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  1. Jewel

    An alternate Dany

    I think we're very lucky to have Emilia play Dany. Remember, in the original pilot she was played by Tamzin Merchant....
  2. Yeah, I know we heard them, but I was talking about the language specifically created for the Others called Skroth. It was an actual language instead of just sounds, which is what intrigues me so much.
  3. That would be interesting! We do know they have their own language, and the guy who developed both Dothraki and Valyrian called it Skroth (he also developed some of the Asshai'i language). Show speaking, it would definitely be possible the NK spoke the Common Tongue- as he was human before!
  4. I gave it an 8, mainly because of Osha's death and the High Sparrow scene. Osha went out way too easily and honestly the High Sparrow scenes just feel repetitive and I want them to move the plot along. I absolutely loved the reunion between Jon and Sansa, the Pink Letter showing up, and Dany finally having some agency again. Looking forward to Theon's plot also. And of course, no Dorne.
  5. If I recall correctly, in the unaired pilot they had a language developed for the Others and it was spoken in the episode as well, but of course it never aired. Do you think we'll ever get to hear this language in the future on the show? Or maybe even get a few words in the books?
  6. To be honest I love the idea of Jon and Dany, but this just wouldn't fit nicely in the narrative. It also isn't GRRM's way so it would disappoint me if they ended up together and they lived happily ever after. We know the series will have a bittersweet ending. The only way for this to end up bittersweet is if Jon is Azor Ahai and he pulls a Nissa Nissa on Dany once they're lovers. Even that I can't really see go down. I do see them cross paths maybe in the future, but for them to become lovers seems unlikely.
  7. Jewel

    Some thoughts about Dawn

    As much as I like this theory, I'm a firm RLJ supporter. I would argue that maybe House Dayne is of Valyrian descent, but that has been confirmed not to be true as provided by the additional information. This however does not mean I don't appreciate all the work you put into this theory. Unlike many other theorists you provide possible end game information- which I find a fascinating story that could unfold. I'm assuming this theory supports either N+A=J or B+A=J. Any other theory I've read about Jon being half Dayne never provided what it would mean for him as a character and for him in the grand scheme of things, one of the main reasons I don't support those theories- they make Jon dull, when he's obviously meant to be an important character and his descent is obviously of great importance as well. You allowed me to see it from another perspective, and an interesting one at that. Sidenote and slightly unrelated- the additional info you provide states Ashara's body was never recovered from the sea. I take this as it hasn't been found. Could she still be alive?
  8. Jewel

    Some thoughts about Dawn

    I really, really like what you've got going on here. I just have one question- how would he have given Jon the ability to be the next Sword of the Morning? Would it be Arthur dying just as he was being born? (Going with R+L=J and "Only death can pay for life") This would be interesting.
  9. Jewel

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    This has probably been said before, but the lovely Carice van Houten played a lady who was originally a cat. It's a Dutch movie, but apparently there's also an English dub for those who don't speak Dutch. You can watch the trailer here!
  10. Jewel

    Some thoughts about Dawn

    Thanks for all the responses! Looking forward to read all about this. I've always thought Dawn was a weird sword, it being made from a meteor and all, but as @LmL said, GRRM never puts in things by accident, there's always more to it. I really like the idea of Dawn being the original Ice!
  11. This has probably been brought up before, and if it has, I'm sorry. I'm new here and just wanted to share my thoughts. Dawn is an old and very unique sword, also only to be wielded by those deemed worthy. It apparently glows when wielded, and is made from a pale milk glass- something common in weapons wielded by the Others. Could Dawn have been used during the War for the Dawn? Could it be Lightbringer? Or could it be some kind of special sword made by the Others?
  12. I've been hoping for a LSH reveal ever since season 4 started, and everything points to a season 6 reveal. But of course D&D can be absolute d bags so I'm not expecting anything.