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  1. Fortunately for people of this conviction, the new Conan The Barbarian movie is going to pick up right where Khal Drogo left off.
  2. So far the stableboy is the Jake Lloyd of GoT. Or maybe Micah is. "She-asked-me-to-milord-she-asked-me-to." At least they relegate these kids to the minor roles. But yes, this was Maisie's worst episode. I have noticed her tendency to overact on rare occasions, and it was unfortunately pretty prominent in this episode.
  3. So they have to calm down because... you're a force of nature with no control over what you're doing? Seriously man, I just wanted to skim the thread and see what people thought of the ep. In you, I found a treasure trove.
  4. That is... an awesome display of skewed logic right there. "I want you to calm down, because if you don't calm down, I'll have to do something that'll make you less likely to calm down even though I don't want to". And the same: You diagnose someone using modern standards, and when part of it doesn't apply, you point out the uselessness of using modern standards. Thread over. You fail, the other guys win.
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