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    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Rhaegar Targaryen can't marry a second time. Not while Princess Elia is still alive. I won't say that was not his intention. But he is powerless to do that and make it legal. The best he can do, wait to inherit the throne and then change the laws. But that never happened. He never got so much as a sneezed-snot's close to the throne because Aerys chose Viserys as his heir. Jaime is the best choice for Cersei. They're both narcissistic and made for each other. Robert should marry somebody with low self-esteem. Somebody who would tolerate his fooling around and take it with a smile. Brandon should do the same. Robert and Brandon are alike. Surely they can find a woman who would be content with the trappings of wealth even if the husband is unfaithful. Shae. Or someone like Shae.
  2. Sierra Esteban

    An evil girl's dark heart

    The House of B&W would just tell her to kill Raff if they wanted it done. No need to make it this complex.
  3. Sierra Esteban

    The House of the Undying

    The 3rd treason will involve Jon Snow. She will roast him for treason. Melting the ice, so to speak, and thus bring back the light and the warmth to the land.
  4. While I like the displacement theory, it doesn't adequately explain why Eddard didn't hate Rhaegar. The Starks are not a forgiving people (the North remembers) and they are very easy to take offense. Eddard disliked Littlefinger just for daring to fall in love with Catelyn. Imagine the son of a lesser lord daring to fall in love with Catelyn and then challenging Brandon to a duel. What an act of sin that was in the eyes of a Stark. All I'm saying is the Starks would be hating on Rhaegar if he had even so much as touched Lyanna's hair. Ooops, I meant head hair A married man with children of his own touching their sister. That's enough for Eddard to hate Rhaegar. But he didn't. Maybe Lyanna ran away from home. She found Rhaegar and invoked the ancient custom of guest rights to seek his shelter. Rhaegar seems like an honorable fool. Just the sort of guy who would take in a "maiden" in distress even if it's not the bright thing to do.
  5. Sierra Esteban

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    I'm with you. Beautifully written by Mr. Martin.