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  1. Tyrek Lannister

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Some positives: - realistic portrayal of a sack, excluding dragonfire obviously - show's caricature of Euron is dead and his fleet is burned, that's a plus in and of itself
  2. Tyrek Lannister

    Mourning Dany

    I've got nothing against Daenerys turning mad, never been a huge fan of her either in a show or books. However, I've got an issue in which it was presented to us (bells). And some people said that it's confirmed that D&D have simply merged JonCon's future KL storyline with Dany's. If that's the case then I have no words. Just pure incompetence and laziness if they cannot conjure up any other reason as to why she snapped and we have come up with the story ourselves through "foreshadowing".
  3. Tyrek Lannister

    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    I'll be looking forward to seeing explanations of why Bran became a king in the end and how was this supposedly foreshadowed in the past.
  4. Tyrek Lannister

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    Does Dany action even qualify as a sack? It was more akin to the historical sieges of Baghdad or Kiev by the Mongols if not worse (just cities razed to the ground and population butchered) Tywin's sack of KL was a child's play compared to that.
  5. Tyrek Lannister

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    D&D and consistency is an oxymoron (no pun intended). In one battle (Blackwater) bells signal that the attack is imminent. But D&D probably forgot about that part and did a 180 degree turn, now the bells mean your surrender. Creatively it made sense because they wanted it to happen basically.
  6. Emergency Awesome, is that you? Yeah, very exciting. I mean Daenerys killing hundreds of thousands of people because she heard bells ringing. How cool is that? Kind of forgot about Cersei, but whatever. Let's spend millions of CGI budget on total carnage. It's hard not to be smarter than the authors when they say garbage like "Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet" and in one episode dragons are extremely vulnerable and in the other the lay waste with their nuclear breaths of doom like it's nothing.
  7. Tyrek Lannister

    It is not a pale horse

    Definitely not D&D
  8. Tyrek Lannister

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

  9. Tyrek Lannister

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    Rocks fell, everybody died. The end.
  10. Going back to the previous mess of an episode. I saw these comments on youtube and laughed my ass off: "World War Z Zombies can take out all of the Dothraki and most of the Unsullied, but Sam with a dagger is FINE. Ok.´╗┐" "They wiped out every dothraki and unsullied in 20 minutes, couldn't kill Sam crying on the floor for an hour´╗┐"
  11. Instead we've got over a minute of Bronn's foursome. Awesome.
  12. Tyrek Lannister

    Gendry Rivers

    Come on, we know better than to dig for some hidden layers atm. I'll eat my hat if D&D "Dany forgot about the Iron Fleet" conjured that up...
  13. Tyrek Lannister

    Gendry Rivers

    Kind of a ridiculous mistake considering the showrunners had 2 years (and they've been involved with ASOIAF since 2010 for god's sake) to figure out: - non-acknowledged bastards have no last names - birthplace of Gendry is obviously not in Riverlands but in the Crownlands
  14. Couldn't they have had Gendry just refuse to be legitimized and ride off into the sunset with Arya, Kingdom of Heaven style? Oh ffs. And don't get me started with Jaime. Hopefully he rides to KL to actually kill Cersei and not start grovelling again...
  15. Tyrek Lannister

    Why Dany didn't ask for other houses support?

    What houses? The Reach? Stormlands? Their levies? Never heard of them. /s