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  1. So a prisoner gets to give a speech that will decide the next ruler. The Starks somehow get to bring three people in to the same decision making process, despite at least two of them holding no power at all. Sansa is then allowed to interrupt other people's declaration for the Throne. Arya is now threatening to cut powerful people's throats in front of audiences of other powerful people. Faceless Men are shit at the whole assassin thing. Davos legitimately offers some eunuchs the chance to go start their own house. Somehow Sam is there despite being in the NW therefore having no power whatsoever. They elect the biggest weirdo they can find. Sansa then just decides the North is no longer part of the kingdom and is allowed to do this. No one else bothers to claim their own independence. They send Jon, who should by all rights be dead, back to the NW. For what? There's a giant fucking hole in the wall, the WW are dead and the Free Folk are all south of the fall. Of course we all know no one in Westeros understands the idea of getting behind walls anyway. What in the name of fuck was that scene? It's only topped by Bronn being master of coin.
  2. Is it great though? If they remade it we'd have to sit through it all again. Once was bad enough. I don't know what people think this will achieve. Give them another chance to screw it up in all new ways.
  3. It was really mising a training montage scene like in Rocky 4. Emilia Clarke and Drogon off in the mountains learning how to fight magical giant crossbows to a pumping 80's soundtrack. Then that scene where they were suddenly no threat at all to Drogon would have totally made sense and been kind of awesome. Instead of being just kind of stupid. Also, how does a dragon breathing fire knock down a wall? Does a flamethrower knock down walls? I don't think it does. What they are implying is not only is it a jet of fire coming from the dragon's mouth but it also causes some sort of explosion when the writers feel like it should cause explosions. Walls don't exploe when fire hits them. Fuck this show, it's got me questioning the validity of dragon fire. I mean a dragon taking down an ice wall is one thing, but this is just absurd. Unless I'm remembering it wrong and Drogon didn't make walls explode by breathing on them.
  4. She picked the right guy to run to Starbucks for her. Jon must have told her how fast he can run. Doesn't her un-bastarding him make the rightful heir to Robert's throne? Why would she just assume blind loyalty now she's given him a castle?
  5. Seeing it coming towards him was a missed opportunity for one more dick joke. Something about hard wood or a salty mast maybe? I'm not intelligent enough to write his dialogue though and it's best left to better men than me.
  6. Why is Bronn believing Tyrion or Jaime have the power to give him High Garden at all?
  7. I only watched it because I couldn't sleep. Glad I did now, it was magnificently awful. I mean it was wonderful how insanely bad it was. Like some sort of sacrifice to the god of shit writing.
  8. Meh, sounds like more ridiculous shite. I'm not even going to bother watching this one, Arya killed any interest I had left.
  9. I tried to put the entire thing out my memory when Sue Perkins became host. At the start it seemed to be them trying to explain it for thick people. But the last time I saw it it had devolved into a who could pretend to like it the most competition. The best ones were always the celebrities that were struggling to even pretend to have watched it before. There was definitely a point where it didn't seem so insidious.
  10. Art Vandelay

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    I could not get into The Name of the Wind at all. It was just Kvothe licking his own arse for page after page. I wouldn't say I couldn't get into it, but I gave up on Wheel of Time after about 5 or 6 books. I couldn't handle anymore long descriptions of how great Aiel are or their many customs for being awesome. I'd had enough Nynaeve pulling her braid and being an asshole too. Part of me still wants to finish it, but every time I try I end up giving up again. I even tried the audiobooks, but that meant spending my lunch breaks hearing about the Aiel and their god damn customs instead of furthering the plot. Shame as I'd really enjoyed the earlier books.
  11. On Monday nights in the UK there's an after show featuring celebrity guests, where they sit around and try to convince themselves and the viewer that what they just watched was the most mesmerising thing ever. It's the most hilariously cringey thing on TV, they would not say a single negative thing about it. Even after the Dorne episodes. I just feel that if your show needs one after show where the "writers" justify their bad decisions with justifications that are rarely logical and another after show where you have to pay celebrities to talk up your show like it's the bestest thing ever then your show ain't that good. I've noticed similar with The Walking Dead. It seems to actually work on some people too, which is worrying. Surely that time would be better served making their amazing shows longer.
  12. Also how the fuck did she get to Winterfell past an entire undead army? She just rides up casually out of nowhere.
  13. I noticed that. There was one jarring shot where Kit Harrington is flying in the snow storm and frantically looking around for Emilia Clarke. The camera cuts and logically you'd think it's going to cut to her, but instead it cuts to an angle at the back of his head. With the darkness I thought it was her at first, before realising it's him. It was very sloppy during all the outside action shots.
  14. You just ruined my day with this realisation. Well played.