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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Arithmetic mean for this episode has so far been rated 5.39 by westeros.org members. Thus, it becomes the worst episode of this season.
  2. Westeros.org members voted and the mean average for this episode is 6.5. Better than I expected. Considering the fan status of people here, in a better sample the mean should be lower than 5.
  3. Also, when there is no Littlefinger there's no "Game of Thrones" but "Zombies vs Dragons". He was nowhere to be seen for 6 episodes. Then he appeared for a brief time in two episodes and now he's gone again. And it seems he won't be in the next episode too. And considering there were no Jon, Tyrion or Varys either it was like a bad episode from a bad show.
  4. This season is the worst season by far and this episode is almost as bad as the first episode of this season. Especially Danerys and her speeches, I can't find the words to describe how much I hate her. Very poor acting, very poor lines, super-cheesy context, filler content, The same old episode-ending story that Daenerys shows how powerful she is by showing her dragons or her family's fire-resistant genes filled with awful monologue and acting. Still, there were two good things in the episode. Bran's flashbacks and Sam's father. An impressively realistic character and an actor that becomes the character itself.