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  1. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Her advisors were even more dangerous with their prostituting ways.
  2. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    A demonized character that is a (for a few Stark masturbators) convenient scapegoat to the more repetitive failings of others.
  3. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  4. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Now what? [Spoliers]

    1. If the Kingdoms somehow ended up liking Dany for this (the Northmen had also pillaged King's Landing so they can't criticize Dany without outing themselves), then at least Jon and Tyrion would be executed in a farce of a trial. That would be a horrendous ending, however. A more bittersweet ending would be Jon being exiled up North and Tyrion forbidden from taking Casterly Rock. 2. For the horrendous ending, the Starks killed Daenerys and Jon became like Robert Baratheon, drinking himself to death. For the bittersweet ending, Jon became something like a 'Steward' for a while, learned new skills, watched as Daenerys died in childbirth, and then ruled as regent over his son (people would know about his heritage, but he still maintains enough power to choose). Jon would move back North as soon as his son comes of age and died a lonely death (but on his own terms).
  5. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    This pretty much. I mean, the bells were ringing and Danys would have the greatest claim as Mother Theresa on the throne. With the recent civil wars in mind, nobody would support Jon's claim - especially when he is most content with being Dany's servant. She had just also completed her revenge by burning Euron's fleet and forcing upon the Lannister soldiers the greatest of humbleness. She would be the greatest ruler had she followed the repeated advice of nearly every Westerosi that was on her side (to be fair, they were wrong a lot but they were right when it comes to the ideal rules of engagement in Westeros). Yet, she was still so 'impatient' that she decides to make herself a known tyrant.
  6. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Varys needs to pick a side and stop causing more trouble

    Besides the argument that Jon may have support outside the North, the rest of your points are spot on. Dany seems to be in a rough spot right now because she was following the advice of Tyrion and Varys. Her reactions are normal and not 'mad'. And it is also true that Varys jumping around was not good for the realm. In the name of the Realm, most of Dany's advisors should accept that they were the ones who failed in finding the winning strategy instead of trying to blame Dany for the effects of their own advice.
  7. Not a Dany fan, but I have to agree with your sentiment. Such sexism wouldn't be bittersweet; instead, it would be nearly as horrendous a story as having Cersei and Euron win.
  8. HighAndMightyBrightness


    When you've performed your duty to such a degree of selflessness (implied as desirable in your post) and lack of accountability from others, you give the less scrupulous people of the world massive, disastrous advantages. You have to realize that the victory over Cersei is still uncertainty from the eyes of the characters. Whatever Dany may be in the future (and that also depends on the competency and loyalty of her advisors), her benevolence and keeping of words are greater than those of Cersei. Yet, Cersei has been rewarded for her lack of integrity with 20,000 Gold Cloaks and Dany has been rewarded with Northmen that nearly reneged on their promises and with her camp potentially breaking up due to Jon's heritage. Okay, maybe Jon would make a better king after the war. But it cannot be denied that Danny has sacrificed a lot and that she has been eying her rather modest goals for a very long time. Just and acknowledging rewards should not be unaccountably taken from her, especially when she lost the most (in both men and time) in the process of the removal of Cersei and Euron.
  9. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Treason Is Treason

    Indeed, if he truly cares about the realm, he should know himself better than what he does now. True, Dany might become harsher later on, but she is very reasonable right now. Furthermore, Dany has honorably kept her words, unlike Cersei. Why is he plotting to assassinate at Dany at the moment when even Cersei is still an uncertainty? What if, due to the potential infighting in Dany's camp caused by his plot, Cersei ended up winning? How would Varys get rid of Cersei then? Varys has made mistakes in the past and Cersei can get to him first. Does he really want Cersei and Euron to have the potential to win the war?
  10. HighAndMightyBrightness

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Burning Heart by Survivor 'Darkest night' 'spire' 'burning heart' 'unmistakable fire'