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  1. I have added the title of Prince to Daemon I Blackfyre. As I was re-reading D&E (because I had nothing else to do since I've been laid off). https://i.gyazo.com/0366253ad02fb46d71ad19df37143ae2.png Though not referred to as such by the Targaryens, he was the legitimized son of a king. Legitimized while that king was alive. And as a son he would have been granted full rights to at least that title. If nothing else, it seems that Eustace Osgrey (and by extension the Black Dragon's followers) did consider him a prince. Is this an acceptable addition? I can remove it if it is not.
  2. Huh. It turns out I DID try to register before for the wiki. And I've still not been given access? Weird. Ah well, made sure to register/apply again this morning. But this time with more experience in reading under my belt!
  3. Or Showdown at the Tower of Joy. Skirmish at the Tower of Joy. Combat sounds so... Ugh.
  4. Combat at the Tower of Joy is not a good name. If we're all admitting there is no official name.. We might as well call it the Melee at the Tower of Joy.
  5. http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52fc05c9e4b08fc45bd99090/t/57729a51414fb5167c66e197/1467128404932/?format=1000w What are we supposed to do with this Season 6 reveal? It's definitely going to be true in the books as well.
  6. So, I have to ask... Since the Show all but confirmed it... Can the Jon Snow page be changed to reflect that Lyanna Stark is his mother? Just that. Not confirming that Rhaegar is his father, but that Lyanna is his mother. Because I doubt THAT piece of information is different from the book version given that GRRM specifically made sure the showrunners knew before letting them near his babby.
  7. I also purchased the picture and it is a commission I had made for myself. So anyone who wants to use the full version without a watermark? Just tell enife that moynal gave permission. And link to this post.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, but The Wondering Wolf did guess correctly.:) Again, sorry for not responding sooner, my apartment was undergoing renovations and then my brother had to go to court for his trial. I then had to deal with family drama... ugh.
  9. I had these commissioned: http://imgur.com/a/UZxgB For RPs. But Visenya and Addam both have a scarcity when it comes to fan art. Especially Addam. The most LOYAL person ever to live in Westeros under the Iron Throne.
  10. Hello, I am Widowmaker94 and I have only been reading for a relatively short time. Reading the main book series, I mean. I'm more interested in Pre-Series stuff, however. One of my contributions to the Wiki will be the addition of a picture I commissioned. This along with going through and fixing typos where I see them. I'm not great with grammar. But I'm good at spelling and sifting through lots of information quickly to pick out problems.
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