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  1. Robert gives her the status of queen. His death will put Joffrey on the throne. His future wife will become queen. It benefited Cersei to keep Robert alive. She only killed Robert when he might learn of the infidelity.
  2. He was bought. He needed to get rid of Lysa and Jon Arryn was willing to marry her.
  3. The weight of three elephants compared to horses. How many can a longship carry. I would take the horses to Westeros if space is an issue. Which it will be on a boat.
  4. The Kandaqs were the political and social enemies of the Lorags. The Loraqs are closely bound to the harpy. Like the Bush family to the Sauds. Skahaz is not a harpy. Reznak may also not but he is serving them.
  5. The RL is cursed by geography. It will always be difficult to defend. This is why the RL are full of Targaryen loyalists. A central power that kept the lords in check and significantly reduced conflict benefit the RL and its people. It was the Targaryens who rid them of Black Harren and his sadistic ironborn. Peace allowed for the land to prosper. So there is your answer. Hoster would serve his people better by maintaining peace.
  6. Those trees are very old. The seedlings must have been fed and nurtured with people's blood during ancient times. Bran saw one of his ancient Starks cutting open the throat of an unfortunate victim to give his flood to the Winterfell weir tree.
  7. You would think boat hulls would be made of the stuff. Rot resistance make the wood valuable. But as many have already said, the price to grow the trees require the offerings of human blood. It's too much.
  8. I cannot agree with the connection but I will opine on Tanselle. Aerion's reaction to the puppet show is not surprising. Lords Tywin and Stannis would have done far more to punish her if they had thought she was insulting their families. She was foolish if her intention was to insult the Targaryens and just stupidly careless if it was an accident.
  9. Leaf predicted long lives for the Direwolves. The Starks will die and inhabit their Dws. It will be the Starks who will die out before the Dws do. The Dws will live until the last chapters of the books and will reproduce by then.
  10. Go farther back and the ancestors of mankind had to have engaged in incest. It is just one of the many tools GRRM uses for shock value. It was not enough to have the Targaryens engage in incest in their history. He had to up the stakes and have twins engage in incest, Jaime and Cersei. GRRM will have the Stark Direwolves mating very soon and that itself is incest.
  11. Renly would have to negotiate in detail with Stannis. He needs to cover his butt against revenge from his brother and his followers. Stannis is a man who will break his word if he sees the need though.
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