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  1. Arya was looking out at the Titan of Braavos with the broken sword, but before she was stabbed by the Waif on the bridge. I think that was one of the Broken Man references from the title. Arya needs help with her bleeding stomach wound before her final showdown with the Waif. I can think of only two potential friends for her in all of Braavos. One is the actress whose life she saved in the last episode. But would an actress have the knowledge to treat a wound like that. The other would be the Kindly Man from the Faceless Men. While it would seem unlikely that he would help her at this point, the FM have bent or broken a lot of their rules in their dealings with Arya. I have a feeling that all along they have had plans for her besides just making her one of their crew of assassins. What were the odds that she would have first encountered them by coincidence in Westeros? And how does an organization that selects and trains its members so meticulously, not notice what every viewer noticed for the past few years - that she was not buying into being no one? My theory is that they no full well that she will never be a true Faceless Man, but are training her anyway because they foresee some role they want her to play in the upcoming events in Westeros. They have broken all of their rules because there is someone that she is uniquely qualified to kill at a critical moment. And they are willing to sacrifice the Waif in a final test before she heads back to Westeros.
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