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  1. Olorin81

    Cersei's character butchered

    Oh I would love to get you started on how she "died by brick". It's one of the biggest things that bothered me about the end of the series next to the way Dany ended up. They built us up to despise and crave the death of this character the entire series. She could have been killed by Arya or Tyrion or Jon or Jaime or burned and eaten by Drogon at the command of Dany. Yes all those ways might have been slightly expected or predictable but they would have been satisfying! Hell I would rather that Cersei had survived and won over what they ended up doing!
  2. Olorin81

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    So are we discussing lowering the voting age to 16 or lowering the age of a legal adult to 16? Because it seems to have jumped straight into discussion about voting. As far as voting goes, I don't think the age should be lower than 18. You should at least be of an age to have graduated high school before being allowed to vote, granted some people don't even make it through high school, or some turn 18 when they're still in high school. Now what the cause of it might be is probably a whole other discussion but I feel like this day and age people aren't maturing as young as they use to say 50 years ago, more and more people are staying home not leaving the nest until a much later age. Of course it all depends on the person but I feel in general for the most part what 20 year old was in the 60s and 70s is more like what a 30 year old is today. So no, I don't think the legal age of an adult should be lowered to 16.
  3. Olorin81


    Ok but still not much more than seeing him steal it from the House of Tarly. Do you think we'll ever see it again, or are the writers going to totally forget about it? If it does come back into play, what part do you think it will serve in the story? Jon already has his own valyrian steel sword. So who do you think will use it? The Hound maybe? That would be cool.
  4. Olorin81


    Did I miss something on the show? The last we see of House Tarly's valyrian steel heirloom is Sam stealing it before he goes off to Oldtown to the Maesters correct? Has there been any mention of it since then? Is this some plotline that's just gonna fall into a blackhole?
  5. Hahaha, oh my god I've just been reminded of the whole swallow carrying a coconut bit from Monty Python's Holy Grail.
  6. What I think is maybe even more unbelievable is Jon Snow not dying of hypothermia after going into that icy water. In the real world you would be so dead.