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  1. Mella

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Me too. And over Summer. Hate those fucking white walkers
  2. Mella

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Mixed feelings about this episode..Love all scenes with Jon, Sansa, Brienne and the others. They are great and exciting. But i'm not happy about that Cersei and Jaime have so few scenes so far. They dont get enoufgh time in the show. Daenerys story is so boring, i'm so sick of it. She gets to much time and it destroys the episode.
  3. Mella

    [Spoiler] EP603

    When will Jaime attack High Sparrow? And why does Tommen listen to High Sparrow? Feels like it is going to slow in Kings Landing
  4. Mella

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Great episode. Finally Jon is back! The only thing i miss is more scenes with Jaime and Cersei.
  5. Mella

    [Spoilers] EP601

    I hope not! I hope that Jaime and Cersei survives. But i think that Cersei will die they have build it up like that in some episodes. Jaime is a good man. He still have a big part to play in the game. Those sand snakes bitches should be the first to die. I dont get the hype of Daenerys. She is ok, but she is quite uninteresting.
  6. Mella

    [Spoilers] EP601

    It was a great episode! Very interesting in Castle Black..I hope that Davos and the others kill Alliser thorne, hate that man. I really think that Jon Snow will come back.. The scene between Cersei and Jaime was heartbreaking. I would like to see Cersei change and be a better person, and give Jaime the love that he deserves. But of course that is not going to happen in Game of thrones. They will probably make her crazy