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  1. Quoth the raven,

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    Because they wanted to leave that part of the past behind. The Targaryens could have done a lot of things to glorify and enrich themselves but they didn't. They were not interested in building a new Valyrian empire. They wanted to leave the practice of slavery behind as well as the practice of sorcery. Sorcery and greed led to the destruction of Valyria. The Targaryens were not hungry for power. I guess they were content to remain in Westeros.
  2. Quoth the raven,

    The naming of dragons

    I agree
  3. Quoth the raven,

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    You and I must be reading different stories. I don't think Martin is setting him up to be the saviour of mankind. His folly will be the doom of the north. Jon's arc is not big enough to affect all of mankind. He's strictly local. Now, the show might do what you predicted, but the books, I don't think, are headed in that direction.
  4. Quoth the raven,

    Dany's dream about the Trident

    Rhaegar was already disinherited but the point is still valid. That's why the deaths of Aerys, Rhaegar,and Viserys figure so prominently in her visions even though she never met the first two. Daenerys inherited Westeros from Viserys, who inherited from Aerys when he was crowned at Dragonstone.
  5. Quoth the raven,

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    The Velaryons? They were not among the ruling families of the Freehold. They were vassals to the Targaryens. The Targaryens were members of the ruling class in Valyria.
  6. Quoth the raven,

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    How long? We don't know but we can sort of guess. Craster is connected to the Others and the Starks. His children are needed for the Others to maintain their ranks and their abilities to control the wights. It's a form of skinchanging. His blood is compatible with them because the NK was a Stark. The Others today are probably his descendants. Craster wanted to live a free man on the north side of the wall and those children were his offerings to the Others. It started with his first children. When he was a young man.
  7. Quoth the raven,

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    It is foolish to attack because Jon was already lost to reason. He was going to get his sister and that was that. There is really no strategy for an attack like that. The weather is pretty damn awful and it's a long ride. Stannis lost his war. Even if Jon was successful in getting his sister, what then? Ramsay will do precisely what he did. Demand his bride back. All of the drama created by Jon to fetch his sister is a distraction from the mission of the watch and it came at the worst possible time. Jon is not a capable strategist under the best of circumstances. Put Arya in danger and he gets even worse.
  8. Quoth the raven,

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Jon planned his moves in advance. He knew he was going to commit treason and his brothers of the watch will try to stop him. So he got the wildlings to side with him first because he underestimated the dedication of Bowen Marsh and the brothers of the watch. He thought he could get the wildings and his brothers would have no choice except to let him attack House Bolton. It's the worse thing for a crow to do. Jon threw every bit of responsible behavior aside for his sister. It's not wise to ride out in that weather condition but Jon was already lost to reason.
  9. Quoth the raven,

    Predict her future: Penny

    She's another Star Trek red shirt but she won't die soon. At least not until Tyrion has strong feelings for her.
  10. Quoth the raven,

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    Xaro is not exactly unbiased and more than capable of bending the truth. Those slave masters deserve to get back what they had been giving all those many years. If that is actually happening then it's a fair punishment. These former slavers support the Harpy. That's the equivalent of supporting the KKK.
  11. Quoth the raven,

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    I am not. I lost more money than I've ever made on the stock market. You do not want my financial advice.
  12. Quoth the raven,

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    A Roman general like Gnaeus Pompei is a fine example. The Roman legions were professional men more similar to the infantrymen of Old Ghis and the Unsullied. Pompei had a lot to work with. A lord captain like Randyll has to make do with what levy he can call up. The ballgame is different.
  13. Quoth the raven,

    Is x character a psychopath?

    Being evil doesn't make the person a psycho. The slavers are the cruelest of them all but they're not psycho. It's not that they lack selfcontrol. It's just they don't care about the slaves they hurt. Ramsay shows poor selfcontrol, violent temper, aggressiveness, and therefore fit the term. The Psychos Ramsay Gregor Harma Dogshead Weeper The eastern mercenaries have many psychos on their rosters. Euron Victarion Theon Vargo
  14. Quoth the raven,

    Last One Standing

    Samwell is like your old high school librarian. The folks who live a long time. Libraries are generally safe places to hang out.
  15. Quoth the raven,

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    Daenerys is willing to forgive the former slave masters if they are willing to stop slavery and give her sincere cooperation. Those are very generous terms. Jon has already chosen to side with the wildlings. They're his people now. A more accurate question for Jon = what will Jon do with Bowen Marsh and the brothers who knifed him. Does Jon recognize that he was wrong and forgive them? His history says he's very unforgiving. Look how he handled Janos Slynt.