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  1. Arya, Bran, and Jon are of the dark night. They will help the darkness cover the people of Westeros.
  2. Don't expect Martin to clarify. We never know for certain. But death seems to be required for a resurrection. Blood sacrifice also feeds the Winterfell Weirwoods. Blood gives life to the Weirwoods.
  3. I agree, shadow is the soul in this vision. Stannis is the man without a soul. His soul paid for the magic and for the shadow baby. He also lost his morals. He's a kinslayer. All of the lies will have blue eyes. Stannis, Aegon, and a wighted Jon Snow.
  4. They were also inducing miscarriage on the Targaryen queens. Marwyn is too old to come from Aerys. A half-brother is more apropos.
  5. It is inspired by the source material. How faithful it is to the source will be determined by commercial interests. Violence, sex, and such will be taken to a higher level.
  6. I credit the excitement for the show for the increased activity on the forums. The number of interesting topics have gone up in recent weeks. I see new ideas on each visit. The misfortunes of Viserys, Micah, Eddard, Illyn Payne, Daenerys, and Janos can all be traced to a failure to understand the surroundings. Prince Viserys lacked an understanding of the Dothraki. He did not learn their language and was oblivious to their laws. His ignorance caused his death. Arya Stark has played the game Come Into My Castle. She should know the enemies are all around them. She unintentionally put the other child in danger. It was a minor mistake with sad consequences. Micah got too comfortable around Lady Arya and he should have known better. Daenerys Targaryen trusted Mirri Maaz Duur because she thought kindness earned the old woman's loyalty. It led to a comatose husband. The old moral saying 'do unto others are you would have them do unto you' only works when the two share the same values. MMD clearly came from a different value system. The Lhazareen valued revenge highly. Sansa Stark lacked an understanding of politics. She talked to Cersei about her father's intent to leave the city. The signs were all there of hostile feelings between her family and Cersei's but Sansa was not paying attention. How Sansa did not see these obvious signs can only mean she was completely out of touch with what was going on around her. Eddard already said they were in danger. Sansa was clue less. Janos Slynt was too blind to keep his mouth shut and escalated the political dispute with Jon Snow. He thought his social rank outside the NW offered him protection at the wall. He made a public show of disrespect to his commanding officer. He gave Jon the opening needed to execute him. Jon used his authority to get rid of a person he hated. Illyn Payne was running his mouth and saying things which he should not have. The king was offended and took his tongue. A man who had been in court for as long as he has should have known. We would not say such things behind our bosses today for fear of termination. Payne was an idiot. Catelyn Tully-Stark is a disappointment to me because she understood it all and still did the things she did. Take the time to read the people and know the laws. Read social cues. It's better to keep the mouth closed. Do not say anything when in doubt. Only spend as much time with the more powerful as needed and do not let your guard down. Please let me know what you think of this subject.
  7. We can point directly to what caused the Hound's mental issues. His abusive brother. He would benefit from modern therapy and overcome his fear of fire. A healthy fear of fire is normal but his is paralyzing.
  8. Rickon and Bran are victims. The Direwolves are victims of the Stark's character defects. Lady died because Sansa was selfish. Greywind died because Robb had no honor. Ghost may die because Jon is a traitor. The rest of them are somewhat deserving of suffering. Jon and Arya made their choice. The consequences are biting them in the bum.
  9. Aemon Targaryen had studied books and prophecies for a very long time. He could not have transferred all of his knowledge to Samwell in their short time together. And we are only privy to the small window of Samwell's points of view. Samwell has more information than what we are given from his chapters. Here are the things they talked about: Daenerys, Azor Ahai, dragons, sphinx, prophecy, Rhaegar. The sphinx is at least part lion. The numeral two is somehow tied to Alleras (Sarella). In the Azor Ahai story, the second sacrifice was a lion. Daenerys may have to sacrifice the sphinx in order to make a flaming sword. The first tempering was related to water. Which could mean an Ironborn, a bastard named Waters, or the most fascinating sacrifice of all, a Water Dancer.
  10. Arya's DW is too far from Ramsay. They will have to cross the neck and pass through all kinds of the nasties before they reach the north. It will be a re-animated Jon Snow who will have a date with Ramsay and his dogs. Jon can't really come back as if he just got his holes plugged at a clinic. Those wounds were fatal. He will come back but not as a living man. Ramsay's dogs will smell this abnormality as soon as they get the wind coming from Jon. Jon will be so desperate to rescue his sister, so much so that he might make a pact with the White Walkers. Let them pass the wall in return they will help him save his sister.
  11. He attacked King's Landing. Actions speak louder than words. He wants the power of a king at least. That in itself is not corrupt. What offended me about him is pretending to be Azor Ahai. He will be exposed as one of the three lies though. The first of the lies according to the prophecy given to Daenerys.
  12. The goals were larger than the rulership of Westeros. No Targaryen of the past received three dragons eggs. Yet the Targaryen princess who was about to marry a Dothraki khal was given three on her wedding day. Putting Viserys on the throne was only part of a grander objective. Consolidating Essos and Westeros under Targaryen rule is a good plan when you expect something terrible like the White Walkers and the darkness are coming. The goal was to unfold over a long period of time. Viserys will be installed on his father's throne. The prophesied stallion will be born and lead the mighty united Dothraki. That is Rhaego. And the most important part, Dany hatches the three dragon eggs.
