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  1. Honestly, I like Dorne in the series because I believe that´s not far from what´s going to happen in the books. I stay away from spoilers including from the books, so I haven´t read the last chapter to see which direction things are blowing; but I´ve never expected Doran´s rule to last much longer, nor have I ever considered it a very "feminist" message to use a girl child as figurehead for your bid at a powerstruggle, even if such manipulation comes from the hands of women (a point I´ve seen often complained, how much more "shallow and less feminist" the Dorne plot line is in the show). Using children for political gain = not ok. Strong female characters don´t have an irrevocable "feminism approved" stamp on them, not any further from the fact that both men and women can be good and bad people all the same.
  2. NutBurz

    Why is Stannis an Appealing Character?

    i´ll just point out this is highly debatable. The way I see, Tywin did everything he did for himself, while fooling himself and whoever wanted to hear that he was doing it for the family. If he had his family´s best interest in mind, he´d start by paying attention to his kids. Not trying to start an off-topic debate, just giving you something to think when analyzing the charater.
  3. This is exactly why I think Bronn is such a genius character. I disagree with this here: He is a comic relief without being unnecessary, because he is also very often the bridge between nobility and commons, he is the voice telling Tyrion and Jaime what normal people think and which both of them treasure because they understand they need that. He is a different kind of Ser Davos in that he shows how merit has always been an element of our societies. Bronn is more important to the script of GoT than, say, Gimli is for the script of LotR, which is considered a good adaptation. Story telling is much more than getting from A to B.
  4. That I can remember now: Bronn, no Penny, no high fantasy "The North Remembers", almost no super children (the exception here is super-arya which I still hope didn´t really happen), Tywin at harenhall, Robert Baratheon describing him charging and his horse being hit by an arrow while discussing his first kill with Barristan and Jaime.
  5. NutBurz

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    Even death forgot him, is that it? ^^
  6. NutBurz

    Why is Stannis an Appealing Character?

    Especially in the books that Shireen is not yet an issue, Stannis can be seen as an ideal good guy - he´s unwavering in his attempt to apply the law, he´s bluntly honest and a great father, things we all wish we could be (and many of us like to think that we are), and he has a moral scapegoat in the Red Woman for all his latest questionable acts (to the point that, to some, that makes him an even "better" person since he´s "just being manipulated by a woman"). I really like him for his sheer humanity, but I give him a lot more credit for his mistakes and atrocities than many do.
  7. NutBurz

    Why would Cersei off Pycelle?

    It´s useful to stop thinking of things in terms of "Lannisters", this is a reflection that the story makes in fact. While you generalize things you´ll most likely be wrong. Pycelle was Tywin Lannister´s lapdog, and above anything a personification of the status quo. He´d never be ok with Queen Cersei for her lack of legitimacy, and he most certainly would quickly suspect of something awry in case he was allowed to be at the Sept when Cersei didn´t show up.
  8. NutBurz

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    In a book about the world´s ending, anyone surviving it is already bittersweet. ^^
  9. NutBurz

    Who Will Survive The Series?

    Bran, Bronn, Littlefinger, Sansa, Tyrion, Theon and Robyn.
  10. "I´m going to break the wheel." - Daenerys Targaryen
  11. NutBurz

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    I´m sorry if this has been said before, but I´m pretty sure that´s a rough "heart of R´hllor". The earlier shot when the camera is arriving at Jon´s dead body is in a better angle.
  12. NutBurz

    The Republic of Littlefinger Theory

    Rotschilds. (: The Iron Bank has enough money to play both sides and still profit, even if for no other reason apart from the fact that a devastated Westeros would require even further loans. They would prefer a mercantilist republic, but they wouldn´t stay out of the pocket of the guy with the strongest claim to the throne. btw - I believe 100% this is ultimately LF´s plan
  13. And I think that´s actually important, that she knows both names, because the words are " and with his last breath murmured a woman's name. ". Murmured makes it seem to me she couldn´t quite make out the word, and the phonems in Lyanna and Elia sound, again to me, confusing enough for a murmur in a dream.
  14. Sorry if I misunderstood this, but you´re saying that Denys makes a threat to kill Aerys if it looks like Tywin is going to attack, then Tywin makes it look like he´s going to attack (even if by mistake, which would be probably worse), then Denys kills Aerys and that´s somehow not clearly Tywin´s fault? By sending Barristan, he´s doing the exact one thing that would get Aerys killed - attacking - in a way that it would look like he was at least trying. Every odd would be against Barristan, and both scenarios would be "profitable" to him - either Barristan fails and he gets what he wants undercover, or Barristan succeeds and thus Tywin succeeds at rescuing his King without looking like he was going to attack. Again, to have both possibilities open. Considering he´s playing both Robert and Rhaegar, keeping Lyanna alive gives Rhaegar the possibility of using her and the deposition of his father as bargaining chips to end the war through diplomacy. Robert, however, probably charged at him without any discussion of terms. That´s why, in my opnion, Rhaegar died with a woman´s name in his lips - he must had be thinking "..but what about Lyanna? Don´t you want her back? I can give you Lyanna."