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  1. If the Belgariad was based on some myth, or the defeat of the Unraveller? I don't know about Torak, but I think the Unraveller's might, considering alot of Fionavar is based on mythology (the two crows, Sorrow and Memory (I think those are their names) are the english names for Odin's two crows, whoose names I do not know). And what is the Wild Hunt, in either Fionavar or the myth in our world?
  2. Thanks. And the Lios Alfar ARE Elves. "Lios Alfar" mean Light Elves in...was it Norse? I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure it's related to Norse Mythology. The name of the spawn of the evil god guy (or one type of his spawn, I havn't read the books) mean Dark Elves. I've read there are various ties to our world, and the mythology of our world. Interesting. I'm guessing that there is a Godslayer (like in Belgariad)? Or maybe I'll just have to read the books?
  3. Was the Fionavar Tapestry any good?
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