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    Isle of Faces

    It's hard to imagine throwing that in there in the final episode, but it must be in the opening for a reason. I wonder what will happen there.
  2. I never fleshed out the details in my head, but I had more or less assumed that Dany and Jon would rule the 7 kingdoms but just about every other main character would die getting them there. As we got closer to this point, I started to think it would be Jon ruling and Dany dying....which still might be the case but I think they will end on some kind of curveball.
  3. DirewolfDave

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Jon: "Looks like Qyburn left a coronation gift for you." Dany: "Whaaaa???" Jon *Pulls out Uzi and perforates her*
  4. DirewolfDave

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Uhhh she burned hundreds if not thousands of unarmed innocents, including children. That's more than reason enough. Way, way more than enough. Even Ned Stark would stick her with the pointy end.
  5. DirewolfDave

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Drogon will suddenly reveal he's been able to speak all along. Then, in a rousing well articulated speech, will scold Danny for her selfish murderous actions, and point out in no uncertain terms to all the other witnesses what a foolish and narrow minded system a patriarchal monarchy really is, and curse them all for their continued ignorance. He will then fly off into the sunset with his final words: "Peace out, losers!" Cue scenes of all surviving characters jaws agape in silent shock. Roll credits.
  6. DirewolfDave

    Howland Reed Appearance ?

    He's gonna pop out of absolutely nowhere and stab Dany through the back of the head. Classic Howy move.