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  1. So, does anybody else think they’ll reveal Gendry as Cersei’s son?  I’m referring to that scene in season 1 with Cersei and Catlin Stark where Cersei says she had a stillborn child by Robert.  A lot of people think Cersei actually gave the baby away and told Robert it had died, meaning that Gendry was that baby.


    When Dany mentioned that Gendry was Roberts son (before naming him lord of storms end), they immediately cut to Jaime, who looked like he was piecing information together.  Coulda just been that he thought Joffrey killed all of Roberts bastards, but to me, it seemed a little bit more than that.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Mat92 said:

    No preview for next episode. 

    I imagine it's going to be a huge one with the Battle of Mereen AND the Battle of the Bastards, with the Knights of the Vale turning up at the last minute to turn the tide?

    the preview only showed the battle of the bastards, so i think it's gonna be another watchers on the wall episode