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  1. Einheri

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I agree that we should treat this with skepticism, but if they do bring back Jaqen, I could see him putting the Waif's face on just to mess with Arya (and the audience) for a bit before revealing that it's actually Sexy Jesus Jaqen H'ghar.
  2. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    They had already formed an alliance at that point, so there was no longer any reason for him to bend the knee.
  3. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Forget the books. We have a scene in season 5 where Mance tells Jon that he doesn’t give a flying f*** about his own pride, and then provides perfectly valid reasons for not bending the knee: - He doesn't want them bleeding for Stannis (or the Iron Throne in the future since it would be seen as the Free Folk submitting to the Seven Kingdoms) - He doesn’t want for his people to give up the Free Folk way of life, which makes them who they are. - And finally, because most of the Free Folk would stop respecting him, and would not go along with his decision anyway. Nothing about this scene leads me to believe that Mance was lying. His statements come across as being genuine and straight from the heart. Then a couple of seasons later, a character that should know Mance better than most, is now suddenly accusing Mance of being prideful. The same guy who up to this point has been practically praising Jon for not being like the other kneelers, and who was only willing to help him out because he believed that he was genuine about them becoming allies (i.e. equals) and that he would not force them into giving up their way of life in return for sanctuary, is now chastising Mance for not kneeling even though he never got such an offer from Stannis. Obviously, the near total destruction of the Free Folk should have an effect on Tormund, but if he’s a rational individual he should understand that this wasn't really Mance’s fault for not kneeling since that would probably not have changed much anyway (on the other hand he probably should blame Mance for not coming up with a better plan to take Castle Black and the Wall, but that’s another matter). The Free Folk were screwed because the vast majority of them hated southerners and were not willing to give up their way of life even at the risk of dying beyond the Wall (and really, if they did they would no longer be the Free Folk, so it would spell the end of their people anyway), and because the people south of the Wall were not willing to come to some agreement where the Free Folk could stay as refugees/allies against the WWs and be excepted from most Westerosi norms and rules until Jon Snow rose to a leadership position in the North. I get that Tormund himself might have had a change of heart about kneeling, but being Free Folk himself he should understand why it was pretty much impossible for Mance to accept Stannis' offer.
  4. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    That’s exactly what happened after Mance’s host was scattered. The vast majority of them effed off to places such as Hardhome. Also, the Free Folk followed Mance because they chose to do so. Once he was dead there was little stopping them from bending the knee to some southern king for protection, but they chose not to. Why? Well, the Free Folk are serious about maintaining their way of life, and that’s why they wouldn’t simply submit to some southern ruler even if it’s a matter of survival. Mance understood this. As did Jon, which is why he offered them passage with almost no strings attached. And even that failed to sway most of them as they didn’t trust the Crows. So, Mance can’t bend the knee because his people simply won’t respect that decision just as most of the Northmen won’t respect Jon’s decision to bend the knee to Dany. Their personal pride has nothing to do with it, and the fact that the show writers try to suggest otherwise is a testament to how little they truly understand Mance (no surprise there – these are the same people who stated that Arya reclaiming Needle was about revenge…). Well, that’s the point many on here have been making for years now. The characterization is often all over the place and many characters are so inconstant that it’s almost meaningless to even try to analyze them.
  5. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Again Mance doesn't save 100k by bending the knee to Stannis as most of those 100k will no longer follow him upon finding out that he's turned kneeler. And even if the number of Free Folk who made it across the Wall would have been somewhat bigger, he'd still doom them (Free Folk) to a life of servitude to Stannis and his wars. Yes, it's true that the Free Folk ultimately had to get involved in the Bastardbowl anyway, but that was because they chose to follow Jon after he convinced them that the new lord of the Dreadfort and Winterfell would come for them afterwards (and Tormund convinced them that they owed as much to Jon for protecting them) and not because their king had bent his knee to some other king I'm not refusing to accept what's presented on screen. I'm saying that what's presented on screen is stupid nonsense.
  6. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    It's not about pride because most of the Free Folk would probably abandon him the moment he bent the knee to a southern king, and the rest would probably perish in the wars in the south, meaning that his people were pretty much screwed no matter the option he chose. Heck, by not bending the knee he arguable ended up saving more of them since Stannis opted to just hand them over to Jon's authority, and Jon turned out to be a great guy for the Free Folk. For those reasons I think Tormund (or perhaps I should say the people writing the show since Tormund should know better) was just plain wrong in this instance. Jon's decision to bend the knee was stupid as well. He had already gotten what his people needed from Dany, and his reasons for not bending the knee were as valid as Mance's reasons for not bending the knee to Stannis. Jon's too lucky that the White Walkers have breached the Wall, and that people have more important things to worry about than who rules the North because otherwise he'd have to face the backlash of his ridiculous decision.
  7. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Watch the scene between Mance and Jon again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3s4-VP3JcM It was never about pride for Mance.
  8. Einheri

    Season 8 Predictions?

