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  1. Torienne

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Everybody who was mentioned here is an excellent actor and has seized and conquered my heart and my emotion. But I do want to mention Gwendoline Christie: Her acting with NCW in ep. 2 was absolutely stunning and so intense, that I weeped and weeped and weeped during her knighting. And her smile afterwards: Pure sunshine. Pure warmth. Pure happiness.
  2. Torienne

    Were you expecting something different?

    What I expected - - - ? The most annoying character played by the less talented actor was "chosen" to be king (for reasons which just make me laugh out loud: "storytelling"!!!!) ? All these cowards who were far too craven to kill the "tyrant" themselves sentence the only brave man who was not as cowardly to a life in exile ? Jon Snow after all those years of fighting and hardships and pain getting exactly right back to the point where he started? I didn't expect that. But if I had expected something like that I wouldn't have watched the show. I wouldn't have wasted my time.
  3. King Bran - if his character in the books is just as emotionless and no longer human as in the show - is just ridiculous. King Bran in the books would mean that GRRM mistrusts magic and power and religion - only as long as it is not practiced by a Stark. Bran as king to me seems shallow. Much much ado and hundreds of thousands of words about - yes: nothing.
  4. Torienne

    Jon's Surrender

    Why? Because the finale is all about ridiculousness and cynicism.
  5. Torienne

    So what was this long story all about?

    What all the long story is about? An outcast must stay where he belongs - as far away from "good" society as possible. If he tries to do better he must and will be punished.
  6. Torienne

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Learn your lesson well: An outcast stays an outcast. No matter how brave he is. No matter how selfless he is. No matter how much personal happiness he sacrifices for a greater purpose. No matter what fierce a warrior he is. In the finale the outcast ends an outcast. A bastard. Someone who is punished for all the good he did. Who is for ever banned from better society. Someone who is sent into the cold. Outcasts should never ever try. A bastard is always sent back to where he always belonged.
  7. Cinematography and the actors were just excellent. But I voted "1" because I will never get over how D&D killed the main character John. He's fought all his life incredibly bravely for the living against the dead - but the writers gave Arya the triumph to kill the NK. Jon is the rightful heir - but not he but Bran becomes the new king. Jon frees Westeros from "tyrant Dany" and was an honest man all his life - but not he but the corrupt Bronn ends up in the council.... Thus, in my eyes, they ridiculed all the R+L=J- story. They punished the hero, who always burned for doing good to a dreadful life in a deadly desert of ice - to let the heartless and the greedy rule and thus teach us a shamelessly cynical lesson. I will never forgive them.
  8. Torienne

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    That's it. If you are a fan/ supporter of a soccer-, football-, basketball- or whatsoever-Team, you know and accept that your team might and probably will lose some games. And if this happens, even a derby, you are sad for a certain time, and then, everything will be okay again - - - provided your team did their best. In that case nobody would sign a petition. But if only your team´s defense (in this case the actors, the directors, the whole crew) did an excellent job, whilst the offense just strolled around on the match field, too lazy to score, showing their lack of interest, demonstrating their boredom, leaving hardly any doubt how much they disdain their fans and their audience, and if your favorite team therefore loses the game - - then you get very, very angry. And you sign a petition, hoping that thus these arrogant and lazy players of this offense will be sent into early retirement. And of course being absolutely certain that this terrible game will never be repeated.
  9. Torienne

    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    I´m not hyped at all. Sunday night/ Monday morning I will read a lot of reviews and summaries before I decide if I want to expose myself to all the bitterness I now see coming. I'm no masochist, and so I will not give D&D any power over my emotional reactions any more. If I have enough reason to think there will be only bitterness for me, I don't know if I will even watch it. And if I do, I will watch for "scientific" reasons only. I wait and see. But I am absolutely not looking forward to it. I expect nothing but the sad ruins of a great story. Nothing extraordinary, just the normal cynicism. I am not sure if I want to invest any more time in it.
  10. As far as I understand the discussion here nobody argues like that. But Sansa herself admitted (and proved it) that she learned quite a lot from Littlefinger. And who can ever forget Littlefinger´s main mantra: "Chaos is a ladder!"? When you hate and fear and disdain the queen, and you suddenly come to know that there is another, more rightful heir to the throne, who btw feels strongly connected to you and your family - then you can be sure that to spread this information will weaken the queen's position. Sansa knows enough about history in Westeros to know that whenever there are several heirs to the throne, there will be conflict and diverging interests and turmoil and, yes: Chaos. And where there is chaos there will always be many opportunities for characters like Littlefinger and Sansa to take advantage from. So Sansa created chaos. Deliberately. Intentionally. Successfully.
  11. Torienne

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    And let's not forget: The Lannister propaganda... Remember the theatrical performances Arya watched in Braavos? People were absolutely biases against the Starks, they loved Cersei and her son, they booed like hell each time "the imp" or Ned Stark appeared on stage.
  12. Did anyone examine scientifically the impacts and effects of morning sickness on a pregnant woman with superhuman abilities under terribly stressed conditions? Prenatal depression / hormonal turbulences, perhaps? ;-)