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  1. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Hardhome theories?

    Here are the things that are uncannily repetitious. 'a landscape of charred trees and burned bones, waters choked with swollen corpses and blood-chilling shrieks echoing from the cave mouths that pock the great cliff that looms above the settlement, a cliff where no living man or woman could be found' You guys should guess correctly the name of the town next to the Dry Deep: Bonetown. It is also interesting that the word 'shrieks' is used to describe the echoes in Hardhome; the land directly beyond the wall is called the 'Land of Shrykes'.
  2. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Hardhome theories?

    I've posted this a year ago, but basically I think that the Dry Deep in Essos and Hardhome in Westeros are related to the same mystery. People realized that the Wall and the 5 Forts are similar to each other, but did not realize how closely similar.
  3. HighAndMightyBrightness

    I would bet money the Shade of the Evening Tree does this...

    Very interesting theories! I have a question. We know there is a Weirwood gate of extremely deep magic at the foundations of The Wall. Based on the way the core oaths were sworn to this Gate, it seems most likely that the Children, Men, and Giants built The Wall to protect all Southern warm life from the Others. This makes it likely that the 5 Forts were also built by Essosi Humans and their own allies. However, since the Evening Trees are 'opposites' of Weirwoods, the trees would have to be on top of the 5 Forts. But how would a wooden gate on top of the 5 Forts be useful in protecting Humans against whatever 'Others' there are in the cold Grey Waste? Keep in mind that the 5 Forts are almost completely (though in an opposite fashion) analogous to the Walls in many ways: the axis that they were built along (East-West; North-South) ultimately ended in oceans. However, the Western side of the Wall ended in cliffs and mountains and the Eastern side hit a body of water; on the other hand, the North-Western side of the 5 Forts ended in a body of water (Bleeding Sea) while the South-Eastern side ended in Mountains.