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  1. I'll just one-up you and end this obvious battle of memories by saying that I (vaguely) remember Perstali (sic?), the City of Steps
  2. Zounds! I've been found out! To the cave! (For another 2-3 years.)
  3. Hey Soph, good to see you're still around! Being remembered for something is better than not at all, so I'll take it. I doubt it. After all,, your best attempt back in 2005 went something like: Okay, on closer inspection, that was actually pretty impressive. An awful lot of bad stuff does seem to have happened in my absence, yes.
  4. Been gone from the forum for most of the 2010s. Someone give me a bulletpoint list of the memorable events in General Chatter that I missed, preferably chronological. Thanks in advance.
  5. Imagine a TLJ where: We learn that Luke didn't go AWOL just to drink tit-juice, but because he went on a quest to track some weird signals across the galaxy and realized who was waiting at the end of the line. And he wasn't about to face that particular nightmare again or give Palpatine another chance at getting a new Skywalker pawn, so he went into hiding. Rey then spends most of TLJ trying to get Luke to train her, but also to accept and reveal the truth he came across and which he maybe has repressed. While he reluctantly trains Rey, he also opens up to her, and near the end of TLJ, he finally shares a vision with Rey showing what he discovered. This happens around the same time that Poe and Finn trace a series of hints to Exegol where the Sith are gearing up for their master's return. Luke finally agrees to come out of hiding to help Rey and the others confront the Emperor one last time, and leaves the island with Rey. He is reunited with Leia, Chewie, R2-D2 and C3P0 just as the Resistance gets word that a Sith fleet has started emerging from the Unknown Regions. Bam, end of TLJ. --- While I remember -- and in the interest of fairness -- some random highlights for me: C3P0 was actually funny in this one! He's been largely expendable so far, but his amnesia subplot was actually a fun little addition and gave a couple of heartwarming moments as well. Even though it felt like JJ seeking redemption for forgetting to properly address Han's death in TFA, it was heartbreaking to see Chewie's reaction to Leia's passing. I was thrilled that the movie opened with actual representations of Sith mysticism, because this has never been done in any of the movies before! The whole occult aspect, complete with giant statues and all, is something I've always associated with the Sith after exploring their ruins countless times in computer games or reading EU novels. But this was actually the first time we saw that aspect of the SW universe in a film. Han's appearance ... oh man. The "I know" line may be kinda overused at this point, but it was pretty perfect in this context. I finally saw a glimmer of the Han 2.0 that we always knew Poe was supposed to be. The hints about his background and his relation to Zorii were welcome elements.
  6. The reason I buy that Palpatine was always part of the JJ plan is that if it wasn't, then Rey's parentage was also 'fixed' for TROS. There was clearly a plan for *something* in TFA, and the idea of a Skywalker trying to lure a Palpatine to the dark side is some pretty potent stuff, the kind of idea you'd base a trilogy around. Following that line of thought, in JJ Abrams' TLJ, you would see Snoke turn out to be a puppet of Palpatine. This seems completely plausible to me, because do we really believe that Abrams would ever reveal his main antagonist in the first movie? Imagine a TROS beginning from a TLJ where Palpatine has already been revealed, where the clock is already ticking for the galaxy, where Rey has already shown some Palpatine-esque anger issues, and where Kylo is already apprehensive about who he's really serving. You could then have an entire TRIS dedicated to both Kylo and Rey switching sides, and Kylo trying to bring Rey back. Hell, you could even have Kylo go and seek redemption and training from Leia in order to save Rey. Not this rushed version where we're supposed to believe that Rey starts giving in to her anger and ancestry the moment she learns her last name, and Kylo gives up on the dark side after 30 seconds with his imaginary dad. Heck, we might even have had time to learn how exactly Palpatine became a grandfather. (BTW, speaking of dropped romance plots -- did we ever find out what Finn wanted to say to Rey before getting swallowed by sand?)
  7. If the plot of TROS had been rolled out over the course of all three movies instead of just the first and the last, it could probably have made for a solid and satisfying trilogy story. There's a glimmer of an interesting concept that shows up all throughout TROS -- from The Emperor's return to how the relationship between Rey and Ren ends. Given enough attention and time, the big concepts and arcs could actually have worked. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if JJ Abrams had both the Emperor and the whole Rey/Ren arc in mind from the get-go. But TROS was too much a product of its circumstances to have the required emotional impact. Not just Carrie Fisher's death, but mainly a preceding movie that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot that TFA and TROS tried to bookend. TLJ should have lent the whole trilogy the emotional substance of character growth, but when the second movie refuses to play ball, you're left with two attempts at jump-starting a plot that ends up feeling rushed and conceptual rather than satisfying.
  8. If Wes Anderson directed a superhero series ... Apart from some atrocious CGI, that was great. Did anyone catch the significance of the theater stage in the room adjacent to where David was being interrogated? It looked like some people were watching TV on a stage while the military personnel was busy. but I didn't get what it was about.
  9. Fortunately for people of this conviction, the new Conan The Barbarian movie is going to pick up right where Khal Drogo left off.
  10. So far the stableboy is the Jake Lloyd of GoT. Or maybe Micah is. "She-asked-me-to-milord-she-asked-me-to." At least they relegate these kids to the minor roles. But yes, this was Maisie's worst episode. I have noticed her tendency to overact on rare occasions, and it was unfortunately pretty prominent in this episode.
  11. So they have to calm down because... you're a force of nature with no control over what you're doing? Seriously man, I just wanted to skim the thread and see what people thought of the ep. In you, I found a treasure trove.
  12. That is... an awesome display of skewed logic right there. "I want you to calm down, because if you don't calm down, I'll have to do something that'll make you less likely to calm down even though I don't want to". And the same: You diagnose someone using modern standards, and when part of it doesn't apply, you point out the uselessness of using modern standards. Thread over. You fail, the other guys win.
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