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  1. Hi. I'm probably missing something, but please might I ask: why I still have no wiki account, having posted in the Account Registration subforum months ago? Thank you
  2. Lol! It's a fair cop; I missed that. Creative license
  3. Those are cool; why does Visenya have half a Velaryon shield behind her?
  4. Hi folks! After I finished reading AFfC & ADwD in June 2014, about a year after starting AGoT (admittedly, GoT on TV got me started), I was still so enchanted by the world that I had to read all I could (Rogue Prince, Dance of the Dragons, Dunk & Egg...) and with GoT back on TV my fandom is rejuvenated! Obviously AWoIaF is the place to come for info, but being a Wikipedian (11 years and 70k edits!) I did automatically want to correct the few typos I see, and make any more substantial contributions as I can. So, erm, hi!
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