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  1. Davieboy

    What do you Collect?

    Thanks for the link Becca69, sounds exactly what I'm looking for! I owe you one....
  2. Davieboy

    What do you Collect?

    Thanks Becca69, that makes sense to me, but here in the UK I'm being told I need professional valuations, I guess to vouch that the signatures are genuine. No "expert" worth his salt will come out to my home cheaply. But it's a good idea for me to start a photo gallery, I'll do it tomorrow! I have a lot of signed 1st GRRMs, plus Sub Press & first eds of other fantasy writers. BTW Collecting Ben Kane's Roman novels now, recommended.
  3. Davieboy

    What do you Collect?

    Do you guys take out special insurance policies to cover these fab collections? Have you had them valued professionally? I recently approached my household insurers and said I'd need to do that. I'd hate it if my collection was burned away or something and regular my household insurers offered me only replacement values of current non-collectible editions. Any tips appreciated re specialist insurers or valuers - I live in London.
  4. Davieboy

    What do you Collect?

    I'm lucky enough to have quite a few signed 1st ed. books, Hedge Knight comics, the Blu-Ray of s1, all signed personally when I've met GRRM at various events in London. I also started collecting the Dark Sword miniatures and getting them professionally painted, but I've lost a bit of interest in them now. My fave object is a beautiful map of King's Landing by Graig Kreindler (noted for his baseball pictures) signed both by the artist & by GRRM. https://www.dropbox....zqx2w/M4kW96xYM- Since collecting ASoIaF stuff I've taken to buying as many signed 1sts & special eds of fantasy titles (esp. "Grimdark" types). Usually listen to the audiobooks and keep the books pristine. I have a pretty fine collection on my shelf now, another thing to thank GRRM for!
  5. Fab episode, 9 for me. Best so far this series. Theon magnificent, well done Alfie! Sacking of Winterfell, mob attack, both just great. "Little bird......" Ygritte; perfectamondo! And where's the love for Osha? Magnificent acting there, improving the perfection of the novel. Nat - brilliant! Years later and I'm still spellbound...
  6. Davieboy

    How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    My verdict is a 9. I thought it covered a lot of ground well, with fab performances all round. I actually think Alfie Allen is capturing Theon very well - I can easily imagine him in the events we know are coming up in the future, esp. his initial meeting with Asha, a real highlight for me. Harry Lloyd's Viserys deserves all the plaudits it's receiving. Enjoyed the Bronn fight - I always imagined Sean Bean (in his Sharpe persona) as Bronn whilst reading the books. Loved Mord - could not resist telling my wife about the gold teeth he later acquires, probably the only spoiler I've given her! She's never read the book and positively loves the show (as do all her workmates she convinced to watch based on my say-so). Dany's story is her favorite part. Downsides - as SFA-OK says above the King's council is lacking something; I don't recognise Renly on TV as the Renly in the books and Littlefinger, one of my fave characters hasn't really shone yet. Early days for him I guess, and Varys is fine so far. I guess it's just Renly. As always, the end of the show is a huge wrench back to reality..... Watching from ep. 1 tonight as my friend from Oz is over - I have to do my BwB duty!
  7. I found this the weakest of the eps. so far - did not like Sam much - perhaps he'll grow on me. The conversation about girls with Jon was pretty awful I thought. Also stiil underwhelmed by Littlefinger - Aiden Gillen was my choice from way back, but so far something (Carcetti?) seems missing.... Varys seems prety much OK, but in my head I'm listening for the Roy Dotrice voice. Bath scene was meh, though I think Viserys and Dany are excellent. Good things - The Mountain of course, plus Eddard, Cat and Tyrion all fab as usual. Great things - Arya, the star of the series so far, and Hodor - perfect! As I say, the weakest so far, a 6 for me, but I still loved it and it's a 10 compared to anything else. My pal is over from Australia and I can't wait to sit him down to watch all the eps so far... I've force-fed this series to quite a few people and it seems to be all positive, with many of them proposing to pick up the subsequent books once this season is played out. Best thing is that my wife is hooked after hearing me witter on about ASoIaF for years!
  8. Davieboy

    Poll: How would you rate Episode 103?

    I vote 7. Wasn't totally happy with the first few minutes, did not think the introduction to the Council worked well. No sense of Renly's character for a start. Littlefinger had chances to shine later. Didn't much care for the Cersei/Joffrey scene, but Jaime is spot-on for me. Liked all the talk of the old King and his crazy doings, and the mention of Ser Simon Toyne was a real bonus. Thought the goodbye scene between Cat & Ned worked well, very poignant. Arya is just a total delight for me, as are Jon, Tyrion, Robert, Sir Barristan, Benjen, Joren. The Dothraki scenes worked well in this ep - less time on screen, but quality time. Slightly disappointed by The Old Bear (was this raven around?), but he hasn't had much time yet. Jorah is flying the family flag higher for now... Syrio - perfecto! And Jon's ascent of the Wall was pretty epic. Of course every ep gets a 10 by any other standard, but so far it's 9-9-7. Difficult to drag myself back into reality at the end of the episode... why can't it just keep going?