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    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    I'm with you. Beautifully written by Mr. Martin.
  2. Treeboy's climbing days are over. Figuratively, I can see where Bran might take a fall and go evil. He become a Fallen Greenseer. Or someone could take him down. Like a felled tree.
  3. Ms. Sierra Esteban

    Saddest moment in series?

    Missandei's family. They were taken from their peaceful home and sold to slavery. A peaceful gentle people forced to become cold killing machines.
  4. Ms. Sierra Esteban

    Bran will not be able to warg a dragon!

    I'm sure Daenerys will find two wingmen to guard her flanks. Her dragons came from Asshai so they are not genetically bonded to the Targaryen family. Anybody who descended from one of the noble families of Valyria has a chance. I want the second rider to come from the Dothraki and the third to come from Dorne.
  5. Ms. Sierra Esteban

    Jon was rightfully "terminated" by the Watch

    Trial by combat can be denied. Catelyn thought Lysa wrong for granting Tyrion his trial. Tyrion played on Lysa's pride and used that to manipulate her to get his trial. Lysa could have denied Tyrion. It would put her honor into question but she has the right to refuse.
  6. Ms. Sierra Esteban

    Jon was rightfully "terminated" by the Watch

    Jon's treason is a widely debate topic in other forums. Not just this one. It would help if we were to first come up with a definition for rightful termination. If we agree rightful means legal termination of employment then the answer to the question is no. The Nightwatch is as close as they have to a democracy but so far as we know there is no provision for the removal of an incompetent commander like Jon. The removal of douchebags like Jon and Aerys are both illegal. There is no provision for the forceful removal of a king or a lord commander. There isn't even a provision for the removal of an incompetent lord such was what Brandon Stark would have become except by the king's writ of attainder. To forcefully remove a king or a lord commander is by their laws illegal. Whether what Bowen and Jaime did were necessary should be the question we need to ask. As well as whether their actions served the greater good. Change rightful to mean "was it the right thing to do? Was it the responsible thing to do?" Yes.Bowen did the right thing. Morally, he did the right thing. The lord of Winterfell and Joramun removed the Nightking from power. So by the laws of precedent outside of the Nightwatch the commander can be removed. I think Bowen would get support from the lords of Westeros. I think it is clear that Jon had to be stopped. He committed treason and as a brother of the watch his punishment is execution. Forget the trial. Slynt and Gared received none. A guilty brother is a guilty brother. Jon can be executed like any other brother. But since the Nightwatch doesn't do this often and probably never actually had taken down a lord commander, there is no established procedures. Bowen had to stop Jon and the only way is to kill him. It was illegal but necessary. Jon had gone mad just like Aerys. Without an established procedure Bowen made up a new one. Bowen had no other choice and any responsible brother of the watch would have stopped Jon. Bowen killing Jon served the greater good and it is just. A war between the Nightwatch and the Boltons need to be avoided and I think Bowen accomplished that. Both Jon and Aerys were threats to many people and both were poised to do great harm if they had not been stopped. Bowen acted on the best interest of the Nightwatch and the kingdom. His action may save a lot of people from Jon's mad intentions. Unfortunately for him he will be made to pay for his devotion to duty with his life. Alliser Thorne and the majority of the order will support Bowen's act but the wildlings outnumber them and their best move is just let the wildlings leave through the gate and ride to Winterfell. Standing in their way would only get the few remaining men killed or injured. Let the wildlings leave and send a raven to Ramsay explaining what happened.