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  1. black_hart

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    That Roose and Ramsey have an argument (that frightens Walda Bolton) just before Little Walder's corpse is brought into the hall. I always wonder about stone dragons and notice that Greyscale has a lot of (stone) dragony imagery. Scales, we learn it is not healed only "sleeping", i.e. can be woken, also the stone imagery. Too metaphorical? But would suit the misinterpreted prophecies series. Or is that side-shadowing for "Reborn (Stone) Griffon" + dragon?
  2. black_hart

    An argument supporting Mance wrote the Pink Letter

    Thanks for writing up the whole pro-Mance argument in a single essay. How would he benefit? (counterindications) 1) Winterfell is not empty, even if all the people at or around CB march on Winterfell in unison they would likely fail. There is an army encamped in Winterfell after all. (Stannis has a larger army and can't hope to take on Winterfell without trickery.) 2) Yet, the letter seems designed to drive wedges between the different groups at the wall regardless of the decision taken in response. If the NW attempts to submit it means handing over guests / allies and it won't happen without bloodshed. If the NW rejects the "offer", and it has to since it doesn't have all the people wanted in the letter, it means it has to prepare open interference in worldly matters, this has to alarm traditionalists, Iron Throne loyalists at CB. 3) Destabilising the situation at CB can't be in the interest of Mance Rayder. What is the interest of Mance? He unified the free folk for a purpose (get them south to survive), this purpose is taken up by Jon Snow and he is about the only ally the free folk have south of the wall so far. Any instability and you won't have leaders south the wall that you can play cricket with (let alone who send rescue missions to Hardhome or broker deals to feed your people through the winter). Any instability at CB endangers the people there, when you value the life of Val or your infant son (does Mance know about the swap already?), would you do that? Mance is a man, who left the NW because he could not keep his cloak, stubborn and on principle, yet in your whole argument he seems to willingly endanger family, friends, his people for slightly improved odds at survival. 4) Distance. The wall is quite some time away. If you are holed up in the rookery or crypts can you reasonably expect to hold out until help arrives? 5) Weather. Add the weather to the distance. 6) Jon Snow could ID Jeyne safely in CB as soon as she arrives there, marching out (and getting yourself killed) are about the only reasons why he would not be able to do so later. If anything this is an argument for Ramsay as the author.
  3. black_hart

    Why Daenerys Dayne may not be a ridiculous idea.

    I would like to draw attention to what else Daenerys tells about the House with the Red Door: Very early in the story: This strongly suggests to me they were renting and not simply hosted by a rich and powerful benefactor. Very late in the story (dreaming of Daario): If we take this as faint memory of an actual building, this might provide further clues (without involving lemons). Oddly, the only actual red door shown in the books is on Dragonstone.
  4. black_hart

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    I enjoy his videos, though there is this with the genetic explanation for dragon riding: there is a lot of wiggling room because he has both a theory and exceptions (and a completely different mode for them). Between two alternating theories you may account for everything, but predict very little. (It scares me a little when I think about his daytime job.) Riding: he has telepathic dragon riding and nettles type riding (and only a limited amount of dragons to explain anyway) Hatching: he has genetic hatching for targ kids and a looser mechanism of hatcher proximity. This hatcher proximity is still somewhat rigid when used for same age siblings, but mom hatched my dragon style proximity hatching is based on loads of assumptions (Still fancy how he explains crippled dragonlets that way.) --- and there is another type of sacrifice hatching (what Daenerys did and Euron supposedly tried).
  5. Is there anything better in the show? No, I don't think there is. Nonetheless I very much enjoyed the first seasons, cringe slowly increased until somewhere between "weak men will never rule Dorne again, blood for the blood god", Varys strolling around in Meereen and look we killed another Direwolf just for shock value I stopped watching altogether. Not that I like everything about the books, ... but the show did nowhere improve upon what I would see as shortcoming (Bolton killing off all other forces and no one ever notices, Asha & Co. fighting in the woods, GRRM style military strategy etc.), but messed up most of the story arcs for no obvious benefit. Lost or deformed stories from the book: Iron Isles, Dorne, Stannis in the North, Vale, Faith of the Seven, Meereen, Invasion of Aegon. I fear that GRRM may end up committing mistakes similar to the show if he really forces a finale (and culls characters just to make it happen) ... as of now I would probably prefer reading one or two more great books and not see spring again and spite all the people who feel entitled to certain endings because of foreshadowing.
  6. black_hart

    Characters you dislike or hate

    Oh yes. The Bolton apologists, Baelish admirers and the King Joffrey crowd. I always hope it is just contrarianism and half as a joke. And does really nobody dislike Varys? Cat is disliked for supposed bad parenting, but serial abuse and killing of children is just being an admired player of teh game.
  7. black_hart

    Characters you dislike or hate

    How do people who hate either Jon or Dany or any of Sansa / Arya / Eddard / Cat manage to like the books?
  8. black_hart

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I am grateful that the show made me read the books... but