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  1. Victor Newman

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    He was simply, unavoidably late to the battle. I say that because he behaved honorably during his pact with the Starks. He gave everything he promised and with no delay. It was the Starks who refused to pay up when it came their time to pay.
  2. Victor Newman

    Red Wedding: Robb's fate

    The primary objective of the red wedding was to win the war to keep the realm whole, stop a destructive rebellion, and win the war for the Lannisters. Killing Robb and the Starks were incidental but necessary for one of the participants, Roose Bolton. Roose cannot return to the north while the Starks are still in power. His double-agency during the Stark Rebellion will come out and the Starks will kill him. The Starks had to fall hard. Deserving is a matter of perspective. One cannot doubt the severity of the insult he did to House Frey. Robb and the Starks deserved to lose. Unfortunately, that also meant killing them. I can't stand the Starks but it is difficult to say whether he deserved to die. I will say I had no problems with it.
  3. Victor Newman

    The role of forgiveness

    The long faces are the ones who carry the most wolf blood. Jon and Arya are not going to forgive. Jon never did forgive the Lannisters and their allies in life and he is not about to when he comes back from death.
  4. Victor Newman

    The role of forgiveness

    The execution of the slave masters was justice. They murdered and nailed those children to the crosses in order to intimidate Daenerys. The act was a war strategy directed against her. The execution of the slave masters was carried out for justice. It's not perfect justice by the standards of modern times but it is good enough to be considered justice for the time and because it was during war time. This is much, much less harsh than the justice Stannis served his own men for the crime of eating the dead to prevent starvation. Who can say how long Stannis has been practicing his brand of justice. His tally should have exceeded Aerys Targaryen's by now.
  5. Victor Newman

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    George Bush wasn't clear on what he wanted to do with Irag afterwards. He publicly said the Husseins were hiding weapons of mass destruction and acted to protect America from that threat. The goal expanded to the removal of the Husseins from power. There were no weapons found. Saddam was removed. Unfortunately, there were extreme radicals in the country that Saddam had kept in check. The removal of the strong but brutal dictator opened the way for these radicals to operate. In other words, the US removed a man who had once been its ally, who kept peace in his volatile country, and opened the way for the more dangerous radicals to act. This to me is fairly similar to Robert's Rebellion and not in any way comparable to the War For Freedom in Slaver's Bay. The War For Freedom is most comparable to the American Civil War, the war that ended slavery in the South. The Iraq War was a preemptive strike to remove a possible future threat. It was justified on the basis of the other guy having the ability to hurt America. It was mostly political. The War For Freedom in Slaver's Bay is the fight to free millions of people from the oppression of the master classes. It is not about politics but a war conducted for humane reasons.
  6. Victor Newman

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I might have already said this in the many Sansa discussions over the course of my membership here. What Sansa did was very selfish and it resulted in the failure of the Starks to secretly escape the capital. Most of the hate directed at Sansa do come from the fans of the Starks. It is logical. The damage when compared to the big picture is rather minimal though. It has no effect on what's happening in Slaver's Bay, the Wall, Volantis, Dorne, etc. At least not yet. Maybe we have seen the extent of the fallout.
  7. Victor Newman

    Favorite characters

    I don't have 10. George wouldn't be doing his job of making his readers think if I had that many. Just about all of the characters are controversial in their own way. The five (5) characters that I like the best are: 1) Daenerys 2) Jorah 3) Tyrion 4) Asha 5) Aemon Daenerys is the character through which we get the most of the fantasy elements of magic. It doesn't hurt that she's very, very beautiful. I like my heroes good looking. She's one of the smartest people within the story. Jorah is a study in contradictions. He sold peope to slavery because of money and not he serves the woman who wants to stop the slave trade. Tyrion is the drunk who needs a worthy cause to get his head straight. Asha is the female bad ass warrior but also she wants to take her people to a new way forward. Aemon is the man of knowledge and wisdom. Marwyn will take his place in the plot but he will be missed.
  8. Victor Newman

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Balon wanted freedom. He didn't need a reason. He wanted to bring back the old way of life for the Iron born. For that he needed to make the islands independent from the rest of the realm.
  9. Victor Newman

    Targaryens marrying sisters

    Sibling incest was the norm among the ruling families of Valyria. There was no reason to avoid it. It made sense for them to continue the practice. The dragons were bonded to the bloodline. They don't want another family to have any chance of bonding the family dragons. The person marrying into the family always carry feelings for their old family and that can cause issues of trust. Look at the many examples: Cat to the Tullys, Cersei to the Lannisters, and Jon Snow to the Starks. The Baratheons never knew but they can never truly trust Cersei. Jon's feelings for the Starks kept him from being loyal to the NW and his duties. There are less issues of trust if both bride and groom are from the same family because there will be conflicts of interests. Sibling marriage and incest make a great deal of sense.
  10. Victor Newman

    Dany and child murder

    Stannis had access to good information to make a responsible decision. He had the words of the wildlings and the men of the watch. The war with the Boltons is a foolish thing. It is a waste of human capital.
  11. Victor Newman

    Foreshadowing the end of house stark

    Those Starks are damned hard to kill because they have two lives. Their human bodies die easy enough but the children can survive within the body of their wolves. I also subscribe to the Stark children all dying and taking second lives as their direwolves. The dead direwolf at the beginning was a warning to Eddard Stark. The mother direwolf might have been his despite his lack of ability to warg. The litter of little wolves was the foretelling of the future of the Stark children.
  12. Victor Newman

    Dany and child murder

    When we say the slavers have to be killed it does not literally mean all of them. It means breaking their ability to fight. The goal is to weaken them and enforce some kind of limitations on the survivors so they can't gain power again. Kill enough of them, the fathers and the sons and daughters of a certain age who resists. Enough will end their resistance in order to survive but what you don't want is for them to survive so they can fight back tomorrow. I say take their wealth and send the boys to different corners of the world. Banish a few to Westeros, send a few to the Iron Isles, maybe the able bodied boys should be sent to the Wall. That's the way to destroy the culture. You might be right about slavery in America. If the slaves had won their freedom the whites might respect them more in the aftermath. But the slaves never outnumbered the whites in America. So it would be impossible for them to win their freedom. Racism, I don't see much. Did you all elect a black president ten years ago. The racism is now against Asians and Hispanics.
  13. Victor Newman

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Another article criticizing the Starks. I see nothing wrong in that. "Pardon for Rickard Karstark" He should have been pardoned.
  14. Victor Newman

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    I don't. I don't see him realistically becoming king. Not with the information that we have now. But should some gut punch from GM comes and says he's a bastard of Aerys the political landscape will change. Bastards have low claim but a claim nevertheless. Using Sansa Allayne to get power through Harry is the longest of the long shot. Harry has to get his power through Sweetrobin. And Sweetrobin is pretty damn far from any line of succession to the throne. Every claim to the throne is done on the basis of kinship with a Targaryen or a Baratheon.
  15. Victor Newman

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Thanks. Evil in terms of the morality of it. Legal because Tywin ordered it done.