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  1. Jon's assassination will be the turning point for Arya. It's what will push her over the edge and into a mad killing spree.
  2. Perhaps it was a rare disease carried by the people in the north. A rare disease to which many in the north are carriers. Most people will be resistant but there are a few who have weaker immunity to the disease. The queen's party picked up the disease and brought it back to the big city.
  3. The author intended for the Unsullied to be a superior fighting force to what Westeros can call together. That is what matters. Things like testosterone doesn't matter. Most of what Westeros can call together are not going to be in prime physical condition. Where as the Unsullied are all in fine physical fitness and are mentally ready for battle. The Dothraki riders are also fit and ready for battle.
  4. The comparison to wildfire is accurate. Add Arya's short fuse and bad temperament. Traits which she shares with Jon Snow. The techniques she learned from the FM give her the means to murder. She now has the means and the motive to murder a lot of people with ease.
  5. Darklin did the unthinkable. He attacked his lawful king, King Aerys Targaryen, and held him prisoner. That is a grave sin in the eyes of all Westeros. Dontos is obviously not a party to what his kinsman did but it would have looked scandalous for the fledgling reign of Robert to give him lordship over what belonged to the Darklins.
  6. Braavos will be on Dany's side because she is Azor Ahai.
  7. Archmaester Marwyn told Samwell that the maesters had been poisoning the "dragons." I think he meant the maesters were poisoning the Targaryens. The Dragon Lords of Valyria, including the Targaryens, were not suffering from mental health issues. They could not have controlled their dragons if they were. The maesters do not trust Marwyn's family. He could be a Targ bastard, Blackfyre, Velaryon, or Celtigar. The maesters are ignorant and do not know about the White Walkers. If they did they would know the importance of the dragons. Perhaps they know and are serving the White Walkers.
  8. Arya is not completely dysfunctional. She plotted the killing of the Insurance Man and lured Raff to her bedroom to off him. She is emotionally damaged and her sanity is damaged. She can still put together and construct a plan to kill people.
  9. Economics is more of an issue for the Westeros side. The Dragon Team will have support from Volantis, after the slaves defeat their masters. Daenerys has all the manpower that Essos has to offer. The Ironborn and the city of Braavos will provide ships to carry her armies to Westeros. Those same ships can carry whatever the armies need from Essos to Westeros. Westeros is tired and spent. The war of the five kings have taken its toll on the people, the land, and the economy. The broken kingdom cannot fight a large invading force. The Dragon Team wins this war.
  10. Those two make a very formidable fighting force. The Dothraki are the best cavalry on Planetos while the Unsullied are the best infantry. They can win Westeros for Daenerys. Resistance will be futile. Dragon flame should be able to light up the castles and cook the Lords of Westeros inside. Burn those creepy Weirwoods as well.
  11. Archmaester Marwyn told Samwell that the maesters have been poisoning the "dragons." It might be he meant the maesters were poisoning the Targaryens. The Dragon Lords of Valyria, including the Targaryens, were not suffering from mental health issues. They could not have controlled their dragons if they were. Just as a horse can sense an unstable person so could dragons. King Aerys was driven to madness by the chemicals and the traumatic experiences of his life. Thus, he has an excuse.
  12. It was murder as well as revenge. Arya is not functioning mentally and carried out this murder because Dareon offended her broken emotions. Dareon was an offense to her. Jon, to be specific. Arya had no legal right, no jurisdiction, and no justification to murder that boy. Dareon is a minor person in the story but I feel very sorry for him and his tough luck in life.
  13. Human sacrifice is taboo. The Starks were sacrificing for power. The more they gave the gods the more they bless the Starks. So they believed. Craster was sacrificing to stay alive and earn the protection of his gods. This piece of history took place before the arrival of Queen Allysanne and her dragon. I wonder if the story was edited to cover up for the Starks. So we know the Starks were killing people to please the old gods. The other houses as well as the peasants were doing the same thing to their extra mouths, babes. Except it doesn't have to involve religion. Just leave the children in the woods and nature will do the rest. What if the lc was actually rescuing the children and raising them or giving them to the White Walkers to raise. The White Walkers were increasing their numbers.
  14. The black blood and the black fire are the keys. Stannis, Aegon, and Jon. Jon is the beast. The blood of the dead is corrupted. Blackened blood. Jon is black in many other ways. He's a black brother so there is that symbolic connection. He wears the black. He took the black. He will die from his injuries and he will come back. But nobody comes back whole. There are always permanent damage. His will be physical and probably mental too.
  15. Barristan best exemplify what a noble knight should be. He made a mistake long ago when he accepted Robert's pardon. He was loyal to the office and the order when he should have been loyal to the Targaryens. He should have left the KG and searched for King Viserys 3. The Gods are giving him another chance. He serves the monarch of Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen. I think the Gods will grant him enough years to see that she sits on the Iron Throne. Ser Barristan Selmy will end his days a happy man.
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