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  1. I suspect they cut the scene where Bran asked Jon "'Ow much dough you got? None? Off to the Wall with you!". "Tyrion, the price for not executing you is 3 million dragons. Congratulations, you get a promotion."
  2. To be fair, she used the proceeds from Casterly Rock to pay the IB in full, so the only debt was hiring the Golden Company. All in all, the Crown debt is probably not that large.
  3. In Naath - no, that's a real thing. The indigenous population has genetic immunity but any outsider is likely to die. This, by the way, is scientifically perfectly credible. For millennia the border between India and Nepal was virtually impenetrable to humans due to the forest being thickly populated by the anaphalous (?) mosquito. The tribe that lived there were immune, however. It wasn't until the 1950s and the use of DDT that outsiders could have a chance of surviving.
  4. Certainly, and bear in mind Bronn is a very peripheral character in the book. This part of the literary ending ought to be so much better.
  5. They made Bronn Master of Coin because as Lord of The Reach, he holds the most valuable agricultural land. So he's expected to dip in and fund the Crown like Tywin did before. So the kingdom will be good for boats and brothels. Beyond that, it'll be the same as before - going cap-in-hand to the Iron Bank. They will be happy to lend since with peace throughout the continent they can expect a secure return on their investments.
  6. I think he was just walking his dog. He's the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and has to supervise his two (count 'em) subordinates. He's gotta keep the kingdom safe from .....from ...... well there's a lot of maintenance to be done.
  7. The very last shot of the last episode showed Jon riding beyond the Wall - the horse clippity-clopped past a green shoot, illustrating the Dream of Spring after the Winds of Winter. After warnings of 8000 years that "Winter is Coming", it came and went in the space of a bog-standard winter! Have you forgotten who else dwells in Braavos?!!!
  8. Not necessarily. I've been saying in other threads that I can see the intention behind D&D's conclusion; it's just that they wrote it so badly. I'd say the final outcome is the ideal situation for the IB. Yes, they have to write off their losses for the hire of the Golden Company as well as to Stannis, but they can look forward with great optimism. Bronn was made Master of Coin because he's been given lordship of The Reach and so has the best agricultural assets in the land, but it's going to take some time to recover productivity and decent taxable returns. In the meantime, the continent requires large-scale infrastructural and construction recovery - going a little further than boats and brothels of course. So Bronn/Tyrion/Bran - and Sansa have little choice but to go cap in hand to the IB, and they, in turn, can be confident that with peace established and winter over (already!), they will get a good return on their investments. And as mentioned, the lucrative slave trade will be restored in Essos, so they're laughing all the way to ...
  9. The Bronn situation is kind of the same - I can see the intension, which again is a million miles from the realistic situation that you outline. All D&D have thought through is that with The Reach under his control he has the richest lands in the realm hence he can fund the whole kingdom from his pockets. We must also assume a considerable part of the Tyrell army survived to enforce peace and that all his bannermen are perfectly happy with the arrangement. When Fairy Tales end with 'Happy Ever After', you're not supposed to ask what 'after'? They take us for fools, they really do.
  10. In theory yes. This is part of the mess that D&D left us with. I'm sure the intention is that Yara civilizes the IB, persuading them to end their raiding and reaving ways and settle down to be nice fishermen. But with Yara's non-existent relationship with Sansa (as it was her bloody brother that razed Winterfell, you'd think an apology would be warranted), her last words being a fierce rejection of the consensus together with a dismissive snarl, it's not the impression we were left with.
  11. We know nothing, re Jon Snow Having thought it through since the series ended, I'm fairly confident what happened was this: 4 years ago GRRM told D&D the basics of the endgame. We just saw it. Unfortunately, owing to a critical lack of writing talent, D&D couldn't show us HOW the plot builds up to the climax and how the characters get there in any convincing way. So we don't really know the whys and wherefores of anything in tWOW and aDoS. D&D lucked out in guessing R+L=J but not why or how that's in any way relevant to the story. The knew the Others get defeated up North, Cercei dies in the rubble of KL and Dany gets to touch the IR before being killed by Jon due to her megalomania. And the tree becomes king because he's got stories. And that's about it. Filling in the rather extensive gaps will be a pleasurable experience when we finally get our mitts on the books.
  12. Everything depends on HOW the characters get to the end-point. This is where books differ from TV/movies.
  13. Nothing confusing there. Firstly, Jon is a man of his word - honest to a fault. That's been one of the major issues of the whole series. Secondly, there were many extremely hostile tribes and species beyond the Wall - in the seep north were the cannibalistic Thenns, giants, ice spiders and all sorts that would make huge areas off limits to wildlings and other humans. Presumably, they're all dead although you never know when populations like the Unsullied just magically surge from nowhere. The lands beyond the Wall are the size of Europe - why would one person like Tormund 'know' a whole continent?
  14. Well he only has 2 dudes at Castle Black to Lord Commander it over. He'll be taking a few day trips and weekend breaks to take a dog walk on the wildling side.
  15. I thought Sam was called 'Grand Maester'. That doesn't make complete sense since the Maesters weren't massacred or anything in Oldtown, but I suppose the intention is he's a Maester to Bran who, as king, can bend the rules. He could technically succeed Maester Aemon at Castle Black but what's the point with just a Lord Commander and two lonely saps left in the NW? It does make sense for him to succeed Pyrcelle and Qyburn as Bran's Maester, but yes it does mean breaking his NW vows officially, assuming Jon has the authority to release him from them. Dunno where he got to in that council meeting, but Bronn is part of the Small Council as Master of Coin (being now the richest person in the whole kingdom).
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