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  1. Whilst I obviously stated what I did above, I agree, elements of this episode did pull you out and felt rushed like in my second paragraph, it was a flawed episode in some respects that meant you couldn't completely enjoy it.
  2. I'm essentially the same, I'm a pro wrestling fan and I learned a while back that to really enjoy it I have to stop overthinking it and lower my expectations, whenever I go online it's just forum after forum of how the product is terrible and it is absolutely abysmal and how every small little thing is a massive travesty that completely cripples the show, Vince McMahon is an old timer out of touch out to ruin the product etc. Do I wish GOT was longer seasons with much more time to cover nuances and avoid holes which you have to fill for yourself or simply overlook? Absolutely, but the show isn't akin to a Tommy Wiseau movie in quality. Was the travel times in this episode poor? Yes. Honestly they'd have been better to have half of this week's episode and last weeks combined with the climax being when they were trapped on the rock, so you have the build from the plan to capture the wight, to them travelling, forming their group, capturing it and being trapped. Next show open with them on the rock, because there's a gap between episodes it wouldn't feel like zero time has elapsed in quite the stark manner it does when contained in one episode, bit of time of them using some throw away dialogue like "We've been here for x days, we won't last much longer", some suspense for did Gendry make it and then boom, Dany to the rescue and finish the episode with more buildup to this meeting. This episode felt like they took the final episode and the 5th episode and slammed bits of them together that meant it didn't flow very well. Yet I enjoyed seeing the dragons as always, it was interesting to have the NK basically get his hands on his own dragon, seeing Tormund and the Hound interact was fun, the talk between Jon and Jorah etc. The "logic leaps" were not enough to ruin the episode to the point of it being unwatchable trash.
  3. Vernon Roche

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    6/10, it was a pretty average episode for me. I enjoyed elements of it, but there's definitely been better episodes with a bit more punch and progression.