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  1. She would not have this right even if the Starks were still the lords of Winterfell. Arya is not in Winterfell. The Starks have no right to decide what happens to the insurance guy. I don't think the faceless people have that right. They would have no need to assassinate the guy if he had broken the laws.
  2. Merrett was barely involved. He passed out before the fighting. I do not think it's right to kill someone for intent.
  3. Loyalty to the Starks should not be the test used to determine whether somebody lives or dies. The Starks were as much to blame for the War of the Five Kings as anybody. Being an enemy of the Starks does not make someone bad or deserving of death. LSH is vengeance because she died with that kind of thinking in mind. It was her very last thoughts before she killed Aegon Frey. Which is scary because revenge and Arya were the last things on Jon's mind when he expired. LSH is not concerned with fine justice. A member of House Frey will die if they fall into her hands. I say even Roslyn would be killed.
  4. I really don't know. This is a long stretch but perhaps Bloodraven now believe all that stuff is no longer important. Family this, family that. It doesn't matter anymore. Sending Dark Sister to Rhaegar so he can use it in combat was not his concern anymore. Bloodraven really and absolutely embraced the purpose of the Night's Watch. Maybe he didn't fully trust Aemon because the old man was a maester of the citadel. ?
  5. The Usurper's dogs destroyed Westeros. It was never this bad under Targaryen rule. So I can understand if she decides to battle the Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons. Those fools are responsible for the suffering of the people, common and noble. Aegon the Conqueror killed thousands in order to bring the great houses to heel and build a kingdom. The second conquest will be easier and will be met with less resistance. The resistance will come from those families I mentioned above, none of whom I really like. But besides that, those families need to cooperate in order to make Westeros whole again. It would be better if they cooperate willingly but if it must be done on the battlefield then so be it. Staying in Astapor was never an option because that city cannot be defended because the infrastructure was so bad. Meereen is the only one which can be defended against a larger force. She knows how to rebuild. That is not the problem. The problem is the resistance from the former slave masters who want a return to the old ways of enslaving the weak. Their terrorists group, the Harpy, is impeding progress. They should have embraced the change and freed their slaves instead of nailing children on crosses. What they are doing and have been doing for thousands of years is the worst crime against other people in Planetos. They needed to be stopped.
  6. Dark Sister is somewhere in the North. Blackfyre is in the hands of a Blackfyre sympathizer. I don't know what the right moment is but Aegon could really use it right now. Bloodraven, why he chose to keep his existence secret from Aemon is very suspicious.
  7. @Jay21 The uniform point to him being once a member of the watch. Which is why he continues to serve the watch even in death. Manner of death is not important but why he still walks is. The White Walkers must have given him back some kind of life expecting an obedient wight. Instead, they brought back a warg whose mind was able to take refuge in another body. And he will continue until the body of the host is dead.
  8. This crush can develop to lust.
  9. Bran is already following her around. In Hodor's skin.
  10. He was getting old and nearing the end of the normal lifespan. He found the children and stayed in the cave to prolong his life.
  11. I like most of what you are saying. I do take exception with your suggestion of making a power move against King Aerys II. The only things he can do which will get approval from me are: (a) do his best to support the heir chosen by his father, Prince Viserys, (b) stay away from politics and just keep on writing songs (c) join the NW. Rhaegar failed the people of Westeros. He should have kicked Lyanna out of the door. It matters not how she came to be at the tower of sorrow. He should have sent her back to her family even if it meant she will be unhappy for the rest of her life. That is what a prince of the kingdom should do. I do not think he would have been a good king. He was too irresponsible. Viserys would have been better. Most anyone with a drop of conscience and responsibility could do better as the king. Viserys took care of his little sister and raised her while living in the mean streets of the Free Cities. No matter what you think of Viserys, that was quite an accomplishment. Rhaegar has not done anything even close to that kind of achievement. Sure, he can unseat people from their horses and sing sad songs. That does not sound useful to me.
  12. A. Slavery will remain unresolved at the end. We will get a Dany POV in which she starts making plans for a final battle with the slave masters but we will not know the results. Count on George to include economic as well as social issues on the table. B. I really would like Brandon Stark and Lyanna Stark to be the parents of Jon Snow. I am now accepting Mance Rayder as Jon's father. The sneaky bard got Lyanna pregnant. Mance had the audacity and the skill to invite himself for dinner during Robert's visit to Winterfell. Walls and distance are not enough to stop this fellow.
  13. I think the lies are Stannis, Aegon/Young Griff, and Jon Snow all pretending to be Azor Ahai.
  14. Excellent point. At least what remains of the old kingdom will ask her for help. I am not certain if the throne will mean anything after the kingdom has already divided. The north and the iron islands will have gone their own ways by then.
  15. There is a terrific theory on what "lion of the night" means in the Glass Candles, Yi Ti, thread. It means the moon. So the children of the moon are those creatures who are most active at night. It doesn't get as cold in the east but the darkness will still affect them. I don't think it will be the Others. It will be creatures that hunt in the night. Bats and wolves.
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