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  1. 2/10. Terrible episode. An insult to story telling.
  2. grey_scale

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Given a 3. Very bad episode. Nonsensical, uninteresnting, rushed. No drama, no real devolopment of situations. What's happening at The Twins or the Reach, the Vale, Dorne? Noone knows, the story has become a role game with only the big guys as characters. The plan of taking a wight beyond the Wall is stupid, the purpose of that plan (convincing Cersei who has no army and no force to add) is silly. Really, really terrible. At this point, the show is becoming a huge disaster.
  3. grey_scale

    How would you rate episode 601?

    I gave 5, maybe i was too generous. Some nice visuals, very bad dialogs, many unbelievable plot holes and cartoonish developments. First season is far, looks like fan fiction with poor writing. I also doubt they know how the all thing has to develop. Maybe they only know the equivalent of something like "The butler did it" and they are trying to arrange it their own way. Very bad sensation.