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  1. The Targaryens are the state. Robert was just a temporary occupant. He was keeping the iron throne warm with his ample bum. The Targaryens cannot be seen as the enemy of the state because Westeros belongs to them. They built that kingdom and it is theirs.
  2. Finley McLeod

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    Robb became a villain when he allowed Greatjon to name him king. He can't be king while the north is part of the kingdom. He was going to make the north independent by carving it out of the kingdom.
  3. Finley McLeod

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Overestimated as far as the overall story and plot are. But catastrophic for the Starks. I don't like Sansa but she only hurt her own family.
  4. Finley McLeod

    An Evil Name

    Jon will come back with the same motivation for revenge that drives Lady Stoneheart. He might be called Lord Icehart instead of the Nightsking.
  5. Finley McLeod

    An Evil Name

    Nan's stories are direct on. The Nights King was a Stark. The white walkers fed their wights on human flesh. Something has to give energy to the wights. Maybe human flesh is what keeps them running. Nights King and Corpse Bride made sacrifices but something made these special. The Stark blood is desirable for the white walkers as was Craster's blood.
  6. I would risk a guess and say he reasoned it out properly. The death of Ned is not going to drive Cat in his arms. Petyr Baelish knows Cat doesn't lust for him. It would take a chain of events that would put Cat in desperation before she would turn to him for physical comfort. Like the destruction of Stark and Tully. Cat will have no money and nowhere to go. In he comes from the left side of the stage to rescue her from poverty.
  7. Finley McLeod

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    That may be so but the fact that York worked to develop his chemical and tried to convert Damon is weight on the side of the good. If you can picture his life in the form of a balance scale. He is willing to do violence to protect his kind, which is not the highest form of morality, but it is not any worse than the humans who butcher livestock and fight wars to protect their beliefs. Humans do much worse for much less. We murder animals and it's not even needed. We can live satisfactorily without consuming meat. The human is more similar to Damon. There is a limit to what somebody can tolerate before they give in to the destructiveness inside. The better that somebody the higher this threshold is. Damon's threshold is very low because his morals are low. York's morality is higher because he at least tried to move their kind to a morally better path.
  8. Finley McLeod

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    Time wasn't pressing for the family because it had three sons. The succession was assured. A southron like Cat might prefer her son to marry a rich family in the south. Mothers have too high opinions of their son's social value and a plan to marry a Tyrell might be on her mind.
  9. Finley McLeod

    Targaryen Illness

    @Lord Varys Alright. Yes. The genes for super resistance to infectious diseases are present in Viserys III and his little sister but it is not there for every Targaryen. Viserys III made a blanket generalization because he only spent a few years with the other Targaryens other than his little sister. He may have forgotten his history lesson and the Targaryens who died during the epidemics of the years that have passed. He was correct in specific terms but incorrect in generalizing.
  10. Finley McLeod

    Should robb had stayed in north

    He would need to obey the summons. Ned will go to the wall and take his vows. The Starks may have to give up Rickon to hostage with the Lannisters.
  11. Finley McLeod

    What if elia and children survive

    Hostage is a good idea. However, three hostages is not necessary. Elia would be the most likely to live because she is only married to the Targaryens. She is not Targaryen by birth or blood. She can be used to bargain with the Martells and she is not going to succeed Aerys.
  12. Finley McLeod

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    George Martin is not about to kiss the feet of heroes because it is relative. A war hero to one nation is a war criminal to the enemy country. The farmer and the butcher are heroes because they bring food to humans. They are murderers from the eyes of the cows. Joshua and his followers have killed a lot of cattle and getting cleaned later is not going to wash away what they did in the eyes of the human. But this is where forgiveness can have an important role. Say the medication worked and they no longer feed on the people. The person who can forgive might reasonably conclude that the vampires have repented and found a way to survive.
  13. Finley McLeod

    What if elia and children survive

    King Viserys and Princess Daenerys were only allowed to live because Jon Arryn believed they were no threat. There is also the distance and the assured surveillance of Varys to keep Robert comfortable. But the moment Viserys allied himself with the Dothraki and Princess Daenerys got pregnant. Robert took steps to send an assassin.
  14. Finley McLeod

    Targaryen Illness

    I would not discount it. The Targaryens are special people. The resistance to sickness is recorded in some members of the clan. Viserys believed it because he and his little sister are proof. They never got sick. That is a strong evidence for the Targaryen ability to fight off infectious diseases.
  15. Finley McLeod

    Dany and child murder

    The Astapori slavers were judged for their crimes against the people they enslaved. The punishment was death to all the masters over the age of twelve. Slaver's Bay doesn't hold much value for life. The slavers used lives (animal and human) like we use paper napkins today. Even new born infants of the slave class were used and killed to benefit their masters. Their cruelty knew no one. In truth, the sentence was light. So that was not murder. I label it justice delivered by a just authority.
  16. Finley McLeod

    Quaithe Farman?

