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  1. After first viewing I gave it an 8. Loved Meereen scenes, wasn't completely satisfied with BotB. Why didn't Sansa speak up sooner or at all??? Seemed a little childish and pouty to withhold information about the Vale army just because she wasn't included or asked. As if Jon had any idea of the communication between her and Littlefinger...BOO. 2nd viewing reactions: Meereen catapults took me back to the books! . Tyrion asks, do we have a plan? Duh, DRAGONS. Loved Tyrions "alternate approach" Dragon scenes were just awesome; however, how does Drogon know when to fly in? I can see why people may have given it a 10 just for the dragon love. Just one shot of Daario? Grey Worm proves he's a badass. Love Danaerys in Dothraki garb. 10/10 for first 11 minutes! Ugh, Jon lets psycho Ramsey taunt him and I like that Sansa knows what's going to happen to Rickon. Why didn't Jon consider asking the Vale for aid on his own? Why didn't Sansa tell him? I feel that D&D just love leaving us hanging with many questions after each episode. By the way, I really enjoyed seeing Sophie Turner's acting chops in the scene with Kit Harington in the tent, and Iwan Rheon is just too good at sociopath. Again, great acting by Tormund and Davos actors. Two of my faves. I was expecting Davos to find the stag, no surprise there. Miss Mance. "Jon Snow is not a king"-- YET, Tormund, not YET. Melisandre "I have no power..." Hmm. Theon and Yara sure got to Meereen quickly, but I admit I liked the scene. So we get to the BotB half way into the episode...who are the flayed bodies and why are they on fire? And Jon, Jon, Jon...all heart and honor but he knows nothing, and that's because he's SO YOUNG and inexperienced. Around 38 minutes the battle begins thanks to Jon. He knows he's about to die and it's awful, I nearly cried, but he's going to die fighting. And that takes balls. He really has the makings of a future king. I see him on the Iron Throne. Great tension building and suspense. Movie quality battle scene. And then they're surrounded and all hope is lost. I thought Jon was going to die. I thought Tormund was going to die. But the Vale comes to rescue AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE. Ramsey runs like a little girl and is fool enough to think he still has Winterfell? Dumbass. Why doesn't Jon kill him??? Why doesn't Sansa kill him??? Ramsey doesn't get flayed? Where is GHOST? I would have been much more satisfied if Sansa or Jon or Ghost had killed him. Who unlocked the dogs? It just really irks me, the things they leave off screen! They showed Sansa's smile 3 times, it bothered me. Once would have been enough. Was anyone else hoping the Umbers to switch sides? Updated rating 9/10. Great acting, great action and battle scenes but still left too many questions and no Ghost.
  2. 12 pages of posts and yours is the first one in which my thoughts are completely aligned! I agree with you on all points you made. Regarding Arya and the darkness, I just watched S3 E5 again; Melisandre tells Arya she sees Darkness in her and pairs of eyes that will be closed by Arya.
  3. RE: Dany - I would be nice if she'd give the great houses of Westeros a chance, doesn't she know there are supporters? They're all going to call her the Mad Queen. I can't see the Dothraki there either. We've been waiting for it so long and I still feel like it's not going to happen.
  4. I agree! I wanted to puke after that ridiculous kissing scene!
  5. I gave it an 8 out of 10; however, I was really disappointed and unfulfilled when it was over at 8:54. This episode started off big and went down hill. BENJEN NOT COLDHANDS? Hmm...he sure looked like COLDHANDS to me, minus the auroch. His makeup was great, I loved how they made him look as if he was turning into a WW, it made me feel really bad for him! Favorite scene! OH and we got to see The MAD KING in Bran's flashback?! I just wanted more of that. King's Landing/HS/Tommen - I actually did not see that coming! Horn Hill--pretty Gilly, EVIL Randyll Tarly, they obviously cast him right because I sure HATE him. Dany/Drogon - Ugh. I was bored this time. All the other Dany scenes that many others have disliked, I actually enjoyed, but his one? I was bored. She already had them, didn't she? I know they hadn't seen Drogon, but I didn't see the purpose. And Daario didn't even look like he cared.
  6. Yes, with you 100%! What a disappointment.
  7. Sounds good to me, but I don't remember her getting burned by dragon fire. Do you have a reference you could share, maybe I've forgotten.
  8. 10/10 They finally did it right for an entire episode! The Wall: Brienne got Sansa north to Jon Snow without any scuffs--I was surprised. I was pleased as punch by the scene between Sansa and Jon, though. Also thrilled to see Sansa's character development. Davos asked what happened to Shireen but didn't get his answer? He's going to rip out Mel's heart when he learns the truth. I love any scene Brienne gets, but that was kind of awkward. Hilarious scene between Brienne and Tormund! All of the acting was done with their eyes, they're incredible. Iron Islands: I can't believe my eyes filled wth tears for Theon's reunion with Yara! Alfie Allen is an amazing actor, as if everyone didn't know that already. Meereen: Yay, Tyrion! He has the right idea for now, though I don't know where it's going. KL: the High Sparrow scenes ARE getting old, they're trying to showcase Jonathan Pryce's acting but I'm not impressed, sorry. I had to remind myself why Cersei would be siding with Queen of Thorns, why exactly doesn't she want Margaery to confess her sins and do her walk of atonement? Because of Cersei's love for Tommen or is she using it as a way to get back at the Faith Militant (her genius plan that backfired!) I think I just answered my own question! Lord Baelish...okay, whatever, it's about damn time you got the Knights of the Vale involved, but sheesh that happened so quickly... Osha: RIP or maybe we'll see you resurrected as Lady Stoneheart. I know, wishful thinking, I just love her character in the show! I hate to see her go fr good! Danaerys: people are saying it was cheesy but all I was thinking was, yeah, she's he daughter of the Mad King. I don't get how the fire could spread so quickly, but I don't care, the Khals have been dealt with and now she's got her Dothraki army again.
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