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  1. darkeyedtraveller

    Viserys (Aerys II kid )as king

    Or maybe give him some parental type love and security.
  2. darkeyedtraveller

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    But with icicles long as pikes all is well. No one seems to die right after this, phew.
  3. darkeyedtraveller

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    I'm not a native speaker but as far as I'm aware it means that he's 8 but behaves like he's 3 years old.
  4. darkeyedtraveller

    Poll x2: Will Sandor Slay Robert Strong? ...or Slay A Dragon?

    Q1. Oh yes. Q2. Hell no.
  5. darkeyedtraveller

    Rat People and Children Of the Forest

    Or in the 'Random' thread. I used to like reading that one. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/145516-your-random-asoiaftwoiafde-opinions-confessions-and-dirty-secrets-ten-pocalypse/&page=11
  6. darkeyedtraveller

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    Oo, I never read or thought of this before, I like it! But for now I'm going to say no.
  7. If Skagosi are riding Rhino's they might have bred them the same way we and Planetosi breed horses. They would then indeed look leaner and more elegant in a way unicorns do, just more bad-ass.
  8. I was reading a news article about the advances they're making with exoskeletons. At the end of the article they showed an amputated man with an exoskeleton happily climbing a rockface. And I thought, If Bran lived in this day and age, he could well be climbing again :-)
  9. Whenever I hear the singer Brandon Flowers mentioned on the radio I think he's some bastard from the reach...
  10. And more barn! I didn't like it much the first time, I'm afraid to say, until I read 'untangling the meereenese knot' and now I do. I do appreciate all the essays and work some of you put into this.
  11. He's definitely a mystery... Hi to you too :-)