    That would depend upon the size of the two remaining volumes. Many plots are sure to get trimmed to make room for explaining the mystery of Qaithe. She is an important figure in the story and easily as important as Mellissandre because her story line is part of the Daenerys arc. I would gladly sacrifice the Winterfell, Kingslanding, Dorne, Braavos plot lines to make room for Qaithe's backstory.
  17. Finley McLeod

    What if elia and children survive

    Robert's rebels allowing them to live is far-fetched. Aerys has been dead for fifteen years and many people have not given up on restoring the Targaryens to the throne. The threat while they live is too much for a fledgling ruler like the Baratheons to survive. Ned might speak on their behalf but that is all he would have done, as we have witnessed with Daenerys and Lady. Ned might have morals but he is not going to betray Robert.
  18. Finley McLeod

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    The Starks sure are fickle when it comes to passing judgement. Catelyn and Karstark should receive the same punishment.
  19. Finley McLeod

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    What it boils down to is the seriousness of breaking one's word and killing people. A farmer promising to take his wife out for a dinner in Oldtown and then breaking that promise to go drinking with the boys is minor stuff. A leader who promised to marry the daughter of a future ally in exchange for military support and safe passage made a very serious oath. Both men might break their word but it's not the same. Walder put his family at risk because he had no choice. The Starks forced him to pick a side. He being smart tried to make the best of the situation and got a nice deal for his family. He promised to pay his part by letting the north pass through his lands and giving them military support. This is not minor stuff because it meant rebellion against the monarch. Walder Frey not only let the north pass. He gave them his own men to use. He lost his son and his men. But no one can say Walder was stingy nor did he hold out on Robb. He was generous and went above and beyond. Robb's part was easy. He just had to marry one of Walder's daughters, marry Arya to a Frey, and foster two little boys. The Starks broke their word. I find it hard to believe why a lot of people here can't understand why the Freys would be furious. The Starks only decided to apologize and make amends because they had to. They calculated they don't stand a chance of winning without the Freys. You know what else, Brandon Ice Eyes? The Starks went to the twin castles expecting treachery. They didn't trust Walder Frey but they went anyway because they had to. It's not like the Freys lured them to the twin castles and betrayed their trust. The Starks didn't got because they trusted the Freys. They went because they had to. They were dead people without Frey help. They were desperate because the iron born took their castle and they were going to lose. Robb and Cat doesn't respect Walder but they agreed to his terms because they were desperate. The only person who knows if this act is justified is Mr. Martin. This is because we don't know what Tywin Lannister said to threaten Walder Frey. I can't blame the Freys for wanting to avoid the losing side. They own a much coveted property and what if the Lannisters decided to take that away as punishment for rebelling. We know the Lannisters are capable of it. Tywin was King Aerys Targaryen's goon when he ordered the massacre of the Darklyns. Tywin massacred his own bannermen before Duskendale happened. The Freys were right to fear the Lannisters. Walder Frey doesn't want his daughters to end up in Gregor's bedroom and that is something like Tywin would do. Only the author knows what the consequences were for the Freys. We don't know the punishment Tywin and Joffrey planned for the rebels. But the biggest unknown is what was going on through Walder's head. Revenge is not a good enough motive to murder your house guest. I repeat, revenge is not a good enough reason to murder your house guest. Any sin can be forgiven under the right circumstances. I use the same reasoning to come to the conclusion why Arya is not justified in killing those people in Braavos. Forgiveness might be asking too much of Arya but looking the other way and getting on with her life is not a bad option to take. Walder Frey was not justified to murder those people under his roof if the reason is revenge. Forget the guest rights. Let us get down to the brass tacks and call this murder. The promise of a big reward is not a good enough reason to murder people. Personal gain is not a good enough reason to murder. But I still can't answer your question because we don't know what was going through Walder's reasoning and what he was threatened with. Walder might be justified if the Lannisters threatened to take away his toll bridge and bring him to financial ruin. The proper question to ponder then becomes, do you let your family's future be destroyed for the sake of the Starks who have clearly shown their complete lack of respect for you and have broken their oaths to you. Isn't that asking too much. The Freys love their property as much as the Starks love Winterfell. Many of his children will die if this war continued. To continue this war meant many more people will get murdered on both sides. Walder can end part of the war if he beat the Starks. Is it justified or not. My answer will have to be only George Martin knows. *Mr. Martin is known for having a strong stance against violence. Maybe he might say it's better to go down in flames and let your family be ruined for the sake of a man who disrespects you. But the beauty of the story is the complexity and the unknown so that each reader can draw their own conclusions. If they want to. Support the Starks and aid the rebellion meant the murders will continue for longer. Only the location is different. Thousands on the battlefield or a few at the dinner table. Murder will happen either way Walder decided. It's just the way those murders would happen. If doing it this way saved more lives than it costed. Would that make it justified? Martin might think so. People have already rightly said it is better for soldiers to die than the civilians.
  20. Finley McLeod

    Denys and Elbert Arryn survive to war of five kings

    Petyr Baelish will be negatively affected. Having two other men around to advice could open Jon Arryn's eyes to Petyr Baelish. One of them will be bound to see through him.
  21. Finley McLeod

    Who builds better ships?

    Fastest builder are the Braavosi. Who knows when it comes to quality.
  22. Finley McLeod

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

  23. Finley McLeod

    Quaithe Farman?

    Quaithe is Elissa Farman. She wants Daenerys Targaryen to take the same route but going backwards. Quaithe wants to show her something in the eastern seas. I would guess it is another land mass. Refugees from westeros can go to this island sanctuary to escape the long night back home.