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  1. Oh I can find 3+ friends to get together in the same room easy but getting them to ply a board game that they probably already think is nerdy would be pretty impossible.
  2. Are these like board games like where you sit in the same room as other people playing them? As opposed to say playing Monopoly online? Some of these rpg ones people are mentioning sound like a blast but there's no way I could ever find 3 or more ppl willing to sit in the same room and play them
  3. I absolutely LOVE Lynch's Dune for some reason even though I know I shouldnt. I don't love it for the way it fails at telling the real Dune story, I just like it as its own thing separate from Dune lore. I watched it for years before I was even aware of the novel. I'd like to see another stab at a series to somewhat properly tell the story.
  4. Movie or Series? Id think a series of some sort would be the better bet.
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