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    Unpopular Opinions?

  2. Elisabetta Duò

    Unpopular Opinions?

    Me neither. And I find the "cinderella" part of his story (being the Targaryen heir... not yet relevaled in the books but pretty much sure) very boring.
  3. Elisabetta Duò

    Unpopular Opinions?

  4. Elisabetta Duò

    Future of Brienne and Jaime?

  5. Elisabetta Duò

    Minor characters/plots you care in asoiaf

    Garlan Tyrell + within the minor-but-not-100%minor storylines, Bronn and Podrick I also wish we knew more of Genna Lannister
  6. Elisabetta Duò

    Only 2 more books?

    I agree but I've read somewhere that GRRM said that the last book might be in II volumes as "A Storm of Sword" was, hence the books will be formally two but actually three.
  7. Elisabetta Duò

    Daniel Redcliffe wants to be part of GOT. Whom would he play?

    Young Griff (f)Aegon, if he was in the show, Edric Storm. I love Alfie Allen but had he been not available, Theon Greyjoy. Or maybe even Pod. Watching the HP series I wasn't sure about his acting skills (well at the beginning he was a kid) but I truly loved him in that mini series with John Hamm about the doctor in Russia and he does make a lot of theatrical work, he's good.
  8. Elisabetta Duò


    I concur.
  9. Elisabetta Duò


    Agreed. I used to think he'll be the one to kill Melisandre (for Shereen) and that they were dragging him around till that moment came. Now that Melisandre hinted at her own death, as if she thought of some sort of self-sacrifice for the greater good (which would leave Davos out of her path), I ask myself the same question. My greatest fear, as much as I love Davos as a character, is that Jon will be King and Davos will be Jon's Hand, which means Tyrion will likely be dead. I really hope there's another explanation.
  10. Elisabetta Duò

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    oh yes because surviving 394876929 murder attempts like Dany is not 'lucky', having somebody who comes to rescue you (without you even asking or knowing) is not lucky... etc. plus, coming out against odd situations alive is not luck in itself.. it depends on why and how you came out ... at times Tyrion came out because of luck (greyscale... IF he won't get belated greyscale), at times because he he earned it (trial in the Vale, for example) .. if he is able to convince other people of his reasons, if he creates a third way, if he is able to trick other people into help him or to convimce other people to help him, that is not 'luck', that is ability.
  11. Elisabetta Duò

    Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    I find kinda funny that people mention Tyrion and his 'plot amor' when we have characters who went into fire and came out unburned and somehow survived multiple assassination attempts since they were born (Dany) and always get immedate and faithful help from people they didn't even had to convince to help them (Barristan traveling half the world just to go and help Dany, Jorah hopelessly in love, etc.) or characters who died and literally resurrected (not yet.. but nobody thinks Jon won't come back) and always manage to get power because other people hand it to them on a silver plate, when the rest of the world works hard for it (but they're too noble to ever want power, they reclutantly accept it when offered 'cause well). Actually Tyrion is frequently unlucky (as he said ironically, 'i was born lucky'...) he's misjudged because of his dwarfism, hated by his family, betrayed by Jamie, lost his first wife, framed for Bran's murder attempt, framed for Joffrey's murder, etc.) and his supposed 'luck' - which is always saving himself from some sudden unlucky twist - partly is not even luck (when he talks himself out of situations or convince other people to play for him or with him, that's persuasive skills and talent, not luck), partly it's 'realistic' luck... he is never saved by miracles, magic, superpowers, dragons, somebody who is helplessly in love with him and other plot devices like those ones... he's the guy who surives a car accident, the neighbour who was out when the electrical system of his flat collapsed, the guy who was late at work the day the twin towers fell, the guy who comes back from Yemen because they killedx the other obstage.
  12. Elisabetta Duò