  13. The Brotherhood will not divide but the wildlings will stop cooperating and do as they want. The #3. BM will send a letter to Ramsay to repair Jon's mistake and explain what had been going on at the wall.
  14. Daenerys is the child of three. The dragons, serving ladies, bloodriders, and elephants are just additional evidence to show her House and her identity as Azor Ahai. It will not surprise if we never read of the elephants again.
  15. You can find loosely similar ideas if you bother to glance. The Targaryens are very similar to the Greeks and Romans. From Lord of the Rings to the Bible,you will see the same ideas. Helen, Robert, and Rhaegar are kind of like the story of Troy. Daenerys used a Trojan dragon to defeat Astapor. The journey to Westeros is likely laborious if she is the Odysseus here. From the bible, Jon is the Judas who betrayed his duty. Sansa is Rapunzel from the fairy tales.
  16. She gave them the freedom to choose. They obeyed the slave masters because of fear. They obey Daenerys because they love her and are loyal to her. You must know that even while with the slavers there were some who disobeyed. Those were culled. They now follow Daenerys by choice and so less likely to disobey. Those who want to leave can. The ones who stay will be committed to serving. The consequences will be positive. Because they obey out of their affection and respect for their queen. I expect the consequences of freedom will make them better soldiers. They will fight for love. They will fight to stop the worst kind of slavery there is, skinchanging and wightification.
  17. People die during a rebellion and the Starks started it. Robb and his banners knew the risk but they decided to go to war anyway. There are enough suffering inflicted on the Freys to avenge a violation of custom. The sons of the lord of the house have been systematically and cruelly murdered by LSH and her bitter band of troublemakers. Daenerys Targaryen is not going to approve the murder of the Frey family. She may agree to the executions of Black Walder and Lame Lothar though.
  18. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/160093-what-should-become-of-the-dreadfort-and-the-bolton-lands-after-their-defeat/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/160303-house-freys-downfall/ https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/160376-hope-for-the-frey-family/ Many of the members of this forum would like severe punishment for the Freys and the Boltons. They may want to think about punishment for the Starks and the Lannisters too. These families brought a lot of casualties and suffering to Westeros. Kindly remember that it was Jaime and Cat who started the War Of the Five Kings. It was Robb Stark who chose to march with an army to answer the royal summon. Jon Snow betrayed the Night Watch and started a war with Ramsay. Walder, Roose, and Ramsay are not going to submit themselves for punishment. They will have to be taken by force. Is it worth the cost of many lives to bring them to the Starks' justice? It is not. Stark justice is a depraved version of true justice. Those who start war or about to start one in the name of revenge are punished. Cat, Khal Drogo, Robb, and Jon Snow were all punished because they lost their way. They were putting family before their duty to the kingdom and the small folk. I am waiting for Jaime to get punished. There are justifiable reasons to go to war. Our author is right when he said he would have fought against the Nazi. But revenge is not a good enough reason. There is a time for justice but also for mercy. Another war to extract Lord Roose from his castle will get a lot of people killed. I am not so sure if it's worth the death toll. Lord Walder was severely wronged by Robb Stark. He is not leaving his castle to present himself for judgment. The blood toll to bring him to justice is not justified. What is justice in this case and who decides what is a just response to the red wedding? I don't think Daenerys will execute Lord Walder if the matter came down to a trial. She may execute Lord Roose. It depends on how he presents his defense. Roose killed his lord. Walder killed an ally who betrayed him. There is a clear distinction. Justice will be mocked if the Starks are in charge. The trial, if there is even one, will be a farce. Arya will make Ramsay look compassionate by what she will choose to do to Walder and Roose. Jon will be just as merciless. Jon was willing to go to war for Arya. He cannot and should not be trusted with justice. I am sure Jon will pay whatever the toll in death to get his revenge on the Boltons and the Freys.
  19. The significance of sheep = don't be a sheep, lest you get eaten. Marwyn was talking about the Maesters stuck in dogma. They follow this dogma as sheep follow the flock. They lack original thought. Euron will be at their doorsteps soon. Warlocks and academics are studious but are no match for brute force. Brute force usually wins in Martin's universe.
  20. I love Eastern names. Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Quhuru, Saladhor. I love the names of the Ghiscari in particular. Kraznys mo Naklos Grazdan mo Eraz Skahaz mo Kandaq Reznak mo Reznak The highest among the nobility. Hizdahr zo Lorag Yezzan zo Qaggaz Yurkhaz zo Yunzak Oznak zo Pahl I have noticed this hierarchy. Those on the highest levels among the Ghis have "zo" in the middle. I believe Mr. Martin intended "zo" as an honorific.
  21. The most beautiful woman in the world is Daenerys Targaryen. A woman trained by the Yunkish has to be the sexiest but that is a very different thing from beauty.
  22. She is already on borrowed time. Lady Stoneheart, Arya, and Nymeria can have a brief reunion. I suppose that is possible. They can attack The Twins and exact revenge on the Frey family. Lady Stoneheart and Arya should also die shortly after. Nymeria makes it back to the North with Arya's spirit living inside her and they join Ghost, who will have Jon's spirit inside.
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