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  1. Well Ares was a big time slave owner himself. Maybe he sent some goons to fight for the Confederacy. He would likely be living on Mars during the time of the Civil War though.
  2. Grumpy Old Men was a great movie though. Also to nitpick, "men" came up with Wonder Woman too
  3. http://screenrant.com/wonder-woman-world-war-1-setting-explained/ Heres the "explanation" for the WWI change. Even if all these reason are/were completely legit I still think it's a flimsy reason to change such established canon all willy nilly. It probably points to why DC movies are failing(to be good) on the whole. It's lack of respect for why and how these characters became global icons. Replaced by fast food type production with attempts at only immediate gratification
  4. I read an article with the writer saying that WWI fits more with the modern real world in that there's an edge in the world now that global war could easily break out and there are new technologies never been used before. I'm on board with it being a stupid change aka Joker kills Batmans parent.
  5. In canon it's because she was a diplomat. Diana is in charge of escorting the American back home when he crashes on the island. So she wears local themed costume, in the same way we might see political dignitaries do when visiting a foreign places. In reality she debuted in 1941. WWII! so fawwk yehhhh!! go Murica!
  6. Sounds about right to me
  7. Yet somehow whining about C4's whining doesn't convince me this is as issue that anyone is outraged about. At most it seems like a thought experiment in the technicality of what equality actually means. And yes, as much as it shocks you, C4, or Dr Pepper, people are still going to have their own opinions. No matter how vicious or clever your insults are. As an added bonus, people usually just cling harder to their opinions when you insult them and are hostile to them. People who actually care about what's best for all people realize this, people who don't care just want everyone to think how progressive they are so they frame every debate as how evil/stupid/racist/sexist/etc the other person is while relying on the delusion that they are perfect.
  8. I don't think anyone on this thread is willingly outraged on their own about not being included in a movie screening. The conversation clearly is being fanned, as it being brought up in the very first post of the thread. Most of the actual "outrage" seems to be about usual personal insults and attacks that always accompany these sorts of social justice-ish type of topics. Which would seem to back up the claim that it's just fabrication for hype, because it's showing how incredibly easy it is to get passionate and hostile about.
  9. All these conveniently nameless and faceless men that are outraged by the women only movie showing are really going to have a tantrum when they find how menfolk get treated on Wonder Woman's secret island. But in the end the SJWs will be bummed when despite her upbringing she falls for a completely heterosexual relationship with the first man she's sees in her entire life.
  10. No one is claiming they would actually do it. Someone just brought it up as if it was an absurd suggestion, which it was. But imo it would be pretty awesome to actually try something daring, wouldn't have to be specifically Scots topless suggestion, but something. It would be a dumb and risky business decision to be daring and creative with their outfits rather than bland and safe but I don't watch movies just so I can witness studios make a nice financial profit.
  11. Yeh. I did say that. Being that I'm not a 1950s Baptist preacher, "topless" isn't some sort of negative trigger word for me. And please, no need for the shitty brain cells comment. I'm guessing you don't have some sort of microchip implant that makes you go into rage and insult mode when someone on the internet has an opinion you dont like. This thread already has Dr Pepper for raging out and insulting people, it doesn't need another one.
  12. That would be pretty awesome. In theory at least. They would lose tons of guaranteed money by having an adult rating but ya know. Sometimes I don't want to go to Walmart, sometimes I like the store that doesn't make as much money for itself but sells me a better product.
  13. Yeh and walmart makes more money than any other store. They made her nice and safe, taking no chances. A look that fits nice and tidy into the exact expectations of the aesthetics standards of modern blockbuster superheroes. Its a look thats almost perfectly focus grouped to equal the most dollars. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  14. Yes I have. Which is all it takes to get a good controversy brewing. I have seen far flimsier charges stick. You aggressively explaining your nerd knowledge of Wonder women doesn't stand a chance once these things start going. I can aggressively explain to people that no one gives a shit about a women only screening at a movie theater but it's not going to matter, it's already started. Looks like early efforts were more along the lines of what I was expecting. Like this article from back in March attacking Wonder Woman and her crew for being too white. Which begins as an attack but by the end of the article manages to link to the trailer and plug the release date. "The Amazons were middle Eastern women but yeah sure just make everyone white w/e" https://m.mic.com/articles/138876/the-newly-revealed-amazon-women-from-dc-s-wonder-woman-movie-are-all-white#.isTCEWiMN or its just racist, period https://theestablishment.co/the-enduring-racism-of-wonder-woman-c76dde61f080