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    Characters who dream about flying

    Sweetrobin is more speculative. He has trouble sleeping and claims to hear voices, he sits on a weirwood throne like bloodraven and bran and he is obsessed with making people fly. There seems to be a few elements that mirror with Bran. Most of Eurons information comes from the forsaken chapter so I wont post in case of spoilers. But in the reaver chapter Euron tells his brother that he dreamed he could fly.
  2. Throughout ASOIF I have found three characters that each shown a fascination with flying or dream about flying in some regard. Those three being Bran, Sweetrobin and Euron. I dont think its a coincidence that these characters each exhibit greenseeing or warging abilities. ( I believe Sweetrobin is also a warg). Are there any other characters that have a fascination with flying that I may have missed?