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  1. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Kitty gave this episode a 5/10 due to some illogicalities and for a selfish reason which somewhat ruined whole episode for her. ++Tyrion finally making Missandei drink and thus setting up for a hilarious scene in next Meereen-episode. The Mother probably isn't too happy about finding her children intoxicated when she finally comes home. ++Sandor's dialogues. The only dog Kitty likes. +2 short scenes with real Jaime +The scene between Larry and Edmure was quite interesting, especially lots of talk about Cat (foreshadowing LSH) +Waif chasing Arya enjoying Arya's despair. The hunter and the prey-like scene in which hunter becomes the prey in the end. +Waif's disguise. She looked like a rather handsome guy. -----Beric Dondarrion still alive, greatly making LSH's appearance less likely --Waif running through the streets of Braavos with dagger in her hand. It was supposed to be an assassination, not a public butchery. Was she desperately trying to pick fights with Bravos? -Blackfish going for a lost fight instead of swimming away in the black of night. -Dany's anti-climatic return -Larry completely head over heels in love with Carol, ready to do anything to return to her asap.
  2. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    Kitty gave it an 8/10 for this episode was a decent storybuilding episode but there were a couple problems which have already been mentioned. Pros and Cons + Lyanna Mormont ish the most epic head of a house at the Mormont. + "It must have been some kind of monster..." "It was a woman." - About the Hound's defeat + Margaery was quite convincingly portrayed as a believer, but the rose revealed she hasn't really changed + The Riverrun-scene was rather truthful to the books. Kitty was wondering if they'd include Edmure at gallows and she wasn't disappointed. At least they seem to get something right about those books despite having ruined Kingsmoot a couple episodes ago. + Black Walder #Rekt +- Jaime becoming more and more like his old self. The more interesting Jaime, but Jaime who didn't learn anything after all. + Dialogues in general this episode + No Dany this episode. They're finally letting her ride to Meereen without a mandatory "Dany of the Day"-scene. + A hanged septon. Lady Stoneheart foreshadowing much? - Another "saw that coming"-stabbing. Arya should have been more careful, knowing that she betrayed the FM. But a proper assassin makes sure the target ish dead and preferably as unnoticeably as possible. Waif should be sacrificed for the Many-Faced God for such failure. - Carol has become too meek for a lioness. Or is it just calm before the firestorm? Some have wondered why it's so green at Riverlands while it's winter in the North. But it's only a proper winter north of the Wall. At wildling camp they had just enough to call it first snow and since North ish long, it's small wonder it's just autumn beginning in the south.
  3. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP606

    That was Benjen...right? RIGHT? At least those eyes looked like Benjen's o.o
  4. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Kinvara is the First Servant of the Lord of Light so she's most likely the most powerful among the red priesthood. She's most likely seen it all in flames (she knows too much to have been just told by other servants) and by showing her knowledge about Varys' castration ritual she got under his skin demonstrating how R'hllor does have power and Melisandre was just a lower ranked priestess thus shaking Varys' mistrust towards magic. Though it'd be a small wonder if Melisandre interpreted her visions but R'hllor sent her false visions on purpose of converting Stannis to the religion. We shouldn't also forget that the reason Thoros was sent to Westeros was to convert king Robert Baratheon. R'hllor might actually be one of the major players of the Game of Thrones.
  5. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP605

    All puppies must die.
  6. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP605

    He bit the bonedust.
  7. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP605

    Wish she had said "Off with his head!" indeed -.-'
  8. Lady Kitty Heartless

    [Spoilers] EP605

    The summer ish gone and the winter ish coming. And the White Walkers with it. Inb4rage And who's that guy claiming to be Euron Crow's Eye? He doesn't have crow's eye, eyepatch or smiling eye like Euron Crow's Eye has and he's not half as mad as Euron Crow's Eye.
  9. Lady Kitty Heartless

    How would you rate episode 602?

    8 'cause better than last week but still not as good as previous seasons. Some thingies were too predictable (guess they wanted to make it D&Dumberproof) but some scenes compensated by expanding books' events.