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  1. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Flood Shall Wash Away The Cobbs

    This touches on something broader I've been thinking about. Trump will pass, probably succeded by a Democratic president, but another one just like him might show up 4 years later. Or 4 years after that. This isn't just a concern for US allies or anyone who might consider a treaty with the US. What about Dreamers? Or anyone who thought they were afforded certain protections by the highest office. I imagine a lot of Americans will never really be able to feel safe again for more than 4 years at a time.
  2. denstorebog

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    There's no way you can go back a year from now and explain all this in a satisfying way. "Remember that scene in that movie? They were really all pretending. Now let's rewind and see what *really* transpired." Nah.
  3. denstorebog

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Either it was inspired by the comics, or they just figured "why not cram in another familiar face while we're at it".
  4. denstorebog

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I actually think it might have been Hugo Weaving. Certainly sounded like him, and it wouldn't have been much of a hassle to record those lines. That was actually the one moment in the movie that made me say something out loud in surprise. It was just such an out there decision to have Red Skull show up as a weird hermit figure in the middle of nowhere.
  5. denstorebog

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I won't be hiding spoilers - this thread is clearly marked. Overall I'd rate this a very solid entry, 8 of 10 or so. Which is even more impressive given how many pitfalls there were for such a bloated movie to fall in. The characters and their different genres were handled well, and it wasn't until afterwards you realized how little some of the characters actually had to do in the movie. For example, I wish Cap and Bucky had had more interaction than a hug and a single line, but there's no way to please everyone here, and the movie hummed along nicely with a good balance between war and emotion. The big, purple, elephant in the room, of course, is Thanos. And I'm simply not able to consider him a succesful villain. Or rather, he's a success and a failure mixed into one. Apart from the fact that he looked fake as shit in most of his scenes, he was very expressive and clearly driven by a sincere belief in his actions. I loved the idea of him going on a sort of hero's quest for the Soul Stone in the middle of the movie and feel that they could have done a lot more with this. It was a great device for putting a villain into perspective because it is usually reserved for the hero, and if half the movie had been about his mystical and heartbreaking journey and trials, as seen from his own POV, I would gladly have given up time spent on some of the heroes. And as @Jeor says, he was appropriately menacing. There was a real sense of danger throughout the movie. But. As much as I liked watching him in his scenes, his motivation made absolutely zero sense. It was way, way down there on the same level as Ronan or Mads Mikkelsen or all of the other self-righteous, but clearly ridiculous MCU villains. From what we're told, Thanos wants to exterminate exactly half the universe, no preference given to anyone. He wants to do this because the universe has "finite resources", and the idea was conceived on his own homeworld of Titan where people went hungry. He laid out the plan to the other Titans, who claimed that he was mad (uh-huh), so he set about doing it himself. Even if we're supposed to be able to relate to a character who goes from "people are going hungry" to "exactly half of everything must die", the logic isn't there. If half of everyone on Earth died, it wouldn't make the other half better off, it would absolutely cripple means of production and ensure widespread suffering among everyone else. On top of that, the universe does not have finite resources as far as anyone knows, and even so, it doesn't have one population that shares everything. Some planetary populations might be a lot better off than others, but decimating half of them won't help the rest in any way. Ah, but he is the mad Titan, so it's okay for his plan to be a bit unhinged. Except he seems pretty sane in his dealings with others and his ability to work towards a specific goal. Even if we're to believe that madness led him to concieve a plan with absolutely no logical foundation, we don't see that madness on display, and we aren't told where it came from / what caused it. I would have bought his plan if it has clearly been the machinations of an unhinged mind, but it wasn't. This puts a lid on my enthusiasm for the movie, which would otherwise have been somewhere near the absolute top of the MCU. The final scene with Thanos looking at the sunset could have been poignant if his motivation had had some vailidty; instead it was more like "well done, asshole, you just murdered half of everyone, and it won't solve the problems you were trying the solve, why the fuck are you sitting there looking so content?" Anyway. About the future. So, Part II of Infinity War will obviously undo the ending of Part I, for better or worse. They've killed off a bunch of characters who are already slated for more sequels, so this is a no-brainer, and it's probably going to be time travel. The post-credits scene ended with a distress call to Captain Marvel, but I don't know if she's supposed to have any time travel powers. My main questions at this point are: Will Part II undo all of Part I, or just the ending? In other words, will Gamora and Loki also come back? My guess is Gamora, yes, Loki, no. The MCU movies between Part I and Part II are Captain Marvel and Ant-Man II. Captain Marvel is set during the 90'es, as I understand it, so it'll neatly introduce the character who will save the day next year, but in a non-intrusive way. And its post-credits scene will probably reference Nick Fury's distress call, setting up IW Part II perfectly. But how on Earth will Ant-Man II and its goofy tone fit in with the ending of IW Part I? Will it be significant that all of the original Avengers survived Part I (Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Widow and Thor)? I love the idea of them somehow saving the expanded MCU universe that was built up around them, even if it seems a bit convenient. More of a long-term question, but once the dust settles, and Part I's gruesome ending is undone, how will the MCU top the sense of danger and urgency in subsequent movies? If half the heroes can be killed and brought back, is it even possible to make the audience believe in stakes anymore?
  6. 40 hours left! One of the best things I've read, PR-wise, was the Russo brothers describing their approach to the concept of the six stones. Instead of the movie being Pokemon: Thanos with the stones coming together battle by battle, they felt it was essential to look at how each stone's power would impact the dramatic narrative. If they're willing to go all Back To The Future II and do shit like letting Thanos travel back to previous movies with the Time Stone and pick up the other stones there, it's gonna be a fun ride.
  7. denstorebog

    US Politics: March Madness

    An active active shooter situation is taking place place at YouTube's headquarters on Cherry Avenue in San Bruno. Because here I was, thinking "gee, I could really go for some stochastic terrorism right about now".
  8. denstorebog

    China's Social Credit System

    Wow, there are some people in this thread with a desperate need to rationalize something absolutely horrible and indefensible. Just-world hypothesis in action.
  9. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    It would be pretty unfortunate timing doing it *after* outing yourself as a giant cuck to your base. Public opinion is what'll carry the day once the massacre begins. EDIT: That said, I seem to remember something being fishy about that Twitter account from last year. Don't remember what it was, though.
  10. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    A lot of righteous young'uns, or so I've heard.
  11. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    Well, a couple are outright advertising bots and easy to spot, but not many. Breitbart currently has ~8 million unique visitors per month, so the numbers don't seem too far fetched. It probably has a lot to do with Breitbart's shout-and-leave culture, meaning a higher percentage of users will comment, but with something of very little value, compared to other websites. Also, Breitbart uses the popular Disqus commenting system which shares accounts across all websites using it. On the bright side, Breitbart has lost half its visitor count in 1 year, so ...
  12. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/23/donald-trump-signs-bloated-1-3-trillion-omnibus-bill-military-funding/#disqus_thread Top comment below an 'article' with 20k comments is Don't get too excited though, they always leave him and come back whenever he says something provocative, but it's still great to watch.
  13. Don't ask me existential questions like this after so long (18 years). I might start to cry.
  14. denstorebog

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    Reading the Breitbarts comments sections today is fun, fun, fun.