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  1. Yeah, having a fatwa issued on one can have that effect. Nobel prize isn't about public appearance, or shouldn't be at least, but about his work as a writer. And that work happens to be exemplary - this is not up for discussion*. *:P
  2. Yeah, but his origins are Indian. I might be pulling this out of my ass but I think I've read somewhere he even considers himself Indian. Yeah, he's an asshole, but his prose is the kind of painfully beautiful that makes me want to rob pharmacies. Maybe give him the prize but on a provisional basis, he gets to keep it if he refrains from inane commentary?
  3. Wait. Are you saying Naipaul should give his prize back? I'm a bosnian woman living in sweden, and I think the lit coming out of India is breathtaking and is as far as I'm concerned the new russia. It's you. (:))
  4. Whatever, you all know that this discussion is mute and void without Dan Brown, you're just jealous you can't write like that. No one tackles the human condition better. I'd say that if he doesn't get chosen this year I pay a visit to Englund (he lives not far from me actually!) with a 2x4. Last attempt at serious, personal favourite: Rushdie, seriously, the love for Rushdie pretty much just can't be overdone.
  5. Oh, I know. I have my own issues with Englund, but I definitely think his recognition of the eurocentrism is a good direction to take.
  6. Myshkin, I have really enjoyed your OP and you input in general in this an many other threads. Thoughtful and succinct. So forgive this imminent debasement of the thread; but Horace Engdahl can suck on a chode. I read the statement in it's entirety in swedish and whoever did the translation is doing Engdahl favors. To disregard US authors such as Roth and Pynchon for such sweeping reasons is pretty idiotic. I have definitely lost much of my respect for the award, just disillusioned really - and not just for the politisizing, though I can't say I'm not interested to see who wins this year. Roberto Bolano would have been my favourite. Alas.
  7. Well I never meant it as a secret. Way to go.

  8. Vrana


    Yeah, I'd agree, I was 15 when I first started reading the books and I think it was a good age to start at. I didn't feel traumatized nor especially surprised by the violence and I started reading more 'mature' books after that.
  9. Vrana


    Thank you. To think I've actually been noticed. :D
  10. Vrana


    I've been posting here since 2008 but it has been sporadical and very clumsy indeed, so I'd still consider myself a noob to the boards and an actual introduction seems in order. I remeber that when I first came to the board I told Myshkin that Myshkin wasn't the best of Dostoevsky's characters but Raskolnikov (or some such), I'd like to think I've grown. I enjoy anything that has to do with mountainous slopes and fierce cold weather, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping. Wouldn't label myself as a martial artist since that would suggest some level of skill, but I've been competing a little and practicing for some years now. Currently living in norway to earn some money and then the general idea is to follow the kliché of doing a trip around the world for an indefinite period of time. So, hello all.
  11. so empty, poor noob!

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