    ghost of high heart prophecy

    The first part refers to Sansa's hairnet of amethysts being used to poison Jeoffrey. The second part already happened if we stick to a literal interpretation.. it was when Sweetrobin ruined Sansa's snow castle (representing Winterfell) with his doll saying "tromp tromp I'm a giant!", play-acting... and she broke said doll out of anger, seing Winterfell ruined. Methaporically, tho, it probably refers to something that has still to happen... likely, it means that Sansa will be the reason behind Littlefinger's demise (directly or indirectly) and it will happen in Winterfell. Littlefinger is the most likely candidate be the Giant because: as the most likely candidate to be the Giant, because: - the sigil of his house was the Titan of Bravoos which in AFfC is described as “a giant as tall as a mountain” and 'savage' might refer to his being without any moral code; - Sansa pretends to be Littlefinger's daughter Alayne and one of the Westeros - Bravoos ships (the same one Arya took to flee and reach Bravoos) is called the Titan's daughter. GRRM cared to specify that Brienne, in her wandering around looking for Sansa, spots just the Titan’s daugther ("her interest was in the larger ships that plied the stormy waters of the narrow sea. Half a dozen were in port, though one, a galleas called the Titan's Daughter, was casting off her lines to ride out on the evening tide"); - when Sansa is building the Winterfell snow castle that later Sweetrobin will destroy, Littlefinger acts like a giant on the snow model of Winterfell Sansa has built: "Littlefinger stroked his chin, where his beard had been before Lysa had asked him to shave it off. "The glass was locked in frames, no? Twigs are your answer. Peel them and cross them and use bark to tie them together into frames. I'll show you." He moved through the garden, gathering up twigs and sticks and shaking the snow from them. When he had enough, he stepped over both walls with a single long stride and squatted on his heels in the middle of the yard. Sansa came closer to watch what he was doing. His hands were deft and sure, and before long he had a crisscrossing latticework of twigs, very like the one that roofed the glass gardens of Winterfell. "We will need to imagine the glass, to be sure," he said when he gave it to her" - the following passage seems to be highly symbolic too: after Sansa has "killed" the doll ripping his head off, she further savages it and there is a totally unnecessary description (= GRRM placed it there for some other reason) of how the 'giant' dies: "she picked up a broken branch and smashed the torn doll's head down on top of it, then pushed it down atop the shattered gatehouse of her snow castle. The servants looked aghast, but when Littlefinger saw what she'd done he laughed. "If the tales be true, that's not the first giant to end up with his head on Winterfell's walls": I think that's how Littlefinger will die (literally or not)...and he won't be laughing by then; - Sansa doesn't doesn’t know the role Littlefinger played in Ned’s death (and indirectly, in her mother's and Robb's) - besides framing her own husband for Bran's attempted murder - and if she knew all this, she would have an obvious reason to kill him (other reason would be if he betrayed her or Jon or if he crossed lines with her that she doesn't want him to cross). This goes well with the fact that when Sansa "kills" Sweetrobin's doll, she acts like that because "a mad rage seized hold of her": I guess knowing Littlefinger betrayed Ned would bring up exactly a rage like that…and having his head on a Winterfell spike (literally or not) would symbolically match Ned’s head on one KL’s spike. He’s going to die in Winterfell as a Stark revenge for what he did to Ned, the Lord of Winterfell, in King’s Landing. This is the most convincing theory imo. Other theories include Tyrion or the Mountain being the Giant. The first one because he's called the 'giant of Lannister' and Aemon called him 'giant', the second theory assumes that the the Giant of this prophecy is the same Stone Giant Bran dreams of (" giant in armour made of stone, but when he opened his visor, there was nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood") = the mountain as Robert Strong.
  13. Elisabetta Duò

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Well to me Jamie/Brienne and SanSan are quite different things for many reasons (intent of the Author, character development, influence of the characters on each other, outcome and others), but I don't wanna go into it (I'm not willing to start an off topic discussion about it... first because it's off topic - I mention it because somehow SanSan has been mentioned in this Jamie Brienne topic - and second, for personal reasons). Just pointing out that 'to everyone their own opinions' but it's not a similitude everyone agrees on (except for the obvious beauty/beast nod).
  14. Elisabetta Duò

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Yeah, that would be frustrating indeed.
  15. Elisabetta Duò

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Same. I would love for them to make it, but i don't think they will (at least in the books, likelly in the show too). My prediction ... I think Jamie will end up dead (possibly in different moments in the books and the show... now the show will be more conventional about that i guess, but i think in the books it's even possible Jamie doesn't get full closure with his brother or with Brienne, maybe he won't even meet them, because that's what happens in life, especially if he dies murdering Cersei / committing some sort of sacrifice and/or murder-suicide: "we will leave this world together, as we once came into it... I cannot die while Cersei lives. We will die together as we were born together.") while Brienne will survive and in the end, she will lkely take what was Jamies place as Lord Commander of the King(Queen)sguard. That role defined Jamie's life for better and for worse and in a depressing way, it's kinda 'romantic' that she - who represents the kinight in the shining armor more than any man could ever do and who is the only living person (along with Tyrion) to recognize some inner honor in him and not judge him from the outside as a kingslayer because of Aerys - takes his place. I can already picture her in a room, alone and thoughtful/moved, while she adds the lines about Jamie heroically dying to save the Kingdom to the White book of the Kingsguard.