    It was a lose-lose situation for Mance. If he bends the knee to Stannis he will lose respect among the Free Folk, and it's likely that tens of thousands of them will no longer consider him their leader. And those that do decide to stay with him will pretty much become cannon fodder in Stannis’ army. Also, 5000 was the number of fighting men and women. There was also a large number of non-combatants among those that made it through the Wall. There was about 2500 fighters. My mistake.
  9. My take on this is that show Jon (and show Ned) is a much better fighter compared to his book counterpart. Book Jon is an average or perhaps somewhat above average swordsman, but he’s also getting better and better. Show Jon, on the other hand, I’d rank as among the best swordsmen in Westeros after season 6-7.
  10. Einheri

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I have a hard time seeing Sansa biting the dust in season 8 even if she wasn't supposed to make it in the 93 letter: - The whole ‘will Sansa turn on her family’ thing we’ve suffered for two seasons now should be done and over with the death of Lillefinger IMO. Heck, she didn’t even seem that mad about the fact that Jon had bent the knee to Dany, and with the Army of the Dead roaming through the North, I very much doubt that she or the other lords will make much of a fuzz about it (or even Jon’s parentage if it’s revealed before/if the North is evaced). - Sansa should not be particularly high on Cersei’s ‘people I want dead’ list after Jamie revealed that it was in fact the QoT who was behind Joff’s assassination, so I very much doubt that she’ll order a hit on her. - That leaves the possibility of Sansa getting killed by the Army of the Dead, which is… a pretty unsatisfactory way to end her story IMO. I mean, Sansa is not a fighter, so she can’t really pull off a last stand to buy time for others to escape or something along those lines. She’ll just get swarmed and torn to shreds in seconds. So, yeah, I think Sansa will still be alive at the end of the story, and she'll probably be ruling the North as Wardeness/Lady of WF.
  11. Einheri

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Apples and oranges. In my experience the people who root for those two do so mostly because they are a fan of the character or for sh*ts & giggles, and not because they believe that they would make for a good ruler for the people of Westeros. Heck, I’m kind of rooting for the NK myself, but that’s mostly because there are so few among the living characters whom I still care about at this point (on top of my head I can think of the Hound, Tormund, Beric, Edd, the dragons and the direwolfs…).
  12. Einheri

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I agree with most of what you’re saying here, but again, Jon seemed to think that this was a serious enough threat that it warranted him heading back to the North as soon as possible. Yet after the Wight hunt expedition is over this no longer appears to be the case, and he’s suddenly perfectly willing to spend several weeks in the south even though the situation at EW is pretty much unchanged as far as he knows (the NK and his army is still outside EW even though it’s somewhat reduces compared to before). Yes, I get that the North needs someone to represent them at the Dragonpit (even though it was mostly between Team Cersei and Team Dany anyway), but I just don’t see why Jon has to go there himself, and considering that he has brought no army to KL, and is in charge of the kingdom that is first in line to get hit by the AotD, I’m sure that people would also understand his personal absence. Of course, the show runners had JOn go there anyway because they wanted to stuff as many characters as possible into the Dragonpit, and so that he could later partake in boatsex. It does indeed look like that this is the direction they’re going, but I can't say that I'm very optimistic that it will play out in a satisfying manner next season.
  13. Einheri

    Can we talk about Jon?

    The fact that Dany is such a devise character on this board proves otherwise IMO. I for one would certainly not follow show Dany if I were Westerosi, at least not until she could provide some detailed information on what exactly 'breaking the wheel' entails, and how she plans on accomplishing this goal. Her tendency towards burning people alive rather than simply imprisoning them because "hurr durr I don't like chains" is also a bit worrisome, I admit.
  14. Einheri

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Jon gave us a solid reason for why he couldn't bend the knee in the cave scene, namely that his people wouldn't accept a southern ruler after everything they'd been through. As an elected monarch without much of a powerbase of his own, Jon has to take greater caution than most when it comes to crossing his own bannermen lest they simply replace him with a new monarch (and this nearly happens when several of the lords speak out in favor of replacing him with Sansa). But of course it turns out that show Jon is still an idiot, and he hands over his kingdom to Dany, not because it was necessary to save his people (at that point she had already agreed to help him), but because he's turned into a Dany fanboy who thinks that everyone else will eventually come to see her as as awesome as he does. But this is not foregone conclusion, so Jon is pretty much selling the hide before he has even caught the bear. And with the growing romance between Jon and Dany becoming apparent to more and more people, it could just as easily come across as if Jon is letting the wrong head influence his decisions. Sadly, however, I very much doubt that Jon will have to face the backlash from his decision as the dead will soon fall upon castle after castle, and people will have more important things to worry about, but I'll still be bitter about it. Especially since the dead might not even have been able to get past the Wall if Jon and Dany hadn't provided him with a dragon, and them saving Westeros after that is like if two firefighter set fire to my house and then showed up half an hour later to put it out...
  15. Einheri

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Jon seemed pretty adamant about heading back to the North asap when he found out that the AotD had been spotted near EW, and Varys' suggestion that they might not be able to get past the Wall because "it has kept them out for 1000s of years" wasn't enough to change his mind on this. So, Jon, at least, seems to be of the belief that the Wall itself might not be enough to stop them, and with the AotD outside EW, it's a bit strange that he decides to take a detour to KL (wouldn't it be sufficient if Davos was there representing him?) instead of returning to WF to organize the defense of the his country.