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  1. Finley McLeod

    Why Was Robb Such An Awful Diplomat?

    Robb was raised feeling entitled. Having to suck up his feelings and work things out with an equal is not on his skills list. Though he did hold his tongue after being verbally chastised by Lord Walder. He was slightly humbled at that time.
  2. Finley McLeod

    What if Daenerys invaded Westeros when Robert was alive ?

    So ignoring the logistics of moving 100K Dothraki and their horses across the ocean . . . . you might add the former slaves turned soldiers. It will be a force greater than your estimate. The dragons are not needed except to prove her true identity as the daughter of House Targaryen and the heir to Westeros, the sister of the last king, Viserys Targaryen, daughter of Aerys and Rhaella. The resistance will be mild because I agree with the above prediction. Most of the houses will support the restoration because it will open chances to move up, gain some ground, and get even with their enemies. I obviously cannot see the Baratheons, Starks, and Arryns falling in line with this and they will fight as hard as they can, until their bannerman betrays them. For sure, the Boltons and perhaps the Dustins will turn on the Starks. Goodbrook, Darry, and Frey would turn on the Tullys. The Martells are on board the restoration. The Iron Islands will negotiate a deal and lend their support in attacking the North. Tyrosh and Pentos are joining the action to remove the Baratheons and restore the dragon to the throne. Joffrey would marry Sansa in this hypothetical story. I suppose the Lannisters will side with the Baratheons. But they will lose the support of the Tyrells. As far as "final season size", the show doesn't count on this forum. I will assume big enough to ride and spit flames. They are the symbol of Targaryen power and as we have read in the books, many want to see them and behold their magnificence. The only ones who would not want their return are the Starks and the families you mentioned. I don't care for any of those families and I would be fine with them getting baked with dragon fire inside their castles.
  3. Finley McLeod

    On Janos Slynt

    Far from the topic. Very far indeed. The Moses analogy in this story is not at the Wall. Moses, if you all insists on finding a close match is Dany in Meereen. Three pyramids and the plagues brought by the gods to force the slavers to free the slaves. Mance, Jon, and Janos have no biblical analogies. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. The Wildlings are running away from a superior adversary. The equivalent to me are the Rhoynar. Mance is the Nymeria to his people. It's a crude likeness but there it is.
  4. Finley McLeod

    What type of music would the characters listen to?

    Tyrion - party type, shallow music. Jimmy Buffet. Daario - heavy metal Tywin - classical, baroque, Bach. Daenerys - soft pop, Adele, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Avril. Sansa - shallow romance, Sheeran, Timberlake. Bran - psychedelic Jon - grunge, Kurt Cobain type music Barristan - old pop songs, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra. Samwell - rap music.
  5. Finley McLeod

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Much has already been written and I can agree with some of the stated differences. Robb took after the Tully. He looks normal. Jon took after the traditional Stark and inherited the loooong face. Robb chose sound tactics and duties to his men over his sisters. Jon chose his sister over his duties to his men and the kingdom. In the end, however, it was the same choice. They put who they loved over who they have a duty to protect. Lover over duty and that is what make them poor leaders.
  6. I take it Mario Seddy is not getting the fan reaction he wants. Most people would rather have them back after the incompetent management of the Baratheons, Arryns, and Starks. I am a little bit partial to the Targaryens. I love the Targaryens because they are Dany's family.
  7. The Targaryens are the state. Robert was just a temporary occupant. He was keeping the iron throne warm with his ample bum. The Targaryens cannot be seen as the enemy of the state because Westeros belongs to them. They built that kingdom and it is theirs.
  8. Finley McLeod

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    Robb became a villain when he allowed Greatjon to name him king. He can't be king while the north is part of the kingdom. He was going to make the north independent by carving it out of the kingdom.
  9. Finley McLeod

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Overestimated as far as the overall story and plot are. But catastrophic for the Starks. I don't like Sansa but she only hurt her own family.
  10. Finley McLeod

    An Evil Name

    Jon will come back with the same motivation for revenge that drives Lady Stoneheart. He might be called Lord Icehart instead of the Nightsking.
  11. Finley McLeod

    An Evil Name

    Nan's stories are direct on. The Nights King was a Stark. The white walkers fed their wights on human flesh. Something has to give energy to the wights. Maybe human flesh is what keeps them running. Nights King and Corpse Bride made sacrifices but something made these special. The Stark blood is desirable for the white walkers as was Craster's blood.
  12. I would risk a guess and say he reasoned it out properly. The death of Ned is not going to drive Cat in his arms. Petyr Baelish knows Cat doesn't lust for him. It would take a chain of events that would put Cat in desperation before she would turn to him for physical comfort. Like the destruction of Stark and Tully. Cat will have no money and nowhere to go. In he comes from the left side of the stage to rescue her from poverty.
  13. Finley McLeod

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    That may be so but the fact that York worked to develop his chemical and tried to convert Damon is weight on the side of the good. If you can picture his life in the form of a balance scale. He is willing to do violence to protect his kind, which is not the highest form of morality, but it is not any worse than the humans who butcher livestock and fight wars to protect their beliefs. Humans do much worse for much less. We murder animals and it's not even needed. We can live satisfactorily without consuming meat. The human is more similar to Damon. There is a limit to what somebody can tolerate before they give in to the destructiveness inside. The better that somebody the higher this threshold is. Damon's threshold is very low because his morals are low. York's morality is higher because he at least tried to move their kind to a morally better path.
  14. Finley McLeod

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    Time wasn't pressing for the family because it had three sons. The succession was assured. A southron like Cat might prefer her son to marry a rich family in the south. Mothers have too high opinions of their son's social value and a plan to marry a Tyrell might be on her mind.
  15. Finley McLeod

    Targaryen Illness

    @Lord Varys Alright. Yes. The genes for super resistance to infectious diseases are present in Viserys III and his little sister but it is not there for every Targaryen. Viserys III made a blanket generalization because he only spent a few years with the other Targaryens other than his little sister. He may have forgotten his history lesson and the Targaryens who died during the epidemics of the years that have passed. He was correct in specific terms but incorrect in generalizing.