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  1. Honestly, I like Dorne in the series because I believe that´s not far from what´s going to happen in the books. I stay away from spoilers including from the books, so I haven´t read the last chapter to see which direction things are blowing; but I´ve never expected Doran´s rule to last much longer, nor have I ever considered it a very "feminist" message to use a girl child as figurehead for your bid at a powerstruggle, even if such manipulation comes from the hands of women (a point I´ve seen often complained, how much more "shallow and less feminist" the Dorne plot line is in the show). Using children for political gain = not ok. Strong female characters don´t have an irrevocable "feminism approved" stamp on them, not any further from the fact that both men and women can be good and bad people all the same.
  2. This is exactly why I think Bronn is such a genius character. I disagree with this here: He is a comic relief without being unnecessary, because he is also very often the bridge between nobility and commons, he is the voice telling Tyrion and Jaime what normal people think and which both of them treasure because they understand they need that. He is a different kind of Ser Davos in that he shows how merit has always been an element of our societies. Bronn is more important to the script of GoT than, say, Gimli is for the script of LotR, which is considered a good adaptation. Story telling is much more than getting from A to B.
  3. That I can remember now: Bronn, no Penny, no high fantasy "The North Remembers", almost no super children (the exception here is super-arya which I still hope didn´t really happen), Tywin at harenhall, Robert Baratheon describing him charging and his horse being hit by an arrow while discussing his first kill with Barristan and Jaime.