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  1. Give it some time. JT only became a reality TV star after he became PM. He's soooo dreamy, am I right ladies???
  2. DunderMifflin

    Board games!

    Oh I can find 3+ friends to get together in the same room easy but getting them to ply a board game that they probably already think is nerdy would be pretty impossible.
  3. DunderMifflin

    Board games!

    Are these like board games like where you sit in the same room as other people playing them? As opposed to say playing Monopoly online? Some of these rpg ones people are mentioning sound like a blast but there's no way I could ever find 3 or more ppl willing to sit in the same room and play them
  4. DunderMifflin

    Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    I like the idea of this show way more than the actual show. I love the set up up the universe, it's super cool. Just something about the show doesn't click. Maybe the writing? Acting?
  5. DunderMifflin

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    I think it's a pretty unhealthy attitude. Why should that reflect you as a person in any way that your great great grandwhatever was a slave owner. It's a stain on society as a whole rather than simply a stain on a family tree. I'm thinking of Ben Afflecks appearance on the fantastic PBS show Finding Your Roots. Most of what they found on his relatives was quite positive but they found one great grandparent that owned slaves. Ben had too much pride and got the producers to omit that part from the show. Of course Ben was found out and the entire show was suspended thanks to Benny's shenanigans. It's since returned but still. Bad enough when he ruined Daredevil, now almost ruined this great show.
  6. DunderMifflin

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    I absolutely LOVE Lynch's Dune for some reason even though I know I shouldnt. I don't love it for the way it fails at telling the real Dune story, I just like it as its own thing separate from Dune lore. I watched it for years before I was even aware of the novel. I'd like to see another stab at a series to somewhat properly tell the story.
  7. DunderMifflin

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    Movie or Series? Id think a series of some sort would be the better bet.
  8. DunderMifflin

    Ranking Tarantino

    True Romance is worth it just for the Dennis Hopper Vs Christopher Walken scene. Also an unknown pre Sopranos Gandolfini is great to look back on now.
  9. DunderMifflin

    Ranking Tarantino

    1 - Pulp Fiction - people still know the entire dialogue to this, it's so good I probably havent watched it in 10-15 years but I still know all the lines. Jules Winnfield is still an all time great movie character. 2 - Django Unchained - a masterpiece of a movie. Has to be in discussion of greatest western of all time IMO 3 - Kill Bill - It's aging well, I seem to like it more and more the older it gets. It's worth both movies to get to Bill, and his Superman speech still holds up. 4 - Hateful 8 - Might be too early to rate this properly, I loved it. A lot like a western Res Dogs to me. Most of the movie in one location 5 - Reservoir Dogs - Michael Madsen steals the show. Say the goddamn words! Inglorious Bastards, Deathproof, Grindhouse, Jackie Brown all good movies, but not in my top 5
  10. DunderMifflin

    Ranking Tarantino

    Hateful 8 was originally written as Django sequel. I wish it stayed that way. Samuel L was older Django after the war
  11. DunderMifflin

    Ranking Tarantino

    Only directed? Are True Romance and Dusk Til Dawn eligible.
  12. DunderMifflin

    Donald Glover's Atlanta on FX

    Long live DongLover
  13. Well she did threaten to throw Strand off the boat. That was cool. I'd argue that Strand, Madison, and Salazar are the alphas of the group. With Strand and Madison alone vying for top dog status. Travis seems to have the closest to a traditional female role IMO