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  1. Olorin81

    Theon Greyjoy

    So it was only mentioned it wasn't shown? I guess that's why I was confused.
  2. Olorin81

    Theon Greyjoy

    Did I miss something in Theon's storyline or is there a plothole in the show? Going back and rewatching the show, going back to when Theon took Winterfell, he was giving his men a speech and then they knocked him out. But then the next time we see him he is being tortured by what I assume are Bolton men. Did I miss something? Did his men hand him over, or did they just leave him there in Winterfell to be taken by Bolton men? I'm talking about the tv show not the books.
  3. Olorin81

    Azor Ahai was Azor Ahai

    Perhaps he's saying "Just be attractive" in his world that he created. All context eh? Otherwise be like Brienne of Tarth or Arya and be able to kill some fools.
  4. Olorin81

    The American Tolkien

    They are only mentioned once in the LOTR books at all, by Gamling a man of Rohan. In The Two Towers in the Helm's Deep chapter where he refers to Saruman's army of Half Orcs and Goblin Men. And then maybe by Frodo and the others at the end of the books in the scouring of the shire. I feel like the word "bred" can be used loosely in this case. Especially given that Tolkien never tells explicitly. I feel it's left to the imagination. So who's to say sorcery wasn't involved? Saruman was a wizard, he was Maiar just like Sauron even if he was bound and perhaps limited in his mortal Istari body. Anyway we're getting way off track, that discussion doesn't belong in the General ASOIAF forum anyway. My point is that GRRM's sex scenes and their descriptions are way more graphic than anything Tolkien wrote.
  5. Olorin81

    The American Tolkien

    His "breeding program" as you call it wasn't very detailed, pretty vague if you ask me. It's only disturbing when you think about it. Tolkien never went into it in graphic detail like GRRM maybe would have lol. He never gave us graphic scenes of Orcs raping women. You probably have to go to some naughty fanfiction for that. In fact I think it was implied that Saruman used some kind of sorcery to "breed" his half orcs.
  6. Olorin81

    The American Tolkien

    Yes Tolkien had some dark stuff but certainly wasn't as graphic in his description and focus of it as GRRM, which Ygrain pointed out. That severed heads being catapulted into Minas Tirith scene has to probably be the most gruesome thing in the Lord of the Rings and that still is fairly tame in it's description compared to what GRRM does in his books.
  7. Olorin81


    Ok but still not much more than seeing him steal it from the House of Tarly. Do you think we'll ever see it again, or are the writers going to totally forget about it? If it does come back into play, what part do you think it will serve in the story? Jon already has his own valyrian steel sword. So who do you think will use it? The Hound maybe? That would be cool.
  8. Olorin81


    Did I miss something on the show? The last we see of House Tarly's valyrian steel heirloom is Sam stealing it before he goes off to Oldtown to the Maesters correct? Has there been any mention of it since then? Is this some plotline that's just gonna fall into a blackhole?
  9. Olorin81

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    Careful you don't end up eating your words and you seem to have many of them. How are you gonna feel when Jon does turn out to be Rhaegar and Lyanna's child?
  10. Olorin81

    Unpopular Opinions?

    But at this rate is GRRM gonna finish the series before he dies? We've yet to even get a release date for Winds of Winter and then we have A Dream of Spring that needs to come out to finish it all. All this and we hear he's working on a book that expands on the history of the House Targaryen that we got in The World of Ice and Fire. It's like come on GRRM, you're not gonna live forever, focus and please finish the main series we love so much.
  11. Olorin81

    All that is gold does not glitter

    OOOOH and that's the real reason Mance allowed Jon to join them, he saw his mother in him. I'm sure he was itching to tell Jon the truth, that he was his real father. It all makes sense now. Hahahaha
  12. Olorin81

    Azor Ahai was Azor Ahai

    Yeah I really think Melisandre was blowing smoke up Stannis's bum with that one. I think it's also funny that many people in Westeros and Essos took the red comet in the sky to be meant for them, for some it was just jest like the Night's Watch calling it the Old Bear's torch, to the red woman and Dani taking it as a more serious sign that was meant for them.
  13. Olorin81

    All that is gold does not glitter

    What about the Red and Purple wedding were far reaching theories that turned out to be true? I'm sure people saw them coming but they don't seem too far reaching. The baby Aegon turning out to be alive in Essos was a good one, do we really know that he is really Aegon at this point? Yeah the reek we are first introduced to turning out to be Ramsay Bolton was a nice one too, I'm sure a few people probably predicted that one too. Not sure what you mean by Theon is reek though, didn't we see that progression? That part of the books isn't fresh in my mind.
  14. So I could spend all day just reading all these theories people have about the story and characters in the books of ASOIAF. One topic I just recently looked at was about the "Seed is strong" line from Jon Arryn looking for hidden meanings behind it. Along with all the R+L=J and Anti R+L=J theories. It makes me wonder how many instances in the book were there where everything wasn't as GRRM made them seem? Were there any examples of any suprises that made us go "Wow, things aren't really just as they seem"? I mean any far fetched theories liken to the ones you find on here that actually turned out to be true?
  15. Olorin81

    All possible explanations for "Seed is strong"

    Yeah I guess, but if there were hidden meanings in every little thing like this it seems to me that it would over complicate a story that already has so many characters, so many plotlines going. Yeah why complicate things more?