and the good guys at the wall. Revenge is a recurring theme in Jon and Arya. Jon will murder his own men.
  2. Hoster will not allow Petyr to marry any of his daughters. I like Petyr. He's not a coward. I wish he had taken Brandon's head off.
  3. Dareon's case is the best example of Arya's fickle justice. That was murder made even worse by the fact that Dareon was an innocent man who was forced to take the black.
  4. Sansa will do the bad. It is only a matter of time before she murders Robin. There is hope yet. Somebody with honor can come along and protect Robin from Sansa.
  5. Naathi Butterflies I am suspicious of these creatures. I suspect they carry a deadly disease and the gentle people of Naath are somehow immune.
  6. Syrio would still lose. He will take one or two down with him but the outcome is the same. The bad little man will try to fly. Unsuccessfully, The terrible War of the five kings will be avoided. Daenerys will come into her own and her dragons will be born. May not be three because three kings are needed to bring back three dragons. Daenerys is Azor Ahai and the prophecies will be fulfilled.
  7. Yes, Jon is a bastard. The unfortunate part is the rise of the Others. Bowen Marsh killed him before he can do more harm to the watch. But the Others are coming and they are sure to revive Jon from death. I don't think bastardry will matter to the Others. We can expect Jon to join the Others. Sort of like selling his soul to the Others in exchange for them killing the Boltons.
  8. I don't understand the point of being so vehemently Anti-Daenerys. But I understand and am one of those who dislike the Starks. Not vehemently mind you. After all, these are fictional characters. I suggest you focus your criticism on the Anti-Daenerys faction on the forum. They not only attack my favorite character but they go so far as to attack the people who dislike the Starks. It is rather childish and immature.
  9. I felt sorry for Gared the most. Followed by Dareon at second. Slynt is third but he did not deserve to die. He deserved fairness from his lord commander and he did not get it.
  10. The specific mummer's dragon is Aegon. The other fakes are "cloth dragons" propped up on poles in their own way. They are puppets. Not the real deal. A prop in other words. Mellissandre was propping up Stannis. She will do the same and prop Jon after Stannis dies. Varys and Mellissandre are actors and con artists.
  11. Just because it's been debated does not mean the conclusion is correct. Keep in mind, not everyone came to the same conclusion. I don't think Jon is the son of a Targaryen. Even if he is the son of Rhaegar, he is still a bastard. Rhaegar was already married. With children of his own.
  12. Sansa will fall in love with Harry and he will ask her to remove little Robert Arryn from their path.
  13. The Targaryens were more capable rulers. It only took one reign for the Baratheons to thoroughly screw up Westeros. Robert, Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, Renly, Robb, Jon Snow, and Balon all had a hand in destroying the kingdom.
  14. Bringing that awful show into the discussion does not really prove a point. But fine, let us continue. The situations are different. Queen Daenerys is the ruler of the city. She is Khaleesi, Azor Ahai, rightful Queen of Westeros, a Targaryen, and Mother of Dragons. She has authority and privileges which Robb Stark does not have. Daenerys rescued the slaves from a situation worse than death. His life belonged to her. Karstark's did not belong to Robb. This is a question of judgment more than authority. Daenerys could afford the displeasure of the slaves. Robb Stark could not afford to piss off the Karstarks. Daenerys is more shrewd, more calculating, more intelligent. Robb might be better on the battle field but Daenerys is the better ruler.
  15. Robb Stark was dumb. Robb had very little skill in politics. He pissed off two important backers at the worst time possible.
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