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  1. One of the questions raised by the ancient history of the NQ and her NK is why. Why did she not kill this man? After all he and his men defend the wall from her kind. Old Nan's theory says the Others are mankind's natural enemy. So why befriend him when she could have killed him and entered the north? The Others are hostile to human trespassers. They never bothered to give Gared and his flunky lord the chance to explain themselves. But they spare Craster for some reason. What's different about Craster? He sacrificed to them. The Others are hungry gods who demand sacrifice. The NQ was willing to live in peace as long as babies are sacrificed. I think that is the secret. The Kings of Winter were able to rule over the north, unmolested, for ten thousand years because they were doing the same thing. They were sacrificing babies to the Others. Gods aren't gods unless he has followers to worship him. No sacrifice can be greater than the sacrifice of the innocent and the pure. It's not even out of the question to assume the nobility of the north were all sacrificing to the Others long ago. Sacrificing innocent babies is not an admirable thing to do. And the story would take a strange twist if that is the solution to the problem of the Others. The return of blood sacrifice to appease the Others is the answer. How strange will that be? It's right up Martin's alley.
  2. Victor Newman

    Should GRRM have cut the Qaarth story in ACOK?

    I guess you and I are reading the story from two different angles. What is going on in Essos is crucial to the overall plot. Have you wondered why Barristan, Tyrion, and Marwyn got sent to Daenerys almost like the three wise men of the bible sought out the baby Jesus. Religious symbolisms aside, yeah, what Daenerys is doing in Essos is important to the overall story and required those chapters. Who knows, Westeros might enter the ice age and the only ones who live are the ones sensible enough to head to Essos.
  3. Victor Newman

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    Stannis did not. It's out of his character. Our George Martin is consistent. People behave in keeping with their character and George went to great trouble to give his characters believable personalities. Stannis is too arrogant to do this. He might command Jon Snow to come but he won't send him this kind of letter.
  4. Victor Newman

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. Age: Middle age man. Closer to fifty than forty. 2. Gender: Male 3. Favorite GOT character: Daenerys 4: Least favorite GOT character: Jon
  5. Victor Newman

    Should GRRM have cut the Qaarth story in ACOK?

    The book would not have become a best seller without Dany's chapters. I would have passed on A Clash of Kings without her point of view chapters. The Daenerys Targaryen chapters are George Martin's best works. He was honored with a Hugo Award for those chapters.
  6. Victor Newman

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Young Griff is a major character who may not have a point of view but important all the same. His arc is very important because he is the one who will exact vengeance for the deaths of Rhaegar, Elia, and Rhaenys. As long as he believes he's the real deal he will do this. Westeros hasn't recovered from the rebellion and that is why it's in sad shape at the moment. And how wrong they were! Daenerys carved out her own Queendom in the east and most probably will unite the khalasars into one mighty people. Empire building at its finest and it won't be built on slavery this time. I say Dany is the single most important character in this epic tale.
  7. Victor Newman

    Predict her future: Penny

    Yup. Ease his self-loathing.
  8. Victor Newman

    Rat People and Children Of the Forest

    We can't really be sure what was here before we got here. They might even find the bones of giants. The Nephilim. The chapter on the House of the Undying was written before this discovery came to light. George Martin's servitors were all completely made up. I don't believe anything in the real world inspired him. Well maybe the Morlocks in the Time Machine.
  9. Lady Dustin has the knowledge!!!!! I think not. Ramsay has all of the knowledge needed to write that letter after forcing the wildlings to talk. Whoever proposed the theories making claims it was her are incorrect. Mance has more knowledge than Lady Dustin but if he wrote that letter he would have said "I want your sister back" instead of "I want my bride back" because Abel doesn't know she's fake. The composer of the letter obviously knows she's a fake. What motivations could somebody like Lady Dustin and Mance Rayder have for writing that letter? Nothing whatsoever. And these two had nothing whatsoever to do with that letter. So yeah. They don't have a reason and they don't have the facts to write the pink letter.
  10. Victor Newman

    Why was Viserys mad and his "Sister" and "Brother" wasn't?

    Viserys is all talk. He has never murdered anybody. Arya has murdered many. Jon murdered another member of his Order. Robb is an oathbreaker.
  11. Victor Newman

    George hates hero worship

    The novel has a tone of hopelessness to it. Comedy is very few and very far in between. It has more darkness than light. I keep reading and hoping for more light but I may get disappointed. George Martin loves to disappoint. Just remember what happened to Oberyn versus Gregor. I don't know if the story reflects George Martin's outlook on life. Was George a fan of somebody who later did something bad to disappoint him? Clinton? Some football star on his favorite team.
  12. Victor Newman

    Time for the Vale to enter the fray....

    This is a creation of Mr. Benioff and Mr. Weiss with a little help from Mr. Cogman. Jon is dead. Sansa is not leading an army anywhere.
  13. I would be interested to know what those reforms were. Was he thinking of taking lands from the nobles and distributing them out to the people? That would get little support from the ruling class. It's the right thing to do though. This is Dunk's influence on Aegon V kicking in.
  14. Victor Newman

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    Age takes it's toll. Ashara = Lemore and young griff is the boy born at the tower of Joy.
  15. That's the goal for the future. The immediate goal is to survive the long winter. For that, they need allies overseas who can send food. A pre Targ state is a huge step backwards. I don't understand the desire of some in the fan community to have independent kingdoms again. It strokes the egos of the Starks and the other lords paramount but it does nothing to help the majority of the people.