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  1. Just read the sample chapter. Something puzzles me after reading it. Why has Ramsey gone to such lengths to make Theon assume the identity of Reek? I can buy that one way to break him is to make him have some sort of identity crisis to mess with his mind i.e. give him a new name, punish him if he speaks his real name, etc. But why "Reek," the name of this alleged servant that was killed back in a ACoK? (one of Ramsey's guests, Whoresbane or whoever, confirms that he'd heard of the real Reek, so I'm assuming that there was indeed a servant named Reek back in the day...) Ramsey's line makes things even more creepy/confusing "Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me, as a token of his love." Does Ramsey always keep a "Reek" around to torture? And he just has some weird fetish for calling this punching bag Reek? Was the one who died in ACoK even the first Reek? I also don't think this is a case of trying to hide Theon's true identity, since I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that Ramsey either has Theon in captivity or has already killed him. So why make him call himself Reek? Is this forced identity crisis relevant to the previous debate about Ramsey's ultimate plans for Theon? Just curious if anyone had any thoughts on the matter.