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    Vegas Odds that a Dragon Survives season 8?

    This is ignoring Westorsi history for centuries. Think of what the country was before the conquest . 7 kingdoms constantly at war with eachother for power and lands. "It was the dragons we knelt to, and now the dragons were dead". It wasn't until the power of dragons brought those in power into check that there were some periods of peace and prosperity, and laws decreed by johaerys for the betterment of those in poverty. Much of what Aegon V wanted to acheieve for the btterment of teh realm, to "Break the wheel" of the nobility's power was hindered because he didnt have the dragons to force the world to change he was limited by what could be bargained for politically. It brought about hsi demise. Granted a dragon being in the wrong hands could be awful like maegor but as long as there are other dragons for trhose better to depose them it is wholly better from what we have seen. A terrible lord coming to power ina magicless world could be far more dangerous and totalitarian.
  2. balerionsteel.

    One last big twist in Season 8?

    The Night King has come for the Child in Dany's womb. Bran wargs the night king and dies with him.
  3. balerionsteel.

    Do you think there was anything special about Craster?

    Craster is one of the last who honored the deal that was made to end the long night, to make human sacrfices in the form of children to the Others, and as the tradition died out the deal was broken, time to head south.
  4. balerionsteel.

    The prince who was promised...

    There are alot of stories and prophecies that are conflated together. Azor Ahai is often told of being from similar origins as the prince who was promised but they are different stories. The prince who was promised is said to save a world found in darkness back into the light. It is said that if he fails to do this, the world fails with him. So it is not guaranteed and everyones roll to play in this is hard to predict. Azor Ahai, is said to have his coming heralded by flaming star etc. That he will wield a sword from the fire and thsi sword will be lightbringer reborn, and the darkness that has fallen over the world will flee before him. In the books there are other cultures with similar prophecies. I take this as in real life that many different relgions have similar orign stories that change over time.
  5. Is there anyone that thinks theres a shot a dragon survives this thing? Or is it basically inevitable that "the new world" is dragonless.
  6. balerionsteel.

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    It will be just for the fact of how different the show really is right now. Think about all the plot lines that will go COMPLETELY different. For instance, jamie is already done with cersei in the books...let alone sitting by her side after she goes full mad queen and blows up the sept. They completely destroyed the dornish storyline/ Doran that will play out Cersei is a complete idiot. her obviously selfish nature is destorying the realm. Varys kills kevan (hes not useless and still controls his spies even then) to allow cersei to continue to ruin the realm. IF the sept of baelor scene happens in the books...Kevan will nto be there...Loras Tyrell will not be, Likely then MAce may not be either. We wont have to fear george makes her into a secret genius late into the book because hes afraid there isnt a main villain left and he really likes the actress playing her....Tommen will not commit suicide from said Sept blowing up as he is like 6 years old and just learned how to spell his name. I think it was true the overall..like literally the final ending will be the same...but everything else will be different. And we have every reason to believe that the stuff in between now and the ending which is what has bothered most of us, has promise to be better in the books. Also
  7. balerionsteel.

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Its supposed to emphasize the prophecy even more so, to make it that it is impossible. Not only is she saying her womb will never quicken, meaning she cannot get pregnant, but even then if she did, she is saying she will never bear a living child.
  8. balerionsteel.

    Season 8 Predictions?

    hahah not with you ! just with the show writers. They never mentioned that dany was infertile for 6 seasons. They purposely left out a major line in a MAJOR prophecy which was the only time that dany would have been told by the witch that she was infertile. They cut it, presumbably because the show writers knew that they were going to have dany have a child, and that if all these things come true "Drogo" would come back to her. They probably figured itd be easier to make the spell MMD tells her a fancy way of saying "never." So after 6 seasons of presumable fertile dany, write before filming season 7 they figured...."ah shit wouldnt it be way more poetic if we said dany couldnt have children ever repeatedly leading up to her actually having a surprise baby ?" half assed.
  9. balerionsteel.

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The dead guy that almost killed mormont is a good question, as far as the one they brought cersei, they Went by ship/ flew over the wall. The magic spells keep things from penetrating the wall. Eastwatch is a port north of the wall, ships sailing from there do not go through the wall. Same thing with Melissandre's blood magic when she killed Renly. She could not penetrate the walls of Storms End with it, so she needed to be smuggled around it and let in through an opening. So if the Army of the Dead mustered a thousand ships they wouldnt need to bring the wall down.
  10. balerionsteel.

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Too Many book readers or forum-friendly people continue to spread this, and it infuriated me how they tried to add it in last minute this season. It is very important to note, in the Game of thrones series, MMD DOES NOT SAY THAT DANY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE BIRTH TO A LIVING CHILD. In fact, it is the only part of the prophecy and the conversation from the book that is blantantly left out. She stops at Mountains blowing in the wind, then he will return to you. I remember watching the show after reading the book and immediately thinking that dany will at somepoint get pregnant because they blatantly left out the "When your womb quickens, and you bear a living child...then he will return to you" line.
  11. balerionsteel.

    Varys has no purpose

    He can confirm Jons existence also for people. on a second watch in episode 2 when Dany meets Melisadre, when Melis tells dany to meet jon snow, Varys butts in and changes the topic and says "And what did you see that made the lord of light single out this Jon Snow?" he wasnt in the convo until she said that she didnt know if Dany was the prince that was promised, but that she has a role to play along with Jon snow. Knowing what we know Kind of seemed like Varys was asking to feel out what Melis may have seen about him.
  12. balerionsteel.

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show?

    1. Every Single Word that has come out of Eurons Mouth, Starting with "Giver her my big cock " to sway votes to be King. 2. The last 7 times Dany has said "Bend the Knee" 3. *we have 100k men, an armada, and 3 dragons, Now explain to us why we shouldnt just win and end this show * 4. Weak men will never rule dorne again, because we are giving dorne to cersei and dissapearing from existence.
  13. balerionsteel.

    Is Cersei a better ruler than Robert?

    Cersei has no heirs, no worthy generals, no one of any kind of value on the council, a hand whos only loyalty is to her. She oversaw the absolute break down of order and stability in the realm, consistently made decisions to further her own position at the cost of stability. She witnessed the loss of control over all 7 of the 7 kingdoms. Robert ruled in peace for decades, 1 rebellion occcured which was immediately shot down. His biggest mistakes consited of drinking and whoring too much, and allowing the lannisters to solidfy their power and position in the realm at the cost of it. So no...no she is not.
  14. balerionsteel.

    Varys has no purpose

    Unfortunately i think the series will be fairly cut and dry from this point forward. Minus 1 more big WTF Reveal. Whether that be something with bran and night king or some other overal plot that dates back to the beginning. I could easily see them, for times-sake, phasing varys out completely just as they have done to so many other storylines. the only thing that keeps me hoping is how much effort they put into Tyrion and Varys being blatantly offput by what they perceive is Dany's cruelness. Some how after all these schemes the 2 have played they have grown hearts, wildfire on the blackwater was genius but dragon flame against 1,000 enemies was cruel and mad-king like....But thats neither here nor there. I like the idea that Varys knows about Jon's parentage. You have to think that At the time, there was almost NOTHING varys didnt know about. Remember , HE was the one who told Aerys not to open the gates for Tywin. Varys is pretty smart, as was little finger. We basically know that littlefinger did not believe that lyanna was raped or kidnapped. That said, lyannas mysterious' death had to have been a question at some point. The appearance of a bastard by ned stark after he finds his sister, who wasnt kidnapped or raped, dead isnt the hardest puzzle to solve.
  15. balerionsteel.

    3Eyed Raven already told how the Night King must be defeated

    Thank you for clarifying that it was just that you didn't read anything that i wrote and decided to respond to selected quotes for some reason lmao. YOU didnt say anything about bran. But the original quote which you took a few words from was my sentence about Bran. I said: Bran in the past would do something that will become the cause of something that has already happened. I said Either what Bran does will Make the children create the night king in the first place, or....and offered another example. You then quoted the second half of my sentence only and made it seem like i was only alledging that the children created the night king...which we already know happened because they literally told us that already. So the only way you reading what i wrote made sense was that you felt it was obvious bran caused it. but now we know that its that you didnt read what i wrote. You :"I think that one's pretty obvious. The First Men broke the pact with the Children and restarted the war, and the Children were losing, so they became desperate." And you didnt offer any examples. Again this is a breakdown in reading comprehension which really doesnt matter. Bran Cannot Change the past. IT means what it says. Everything that he changes has already happened. I dont know how to make this more clear for you lol. All the "changes" he makes are already made, and so they are fate. There was no way for him not to make Hodor, Hodor. Just like whatever changes he makes going forward will have already been pre-destined by something that has already happened. Eg: if he goes back and makes you misquote me, you already actually misquoted me so now we know what caused it.