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  1. The Flayed Knight

    How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    True. Thought I do believe that despite the sickly nature of Elia there would still be an element of time to pass before she passed. But yes the end result would see Cersei comforting and marrying Rhaegar, and if Tywin served as Hand then House Lannister would only be rivaled by the Targaryen's in terms of power. Plus Tywin would get his wish at establishing a long lasting dynasty for the family name... And that's what I love about his character; he is not one-minded. If something goes eerie then more contingencies are put in place. We have seen this time and time again in the books, and I agree that he likely had such plans in motion prior to Robert's Rebellion. (Likely it started during the Defiance of Duskendale or, perhaps, before).
  2. The Flayed Knight

    How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    Agreed. In some way or another Tywin needed the outcome to ensure that House Lannister reaped a majority (or close to) of the benefits to come. If Rhaegar had been triumphant then Tywin would have gotten his wish of a more favorable king that would heed his council (something Aerys stopped doing a long, long time ago). Even though Rhaegar couldn't marry Cersei, being Hand to one of the realm's most loved figures would have been victory enough for Tywin - Aerys would be out of the picture and, come the end of the rebellion, the strong and noble houses that supported Robert would have been depleted. But of course the events supported Robert, and Tywin used the Baratheon king's hatred of the Targaryens' to sack KL and murder the royal family (an act that was clearly in bad taste from the perspectives of most who witnessed the outcome). Tywin was then able to marry his daughter to Robert (and must have seen this as a stronger position than holding a position as the King's Hand) and, with a permanent Lannister presence besides Robert, Tywin could tend to his own matters at Casterly Rock and broaden the influence and power of his house. Either way, it cannot be coincidence that events played in his favor - there had to be a degree of involvement from his end to ensure that everything played out to the letter.
  3. The Flayed Knight

    How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    Indeed. Hence why I'm leaning more in favor of believing that Tywin was a principle architect on both sides of the effort to depose of Aerys, by either having Rhaegar ascend to the throne or with Robert taking the crown and marrying his daughter to the Baratheon king. The fact that Robert's Rebellion ended so well for Lannisters cannot be down to coincidence, and had Rhaegar won the Battle of the Trident then no doubt Tywin would have reaped similar rewards. Basically, it just doesn't add up to think that Tywin suddenly grew a spine and entered the war towards its conclusion. He''s not that kind of man...
  4. The Flayed Knight

    How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    Indeed. Most lords and noble houses never got away with slighting Tywin or the Lannister name without some form of repercussion, and as Aerys grew madder by the day and continued to insult Tywin's honor, there had to be something in the works from Tywin's perspective (aside from sitting on the side lines up until the Sack of KL at the end of Robert's Rebellion).
  5. The Flayed Knight

    How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    Superbly put together Sly Wren. As Lady Dyanna said before, it seems that your posts are onto something (as were the others who posted of this before). Tywin wasn't a man to sit by and have his name slighted by others (at least, not with an 'end-game' in the works and his 'actions' against lords who slighted the Lannister name). There is certainly a lot to take into consideration, and is certainly plausible.