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  1. Hate to pull you up on this one, the Citadel had proof of the annulment of Rhaegar's marriage prior to Lyanna, not of their secret wedding .
  2. Erm… Yes. You would need the fingers and toes to count the number of ends that are going to be left dangling by the time this show ends - you can bet that seasons, their durations, and the reason(s) behind them, will be one of those.
  3. KL is a lot further South from WF. That's like saying that if it's sunny in Madrid, but snowing in Scotland, then they're different seasons; we all know that's obviously not the case. Factors such as climate, wind direction, exposure to sunlight (remember that in Winter, some places in Northern Europe see NO daylight at all), precipitation, etc, all serve to aggravate or allay the conditions you'd expect from each season. Like I said, barring some D&D ex-machina or GRRM handwaving, it'd be another 3-6 years of Winter, the same as it has been according to the history of Westeros (ignoring the Long Night as that was at least a millenia ago).
  4. Winter was essentially confirmed when Jon and Sansa discussed it at the end of Season 6. Prior to that they had an autumn of 2 years (after the Summer that lasted for 9 years) Jaime noticed snowfall over KL as he left for the North at the end of Season 7. In terms of duration, that would make it barely a year (yeah I know timing's a screwy thing on the show). Based on that, you'd be looking at a further 2-3 years at least of Winter, before 6 months - a year of Spring. I know that GRRM handwaved the seasons with "Magic", but I think the NK has no sway over the seasons themselves.
  5. It's well documented that meetings before battles took place for both parties to parley in order to prevent bloodshed. There's a couple that spring to mind in GoT also: Siege of Storm's End Battle of the Bastards Granted, they don't always happen, but when they do, it's an unwritten rule of war that no hostilities take place during a parley.
  6. The fact that you posted that (what I've highlighted in bold) alone leads me to wonder how much of ASOIAF and GOT you've actually been paying attention to....
  7. Hate to burst your bubble, but I find that more believable and realistic a motivation than some prophecy.
  8. What is with the notion that Direwolves are somehow untouchable, or deserve some cheesy Independence Day style act of self-sacrifice? FFS, they're large wolves, not Krypto the Superdog; Summer went out fighting, that's it.
  9. How? You, erm, do know what contrarian actually means, right?
  10. Anyone who votes 1 is just some contrarian trying to be all 'edgy' and deserves all the mockery that is coming to them. 10 for me, pace was bang-on; left me satisfied but still wanting more. Even Emilia's acting has taken an upturn.
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