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  1. GhostNymeria

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    Incest is viewed as problematic from several character's and cultures' perspective in the books. But at the same time incest is practiced by many characters and cultures in the same story. According to wildling cuture and their interpretation of the old gods, incest is an abomination, but at the same time some of their own cultural practices isn't exactly morally "better" either. Then we have the other side of this topic, Aegon and his sister wifes who united six kingdoms, something that hadn't ever been done before. The valyrian society was far more powerful and advanced than any other kingdom in the world, despite their incectious culture. But eventually the valyrian/Targaryen success came crashing down of course. My pont is, I don't think Grrm is building towards an anti-incest ending just because it's "genetically bad". The topic of incest is a morally ambigous here, since there are different opinions of it within the story. There is no character or culture in Asoiaf that have "the right" ideas, that's not how Grrm operates. They are all morally grey. As for Jon and Dany, I think it will be a problem for Jon but not for Dany. But putting the incest as an opsticle for Jon doesn't mean he will codemn the relationship and turn away because it "wrong". Jon is not going to be morally flawless in this matter just because he follows the old gods. As Grrm said:
  2. They had plenty of build up and foreshadowing in the books.
  3. Indeed. Sansa has no connection with Gendry whatsoever and vice versa.
  4. I was reffering to build up and foreshadowing. This seems more like shipping based on that you would like those two characters togheter. The have no build up and have nothing to do with each other. Also, Sansa is the embodiment of everything book Gendry hates about highborns.
  5. Based on what exactly?
  6. GhostNymeria

    Will Tyrion kill Daenerys?

    I don't think Tyrion will actually kill Daenerys, but when we saw Tyrion's angry look during that love scene, it made me think of the original outline. Peter Dinklage also said that Tyrion is in love with Daenerys in an inteview recently. If we go by the show, it does seem like the original "love triangle" have been shifted to Dany instead of Arya. Tyrion was supposed to meet Arya and fall in love while he was in exile. Instead he met Dany in exile and apparently fell in love with her (according to Dinklage). I wonder where they will take Tyrion's character next season. And it makes me wonder if Jon/Dany/Tyrion is going to happen in the books as well, or if D&D changed it.
  7. GhostNymeria

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    Good to know there's no point in dicussing anything with you then
  8. GhostNymeria

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    Lol, "correct interpretation". Get off your high horse. Your opinions aren't facts bro.
  9. GhostNymeria

    Discussing Sansa XXIX: On all fronts...

    About the whole Sansa and Jon situation last season and this season. I think it was extremely dumb that Sansa didn't tell Jon about the Vale. I think it was extremely dumb that Jon didn't tell Sansa about his big decisions before officially announcing them to his bannermen. It was forced drama from D&D that didn't need to happen. As for this episode, Sansa finally got some good scenes this season. However, it's still the "dumb down other characters to make another smart" writing.
  10. GhostNymeria

    Jaime Lannister is Daenerys' father

    Or maybe, just maybe, ASOIAF doesn't only revolve around Jon.
  11. GhostNymeria

    Sansa's Ultimate Fate

    No. Unless you got some quotes backing it up. Also, the iron throne is going to stab Sansa in the belly? How exactly? And? Is that suppose to be an argument for queen Sansa? Sansa is both going to inherit Winterfell and reign as queen of Westeros for decades? This is pure wishful thinking. Bran, Rickon and Jon (thru Robb's will) are ahead of her in the line of succession for Winterfell. What have her being pretty to do with her chances of ending as queen? Got some other evidence?
  12. GhostNymeria

    Sansa's Ultimate Fate

    I found some interesting quotes I wanted to share in context of your theory. From Sansa's conversation with Olenna: Here Sansa gets compared to a pomegranate. In the chapter were Sansa's "tender tummy" quote appears, there's also some interesting pomegranate references between her and Littlefinger. I find these quotes interesting in the light of this theory. Not only do Petyr cut the pomegranate (Sansa) and its seeds and eats it in this scene, they also talk about a "hidden dagger" that is "pressed to your back". Also note the "huge blood orange" on the plate. It reminds me of the scene where Arya throws a blood orange at Sansa. Edit: Probably a little to far fetched, but I also noticed Bowen Marsh is called "the old pomegranate" a couple of times. Marsh betrays Jon and is the one who stabs him first:
  13. GhostNymeria

    Sansa's Ultimate Fate

    You really have put together some legitimate great stuff here. Well done I have always wondered what Sansa's tummy references could foreshadow and this is really convincing. I can see a scenario where Sansa and Arya expose Littlefinger without his knowledge. In the end Sansa wants to tell Littlefinger alone and kill him herself right after. She will fail and Littlefinger stabs her in the heat of the moment with her own knife.
  14. GhostNymeria

    Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    As opposed to the other parentage theories? And what exactly is the evidence for B+L=J?
  15. GhostNymeria

    Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    No that's not possible unless it's a time traveling sperm. So did Order of the Green Hand say the only evidence was the fever dream? Figures. Here you go. It's the 163rd thread about it: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/144501-rlj-v163/ Also, I assume you didn't read the leaked original outline of the books?