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  1. Stark Loyal

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I write things too. Here's my latest: http://davecromwellwrites.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-jesus-and-mary-chain-live-in.html
  2. Stark Loyal

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I love how Daario is needling Jorah about how he wouldn't be able to keep up with Dany - even if he ever got the chance. Daario acts like he's not as much in love with her as Jorah - but I'm not so sure about that. Anyway, it was cool how Jorah didn't get flustered by that obvious taunt - and threw it right back at Daario about how he'll eventually disappoint her anyway - in spite of any immediate, youthful physical attraction. But - Jorah was getting his arse kicked by that Dothraki (Aggo?) - and it took Daario to save him or he'd be dead now too.
  3. Stark Loyal

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I'm wading through the books and am halfway through 6 ("A Dance With Dragons"), but I don't recall that bit. I'm also far along enough to not be concerned with spoilers. It's all in the writing, anyway. Martin's depictions are so nuanced and detailed - that you can't ever truly be "spoiled" - simply by getting a bit of advance info. At least that's how I feel about it anyway. I can also understand book purists constant disappointment (disapproval, disgust?) with the D&D depictions on HBO. But - with the understandable limitations taken into consideration - they are doing a decent job. At least an entertaining job. Its what got me into the series, so I have them (and HBO) at the very least to thank for that. As for our "mournful" Edd - I don't doubt bad things may happen to him. A long time ago - a fully read bookreading friend of mine answered one of my simple musings about the show by saying "don't worry - George kills them all" - which made me laugh. Maybe he does. Maybe the Walkers DO eventually win.
  4. Stark Loyal

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Cool. Thanks for all that info (or conjecture). Yeah, I just got finished reading a chapter with Three finger Hob in it, so it was fresh in my mind. Hey - Dolorous Edd IS the "interim" Lord Commander now! Jon put him in charge. He gave him the woolly cape! ;-)
  5. Stark Loyal

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Yeah, I liked that bit too. Question about that (and apologies if it's been asked and answered already somewhere - wading through this forum and it's seemingly infinite amount of information is as daunting as reading all of Martin's books - which of course I am also attempting) - why did Edd offer an apology about the food? Did HE have to cook it? Was their regular cook one of the men that Jon hung? Or am I projecting too much into that one scene.