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  1. A while back grrm had a post up regarding availability in countries outside the USA. I believe HBO were going to sell it to other networks, ala Dexter etc. I was wondering if this has happened yet, and if so will it be available in Australia?
  2. Spoiler chapters always seem to raise more questions then they answer, and make the wait for the book worse. Every time I read one I swear its the last time, alas I don't seem to have the self control when I see somethings been posted.. :rolleyes: Thanks for the write up though - I know it must be hard to try to take in and enjoy the chapter while also scribbling it down for the rest of us ;) As far as the identity of CH/3EC, I agree GRRM seems to have left the chapter purposely undefinitive. Although I suppose its possible its just some unknown exNW brother, it seems likely from the pains he's taken to hide the face/identity that it will be someone we know. Aaargh! The intrigue! The frustration! :thumbsup: