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  1. Nikolai Dalchimsky used the same lines. He was a Soviet spy played by character actor Donald Pleasence in Telefon.
  2. She's great. That was deftly handled. Correct Belwas and stop him from disrespecting the Dothraki. But build up his self-esteem again and avoid losing his loyalty. Very nicely done.
  3. Lysa was definitely mentally and emotionally unstable. Cat's kids have as good of a chance as a Targaryen of going insane.
  4. The Dany haters can't really have it their way. Either Jon is not Rheagar's son and has no claim to Westeros. Or he is Rhaegar's son and just as likely to go insane as any Targaryen. I say Jon has a higher chance of going batshit crazy because of his short temper, wolf bond, and having Lyanna's wolf blood. The bond with the direwolf make Jon's sanity even more fragile.
  5. The direwolves are a bad influence on the Stark kids. The wolf bond goes both ways. The violent nature of Arya Stark combined with the primal savagery of the direwolf has proven itself to be a recipe for trouble. Arya is also a bad influence on the direwolf. Her hate, bitterness, and emotional issues are driving the savage animal into killing for fun. Both of them have to die for any chance of peace to occur.
  6. That's hilarious. The people of Westeros could care less about that part of history. What they want is relief from the misery brought on them by Robert and his Enablers (Stark, Arryn). The Baratheons could not even hold the kingdom together through one succession. The inept Hands, Arryn and Stark, could not stop the kingdoms from breaking away. Hell, one of the Starks is responsible for trying to break the kingdom. And the bastard son of the house broke the night watch. The shortcomings of Aerys will not be remembered. The thing for Daenerys to do is move forward and leave the past behind. There is work ahead. The previous administrations left her kingdom of Westero in shambles. I don't have a problem with reasonable compromises as long as Daenerys is the monarch running the show. I wouldn't mind letting the north have their independence. The six other kingdoms are better off without the Starks. It is the Starks who sparked the last two rebellions. Good riddance. Banish them and confine them to the north.
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